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The Invincible Hunters – Episode 9

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The Invincible Hunters

(Unimaginable Seed) 

Episode 9

By Nathaniel Anuma


Jack didn’t want to kiss Karina. He withdrew his face once again when she tried to kiss him for the second time. Seeing that, she gently disengaged her hands from his neck and stepped backward.

Jack exhaled with hands in his pockets and said, “Karina, i am…”
“No, I understand” Karina interrupted. “You never loved me. Though it’s not your fault because you never made a relationship proposal to me rather our friendship mertamophosed to relationship. Yet, i
loved and cared for you, made you part of my life and…” she paused feeling the beat of her heart.


It was actually breaking into two thereby stimulating her tears glands. She cleaned the tears with her hand when it finally dropped. Jack walked closer to hug her as a way of saying sorry but she shouted, “Don’t
touch me!”

“I’m sorry, Karina” Jack stood at a spot. “I never meant to hurt you emotionally”
“It’s obvious that Jennifer is why you choose to hurt me like this. I knew you have something for her but…” Karina paused again drying her tears. She looked at Jack and continued. “Everything is clear now
so you can leave” Jack slowly walked towards the door as Karina stared at him. They looked at each other for the last time
before he went out then she collapsed on the couch crying bitterly.

The day had totally become dark and Jennifer had not come out from her room or eaten anything. The mother began to bang on her door with a plate of food in her hand.
“Darling please, eat something. Jane! Jane!! Are you there? Jennifer!” the mother kept the food thinking that something bad had happened to her since she had been mute all those while she was calling. Just
then, the husband came out. She wore a short and a shirt.


“What’s going on?”
“Jane, isn’t responding” Mrs Fenado bemusedly replied.
“Jane! Jane!!” the husband also banged on the door but nothing happened.
However, inside the room, Jennifer laid on the floor with the seed beside her. She wore only her underwears; white bra and a black Tight but a white pant could be seen through it.

She was actually undergoing some changes in her life. The seed kept her unconscious showing her what happened in the
past: she saw the former seed bearer, a young boy in a brown robe. She could see people being pursued by hunters and also killed. There was a burning fire at every angle of the little village. Suddenly, a hunter pursued the seed bearer into a bush nearby a river.

The seed hung on his neck but he took it off trying to fight the hunter. In the process, two wizards appeared using their powers on him too which drove him into the river and the seed fell off.

He struggled to save his life but when he came out, hunters and wizards descended on him and killed him but never laid hands on the seed which had been carried away by the floating river…

Jennifer woke up breathing heavily. She looked at herself and the seed which she carried up immediately. “I guess that’s why i found it near a river. But why didn’t he use his powers to protect the seed? Or didn’t he have one?” she murmured and turned to the banging door which she opened swiftly.
“Jane!” the mother called.

“I’m fine, mum” Jennifer looked at her father. “Dad, i just want to be left alone”
The father kept quiet.
“But eat something dear” the mother positioned the food in her presence.
“Thanks” Jennifer grabbed it and locked the door again.

Karina couldn’t go to work because she was totally down emotionally. Meanwhile, Randy was on his way again to the company to get a Milky Crab.
Frank, on the other hand couldn’t wait to see Hannah again. As uncle Ben was planning to meet Jennifer to surrender the seed, so as Hannah was on her way to Jennifer’s with the intention of taking the seed from her and kill her if possible. She wore a black body-
hug trouser and a shirt which she left open without buttoning it.


The shape of her breast could be seen
through a white inner T-shirt. On her feet were also black shoes. Her buttocks shook as she walked on the road without a single smile. Few minutes later, she found herself in Jennifer’s compound then knocked at the door. Jennifer opened it and both stared at each other. Hannah saw the seed hanging on her neck.

“Hi” Jennifer began.
“Hi” Hannah replied. “Good idea” she added with a factitious smile.
“What idea?”
“This idea?” Hannah pointed at the seed.
Jennifer touched it without saying anything but smiled too. “Give me a minute” she said and entered into the house. After she came back, they began to go out together. Jennifer also wore a trouser to enable easy locomotion.

“So, where are we going to?”

“A place called Den” Hannah replied.
“Lion’s den?” Jennifer looked at her surprisingly.

“No, it’s just called a Den. It’s a secret place where my late parents also taught me how to use my powers”
“Okay” Jennifer concluded.
They walked through a large tunnel to the den. The den was an open area on top of a mountain. Solid rocks could be seen at every angle. There were no trees except at a distant down the cliff. Hannah stood
at the end of the cliff looking down from there.

The height was like a ten storey building. As she looked down, wind blew her hair backward. However, Jennifer stood behind without getting closer to her but
Hannah looked at her and said, “Come over”
“No, I’m not gonna do that” Jennifer replied.
“I’m afraid of height”
Hannah smiled and walked out from there to Jennifer. “Somebody like you shouldn’t be afraid.

You have a natural power and a huge responsibility unlike me. So you gat to be strong” she walk pass her.
“So, can we start?” Jennifer turned.
“Yes, look at all these rocks” Hannah pointed are the cracked rocks. “What can you see?”
“Cracks” Jennifer replied.

“There were made by me when i was learning how to use my powers by my parents”
“How?” Jennifer moved closer.
“Like this” Hannah stretched her hand, a fire came out from it and struck one of the rocks thereby giving it a crack. She looked at Jennifer and said, “Try it”
“No, my power doesn’t work that way”
“How does it work?”
“It lift things up”
“Then lift the rocks!”

“You heard me” Hannah replied unabashedly. Jennifer glance at her then stretched her hand at the rock but nothing happened. She tried the second time, yet nothing happened then she became disappointed and looked at Hannah.

“It’s not walking again”
“That’s because you lack concentration” Hannah began. “It’s something bothering you? Are you worried about something or somebody?”
“I guess” Jennifer became emotional. “It’s about Jack”
“What about him?”

“I.. i.. i was quite aggressive to him yesterday. Ever since then i couldn’t get him off my mind”
“Are you in love with him?” Hannah asked while Jennifer became amazed because ever since they became friends, Hannah has never said anything about love.
“Yes, i love him but…”

“But Karina is in the picture” Hannah interrupted Jennifer who shook her head positively. “Well, i have nothing to say” she tapped her shoulder looking at the seed which hung on Jennifer’s neck. “Empty your
mind and heart, concentrate on the rock and don’t think of anybody or anything except the rock. Just think of how you want it to be or moved”

Jennifer followed the instructions. To her amazement, the rock began to float in the air. “I did it!” she shouted happily.
“Yes, now draw it closer to yourself” Hannah commanded.

Jennifer pulled her hand back forcefully then the rock followed the direction coming to her face with a high speed. She couldn’t control it anymore, therefore she screamed. Before the rock hit her face, she felt another power within her so she hit the large rock with her hand and it broke into pieces.

Hannah couldn’t believe it!
“Oh, my God! Did you see that?!” Jennifer shouted happily.
“Wow” Hannah exclaimed. “Can you do that again?”
“Yes” Jennifer repeated the action severally breaking large and hard rocks with her hands and even faster…

Randy entered into the Milky Crab company wearing a face cap and a jacket which matched his trouser.
He became surprise when he saw only Blessing.
“Hi” he began.

“Hi” Blessing replied cleaning a can-food. But she suddenly gave Randy her full attention. “How can i
help you?”

“Where is Karina?” Randy returned the query.
“She isn’t at work today”
“I don’t know. I have been trying to call her but she’s not picking up”
Randy thought for a while. “Okay” he wanted to walk out forgetting his purpose of coming there.

“Excuse me” Blessing called his attention. “Should i believe that you came all the way to this place because of Karina?”
“Oh, sorry, i need a Milky Crab” Randy smiled which Blessing also returned.

Uncle Ben with other policemen drove to Jennifer’s house. They came out in a way uncle Ben was in between two other policemen who held powerful guns. He was huge and plumpy with dark complexion.
He knocked at the door then Mr and Mrs Fenado opened.

“Good day” uncle Ben greeted.
“Good day” Mr Fenado replied then glanced at his wife. “How can we help you?”
“We want to see Jennifer also known as Remina”

Hearing that, the parents looked at each other again.
“Jennifer isn’t around” Mrs Fenado said.
“Please, tell her to report to our office when she’s back”

“Alright” Mr And Mrs Fenado watched them take their leave.

Back to the den, one can see pieces of rocks everywhere which Jennifer had broken with her hands.
It was time for Hannah to carry out her evil plan, so she took Jennifer to the end of the cliff urging her not to be afraid of the height. She looked at her and said, “I’m sorry”
“For what?” Jennifer became surprise.

Hannah dragged the seed from her neck and pushed her down
the cliff…

To Be Continued…

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