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The Irresistible Urge – Episode 1

(School in crisis)
Episode 1
Written by Nathaniel Anuma


Alvana Senior Secondary School has what it takes to be qualified as a school. It is three voluminous storey buildings populated with intelligent students. One could see female students in light-blue longsleeve shirt, purple skirt and black shoes during break period or before morning assembly. But at this time, the school environment was very quiet which indicated that all students were in their

The science students were inside the laboratory ready to carry out a practical. All lined up in twos facing each other. Inbetween them was a long table with different types of elements and apparatus. They wore a white lab coat, white hand-gloves and laboratory eyeglasses.

Only two students were not present:
Ellen Raymond and Nathaniel Anuma. Suddenly, Mr Jumbo the science teacher entered then all straighten up looking more serious than initial.

“Good morning students” Mr Jumbo began with his hands behind him. He has a huge and tall body wearing a black trouser and white shirt which he tucked in properly. Above the dressing was also a white lab coat and hand-gloves. “Set up your apparatus” he added.
“Yes, sir!” the students replied in unison then began to set up.

Peace Livinus’ attention wasn’t there, so she kept staring at the door hoping to see Nath coming for the
practical. Opposite her was Kennedy who noticed her restless behaviour and whispered, “Hey,

“Where is Nath?” Peace whispered back.
“I don’t know. Is that why you’re restless?”
“What do you mean?” Peace frowned.
“I can see you glancing at the door occasionally. Is obvious you’re anticipating to see Nath” Kennedy smile.
“Stop it!”
“Why should i? Don’t worry, your love Nath is coming”
“You’re getting me upset”

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