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The King’s Pet — Episode 11

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(she’s all💜you want)

written by Eunice Nwodu

episode eleven
🍒Zara’s pov 🍒
I hid behind Damon staring back at her.
Just what I was afraid of.

“You b**ch!!” She yelled and stormed into the room fully.

She ran to us trying to get her hands on me but Damon didn’t let her lay a finger.
She struggled with him.

“Let me go! Am going to deal with that slut! Husband snatcher!” She yelled like a crazy woman.

Damon pushed her away.
“And who the f-ck do you think you are to touch her!?” Damon barked at her and she flinched.

“Damon…” She muttered.

“That night I called you asking you where you were. What was your reply?” He asked her.
Her face dropped.

“Damon!” She grouse.

“What was your reply???!” He barked and I flinched this time.
He’s damn angry.

“I…was at my mom’s house” Queen Gloria replied her voice cracking.

Damon scoffed.

“That same time, I was watching you on camera having an affair with Tucker” he said and Q. Gloria’s eyes widened.

“You…you know Tucker?” She asked.

“I am a king , Gloria.
I have eyes everywhere.
Why are you suddenly back?
What happened to your lovers d*ck?”
Damon asked.

I was still behind him.

“You don’t understand…I’ll tell you everything just give me a chance to explain myself” she said and glanced at me.
Our eyes locked for a while, then she looked away.

“Just get out. I don’t want to see your dirty cheating face!” Damon said to her slightly taking my wrist.

“Damon please…
You can’t possibly kick me out of your room.
Am still your wife!” She yelled but he ignored her.

She stumped her foot on the floor angrily before storming out.
I don’t know how I feel..
Am just scared.

🍒Queen Gloria’s pov🍒
I got to my room unable to contain the anger and hurt I felt.
How can he replace me like that?

No, I can’t loose him.
I have to hold onto him.
Mom would skin me alive for sure.
Everything was good before.
I’d travel,
Spend weeks before returning to Damon.
But not this time around.
I come home to find him occupied with another woman.

🍒Zara’s pov🍒
Damon turned to me and kissed me.
I unlocked immediately.
He stared into my face like he was reading a book.

“I’ll get rid of her” he said holding me by my waist.
I wasn’t relaxed yet.
I removed his hands and sat on the bed.

He knelt before me.
“Who are you mad at? Me or the b**ch??” He asked.

“I’m tired” I muttered.
“Am tired of thinking so much about us. If what we’re doing is right or wrong. Tell me Damon…is is wrong?” I asked pouting my lips.

He drew me up and we stood up together.

“It’s right that we’re not hiding our true feelings from each other but it’s wrong that Gloria is still standing on our way…

“I’ll consult the counsel and speak with the royal judge” he said.

I nodded and hugged him.
He wrapped his hands around me.

“I want to spend the night at my house…um.. The one you bought for me” I said my voice shaky.

He pulled away from the hug and furrowed his brows at me.
“Is it because of Gloria?” He asked and I nodded.

He sighed and left me heading for the closet.
“Fine, let’s go” he said pulling out his jumpsuit.


We arrived at the place.
It’s very pretty and conducive.
There was a lovely fountain infront of the house.
Damon and I alit from the car and the guards stayed behind.
We went into the house.
Everything was here.
Chairs, TV set, I gasped on seeing three of my photos hung at the wall.

So pretty.

Damon circled his hands around my tummy and kissed my neck.

“Go home to your wife!” I teased him.

He chuckled.

“I won’t take long” he said and began unbuttoning my shirt.

He carried me up and we headed for the stairs.

🍒Queen Gloria’s pov🍒
I’ve lost Damon but I have an idea on how to get him back.

According to the laws, once the queen is pregnant or have a child with the king, they’re not allowed to divorce. They must stay together forever.
I just need a f-cking night with Damon and I’ll fake pregnancy.

Of course Damon in his right senses won’t sleep with me.
I need him to be under an effect of alcohol.

I texted one of his friends, Mark asking him for help. He agreed and you can imagine how happy I was.
Damon is mine tonight.

🍒Mary’s pov🍒
The car stopped infront of Zara’s new house. It’s so huge and pretty!
I got off the taxi and payed him before approaching the house.
There’s no car around so king Damon must have left.

It’s more like am monitoring them since morning.
And as for queen Gloria…
I invited her to come over and see things for herself.

I went through the back door.
Oh sh-t!
The door will only open if I put in the password.

How do I carry on with my plan now?

I turned to leave but got the greatest shock of my life!
Oh no!!


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