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The King’s Pet — Episode 1

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(She is all 💫you could ever want🍃)

Written by Eunice

Episode one

🍒king Damon’s pov🍒
I was at the empty bar with my two best friends. For me, it’s a king’s night out in a long time.

What do I do when my wife, the queen is always traveling and just won’t let me touch her for once.

We were in the middle of a game, truth or dare..

“Okay Damon, I dare you to mention five names of panties ladies wear. Failure to do this, will drink this” Vic said and dropped a small bottle before me.

I smirked.

“Thongs… Lace… G string… Errm…” I paused thinking.

My other friend, Mark laughed loudly.
I really don’t know up to five..

“Drink the whiskey dude” Vic said grinning.

I took the stuff and drank it all down.
They cheered me.

My eyes were turning and I wasn’t myself anymore.
I could feel my d~~k having weird reactions.

“Our plan worked! It’s been long since you slept with a lady Damon. We’re doing you a Favour, c’mon let’s go to a whore house” Mark beamed.

My friends are crazy.

They helped me up and we went to the club.
I opened my eyes groaning to see Vic receiving a blow job from a blonde girl. It was more like he was deep throating the poor girl. She was gagging.

I looked at my left to see Mark f°°king a girl from behind. Crazy dude, he loves doggy style more than anything.

“You’re missing out Damon” Vic said and the girl beside me rubbed my hand.

“How do yoy want it, your highness? Blow job or a rough ride?” She asked and I saw the condom she was holding.

I shook my head.

“Get away from me b**ch!” I groaned.

I was so erect but am a king for crying outloud. I won’t want to get a stranger pregnant. A condom can never be 99% safe.

“Mark! Vic! Take me home now!” I yelled taking my car keys.

They sighed cause they were having fun but no,
It’s time to go…

🍒Queen Gloria’s pov🍒
I crawled into the bed and kissed my lover. He smiled and grabbed me by my waist.

“You never get tired, do you?” He asked and I shook my head pouting.

He chuckled and brought out his d–k and plunged into me.
I rode him going up and down as fast as I could.

He moaned while I grunt at each breath.
My orgasm build up and we both released at the same town.

“You’re one female s3x freak!” He gasped panting.

I rolled my eyes and laid beside him drifting to sleep.

🍒Zara’s pov🍒

Unlike the other maids I was in the king’s room. I really want to leave but I can’t cause if I do, he’ll have me killed.

King Damon is one of a kind, young, smart, dangerously handsome and so strict. The maids fear him, we all do.
His wife, the queen was yet to give him a child.

She’s always traveling and you can as well say, she’s never home.

I got tired of waiting so I Can mix his bath, I stood up to go but halted when the door Of the bathroom opened and the king walked out.

Oh geez!.
I couldn’t even look him in the eye.

I greeted him as he came close. He was shirtless but his eyes were not so bright.

“Zara…” He muttered.
I stared at him waiting for him to speak instead he came close pressing my hips to his body.

I shuddered as I felt his long and huge masculinity.

He kissed me and starts to pull of my dress.

“King Damon…?” I stuttered not knowing what to say. He dropped me on the bed and unhooked my bra before putting a n**ple inside his mouth. He sucked on it roughly.

I couldn’t think straight.
What’s happening?

I felt him come into me and I screamed making crazy sounds…
It didn’t take up to a second and I felt a sharp pain between my legs.

He just deflowered me.
I gasped as a fast pace followed.

It hurts so much.

I tried to push him off me but he only worsened.

He rides me like I offended him and all I did was cry.

He pulled out and fell beside me panting.

What’s wrong with king Damon?

How could he just rape me?

I tried to climb out of the bed…
The pains didn’t let me move.

I turned staring at king Damon as he slept peacefully.

I wept taking in the pain.
What do I tell my mom…

What will he do to me when he wakes up?
Probably kick me out of his palace…
I tried to comport myself.

Vic and Mark are the craziest of friends.
How about Damon’s wife?

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