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The King’s Pet — Episode 10

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(she’s all⭐you want)

written by Eunice Nwodu💙

Episode Ten

🍒Zara’s pov🍒
I woke up the next morning feeling much better. Thank goodness, my sick days are over!

I sat up on the bed and met king Damon sitting at the edge of the bed backing me.

I watched him for a while
Nice back.
So broad and smooth and I could see the marks my fingernails had done on his back.
I suddenly feel shy as butterflies danced around my tummy.
He loves me.
Not even in my wildest dreams have I dreamt of king Damon being mine.

He noticed I was awake and turned.
Such a cutie.

“Good morning your highness” I muttered.

He smiled a bit.

“Morning. You can stop being formal from now on” he said and I flushed.

I looked closely to see what he was holding.
Two transparent jewelry case. A gold necklace and a silver necklace.

I packed my hair searching the room with my eyes for my clothes.

“I bought you a house” he said breaking the silence.


“I don’t want you working as my maid. There’s no use for you to soil your hands. Am relieving you of your duties as the palace maid and have sent cash to your new bank account” he said sounding less bothered.

“King Damon…it’s too much!” I blurted feeling awfully guilty.
I covered my face with my palms.
This can’t be happening.

“Zara…” I heard him call softly.
I still didn’t move or try an attempt to look at him.

I felt his gentle touch and he removed my hands from my face. My eyes were wet already.
It’s too much to believe.

“Do you think I was joking when I said I love you?” He asked calmly.

Goosebumps popped out of my skin.

I shook my head slowly.
He pulled me close and kissed me.
That I can’t resist.

We kissed each other not letting go one bit.
Suddenly the door opened and Mary barged in.

I flinched and unlocked from the kiss.
Okay, now I pity Mary.

“What the fvck is wrong with you???!” He yelled at her and she flinched.

“Am sorry your highness, I…”

“This will be the fvcking last time you’d approach my doorstep! Repeat this and I’ll kill you!” Damon roared and Mary stuttered out.

I was a bit startled and breathtaking by his outburst. I turned to face him. He got up and moved to the bathroom.
Oh Damon…
So possessive.

🍒Mary’s Point Of View🍒
I sat on the bare floor crying my eyes out. I woke up this morning feeling happy cause I got a better plan but now, sewing them together has given me a motive to end Zara.

They were kissing.
Zara was unclad.
King Damon was shirtless!
They must have done it.

Oh God…
I really let that b**ch defeat me in this battle.
But I wish am as pretty as her😢
I sniffed.

I got an idea!
Whether Zara likes it or not…
She’s going down. I’ll make sure of that😡

🍒Zara’s pov🍒
“Oh! Too cold!!” I giggled as Damon and I took our bath.
He had me in his arms as we stood under the shower.
There is a jacuzzi tub but I’d like to shower instead. We both kissed against the water soaking our body.

In no time, we were done..
He took a towel and tied it around my chest himself before taking his.

He had his hands on my waist pulling me close to his body.

“My queen” he mumbled as he kissed me on my neck.

I closed my eyes enjoying the crazy feeling.
He got down on his knees with his face facing my p–sy.
What’s he trying to do?…

He kissed it and I shuddered.

“Damon…” I rapsed.

Deep inside, I want him to eat me raw and deep but he’s a king. He shouldn’t be doing this?

He starts to svck on it and I screamed.
I quickly covered my mouth.
He stopped and stood up. He chuckled.

“Let’s finish up at the bedroom” he said softly and kissed me.

We went into the room hand in hand.
I stared at the far end of the room where the door was.
😱😱she was standing there.
Her hair dyed red and her face completed with deep make up. Her hands were on her waist as she stared at me with so much scorn.

Queen Gloria.
She’s back…


Our queen is back o 😂

React, comment & share.
Love you all like What-the-f***😉

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