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(Unimaginable Seed) 


Written by Nathaniel Anuma


Mr And Mrs fenado looked at each other after Jennifer locked her door in tears. Of course they had always heard about powers and spiritual forces but never knew that one day their family will be involved due to their faith in Christianity. Mr Fenado was still angry. The wife expected him to go apologise to Jennifer but he angrily walked towards his room. “Listen..” he turned pointing fingers at his wife. “Jane must return that so called seed to wherever she found it. We are Christians not some kind of witches and wizards or supernatural beings! I’m not gonna allow her stay in my house with that thing! For goodness sake, it’s obviously causing problem to…” Jennifer’s door which cracked open interrupted him. Jennifer came out holding the seed in her hands still shedding tears.

“Fine, i will throw away the seed” she said.

“I never said you should throw it away. I said return it where you found it!”

“Okay” Jennifer reached the car key again and headed outside. The father briskly followed her.



“No, no, no, it’s already dark. You can’t send my daughter to that mountains at this hour” Mrs Fenado said bitterly.

“I’m following her. I must make sure she returns the seed” the husband entered the car with Jennifer then they drove off.


The day totally became dark. In the forest near the mountains, Jennifer and her father were seen walking hastily by flinging long grasses away. The sound of different kinds of animals were heard. They could see a flowing river by the side as they moved. They got to the spot where the seed was found then Jennifer stopped. The ground was filled with sticky mud too.

“I found it here, right on this mud” Jennifer said.

“Then what are you still waiting for? Drop it!” the father’s voice echoed the whole forest.

Jennifer bent down, she gently dropped the seed and stood up staring at it. Meanwhile, the seed had possessed her thereby making her to develop a great love for it and eventually protect it. That’s why she couldn’t take her eyes off it.

“Let’s go” Mr Fenado said stepping forward but only to look back to see Jennifer still staring at the seed. “Jane!” he shrieked before she realised herself and followed him home.


Karina works with Can-food producing company called ‘Milky Crab Foods LTD.’ She wasn’t a citizen of Zumga but a citizen of Texas where her only mother lives. Texas is a city found after Zumga but not as powerful and rich as Zumga. They also have witches and wizards there.

As Karina was on Jack’s car going home that night, she closed her eyes and rested her head on the seat. Jack glanced at her then brought out his cell phone. Few seconds later, he placed it on his ear.

“Jackson” a deep male voice sounded on the phone.

“Good evening, uncle Ben” Jack greeted. “Please, i wanna see you”

“For what?”

“Something very important”

“Meet me at the office”

“Thank you, Uncle” Jack cut the call and pulled over in front of Karina’s apartment. He looked at her and said, “We are here”

Karina straighten up. “Thank you” she opened the door.

“Karina” Jack called her and she turned looking at him. “Don’t hesitate to call me if u get into danger. Remember, the city isn’t safe again”

“Okay” Karina replied and went into her apartment.


Benjamin, known as uncle Ben was Jack’s biological uncle who was also the commander in chief of the police. He had a black complexion with a huge body. He had always prevented Jack from being a corp because of a reason best known to him. As he was going into his office with a police uniform and a paper in his hand, Jack pushed a transparent door opened and hurried inside. Some policemen and women were operating computers while some walked around.

“Uncle Ben!” Jack called.

“Hey, Jack, xup?” Uncle Ben stopped.

“There is a very big problem and i need your help”

Uncle Ben gaze at him silently and continued walking without a word. Jack followed him saying, “Have you heard of the invincible hunters? What of the seed of life?”

Hearing that, Uncle Ben stopped just at the door of his office. He looked at Jack again and said, “The last time i heard about them was 15 years ago, and that was on a book. I read about it” he pushed the door open then Jack followed him again.

“I think history wanna repeat itself” Jack said watching uncle Ben take his seat.

“What do u mean by that?”

“The seed has been found again and the hunters are back” Jack replied then uncle Ben stared at him…..


However, Jennifer had returned home with her father without the seed. She entered into her room while the father stood before her wife in the sittingroom.

“Has she kept it back?” the wife asked.



“Yes” the husband replied with hands on his waist. Just then, they heard Jennifer screaming their names. Both rushed into her room to see her standing before the bed.

“Jane, what’s it?” the mother asked.

“The seed!” Jennifer pointed at her bed. All looked at it and saw the seed glowing in white colour on the bed. Mr Fenado became not only confuse but also speechless. How the seed came back to Jennifer’s bed was something he contemplated within himself in the quietness that took over the room. The wife was also filled with amazement so she asked with a low voice, “I thought you said she returned the seed to the forest”

“Yes, she did, right before me!” the husband shrieked. “How it came back here is what i don’t know” he added and angrily walked out. He came back with a spade trying to hit the seed with it in order to break it into pieces, but Jennifer held the spade thereby preventing him from doing that.

“Get your hands off this spade!” Mr Fenado shouted at his daughter.

“I’m not gonna allow you do this, Dad!” Jennifer insisted.

Just then, Lana began to cry from the other room where she was sleeping. The mother rushed her leaving Jennifer and her father.

“I said leave this thing!” Mr Fenado was still shouting.

“Dad, please, i beg you don’t do this” tears began to engulf Jennifer’s eyes. The father pushed her away, raised the spade and hit the seed but the spade broke into two. Just then, Mrs Fenado entered with Lana. To their greatest surprise, the seed began to float in the air and eventually met Jennifer who was standing at the window, so she gently took it looking at her parents.

“I like that thing” Lana broke the silence with a smile.

Mrs fenado looked at her husband, she placed a hand on his shoulder and said, “Honey, let her be”

Without saying a word, Mr Fenado left the room followed by his wife who wanted to drag Lana along but she refused saying, “I wanna stay with Jane!”

“No, baby, let’s go” the mother insisted.

“No, i wanna stay with her!” Lana forcefully disengaged from her mother then ran to hug Jennifer who reciprocated with a hand. The mother stared at both of them then left the room too.

“Jane?” Lana called. “What is that thing in your hand?”

“I don’t know, Lana” Jennifer walked to the bed and sat on it’s edge while Lana stood before her.

“Jane, do you have superpowers?” Lana asked again.

“No, i wish i have one” Jennifer concluded.


Back to the police station, inside Uncle Ben’s office, Jack stared at him waiting to see his reaction.

“You mean the seed has been found?” Uncle Ben asked enthusiastically.

“Yes, my friend has it” Jack replied.

“A girl, right?”

“Yes” Jack became surprise. “But how do you know it’s a girl?”

Uncle Ben stood up instantly from his seat. “It’s time for the prophecy to be fulfilled” he soliloquized but Jack heard him.


“Yes” Uncle Ben quickly reached his office library. Jack watched him scatter books around until he brought out a particular one. He opened it on his table and put on the table lamp regardless the fact that there was an electricity. Jack went closer to him looking at the book too. Uncle Ben found a particular page and sentences he was looking for and said, “Look at it, a prophecy was made decades ago that there will be another war between the invincible hunters who also appear to be invisible with humans after the seed rest in the hands of a special powerful girl called Remina” Uncle Ben looked at Jack. “Who found the seed?” he asked.

“Woh woh woh..” Jack stepped backward. “Uncle I’m not gonna tell you. It’s a secret. Moreover, her name isn’t Remina but i can call her now to confirm” Jack brought out his phone and dialed Jennifer’s number. He put it on loud speaker.

“Hello, Jack”

“Hi, Jane, i wanna ask you something”

“Go on”

“Is your name Remina?”

“Yes, but only my grandmother use to call me that before she died. Any problem?”

Hearing that, Jack and Uncle Ben looked at each other then Uncle Ben whispered to him that he should ask Jennifer if her grandmother was a witch.

“Umm.. There is no problem. But was your grandmother a witch?” Jack asked.

“Yes, why are u asking me this?”

“I gonna call u later” Jack hung up the call. He could see Uncle Ben taking a deep breathe. “Now what?”

“We have been waiting for this day” Uncle Ben began. “Now that it has come, we must prepare for it”

“Prepare how?” Jack asked.

“Prepar for the war and also destroy the seed”

“Destroy the seed? Why? Remember this seed gifts life”

“Yes, it does. But as long as the seed remains, Zumga city will be experiencing this war generation to generation and innocent souls will be killed!” Uncle Ben walked closer to Jack and looked into his eyes. “Now, tell me, who is Jennifer?”

Jack knew he shouldn’t give him the information so he ran out from the office followed by Uncle Ben who shouted, “Lock the exit and catch the boy!”

Instantly, Jack was caught. Two policemen held him and brought him to the commander.

“Jack, you gonna tell me what i need to know or this city will be in a very big mess in less than seven days” Uncle Ben said glaring at him.

“Let me go! Please, let me go!!” Jack kept shouting.

“Let him go” Uncle Ben commanded as an afterthought. The men released him then he ran out.

Jack rushed out from the police station that night and headed back to Jennifer’s house. The ray of light coming out from the headlight of his car reflected on Jennifer’s window. Before he could reach their door, Jane came out without the seed. She had left it in the room with Lana.

“Jack, what are you still doing here?” Jennifer asked.

Jack dragged her by the hand to his car without providing an answer to the question. “There is a new development” he began. “I think the hunters aren’t the only one who want the seed, even the police”

“The police?” Jennifer slid her hair voraciously. “Why would they want it?”

“They want to destroy it! According to my uncle, if the seed isn’t destroyed completely, Zumga city will be experiencing war with the hunters generation to generation” Jack paused. He could see Jennifer looking confused. So he gently held her two hands. “So what do you think? Are you willing to give the seed out to be destroyed coz I’ve not told my uncle where u are”

“Jack, i don’t know what to do” Jennifer began. “The seed is possessing me. I think anybody who wants to take it or destroy it will first kill me coz I’m developing a strong love for it that i can’t allow anyone do that”

“If that’s what you want, I’ll help and protect you”


“Yes, i may not have superpowers but I’ll do my best to protect you, Jane” Both stared at each other. They were obviously falling in love but when Jennifer remembered Karina, she withdraw her hands from Jack’s and slid her hair again.

“I have to go inside now” she said then stepped backward.

“Okay then, good night” Jack replied. He entered into his car and drove off.

Jennifer returned to her room but couldn’t believe what she saw. She saw Lana standing at the window with the seed in her hand! “Lana?” she called.

Lana turned with a smile and stretched the seed to her saying, “You can have it”

Jennifer amazingly took it from her. “How did you take it?” she asked.

“I just took it from the bed”

“It didn’t hurt you? I mean didn’t you see fire?”


“Come here” Jennifer hugged her thinking critically why the seed rejected others but accepted Lana.


At Hannah’s resident, she met her grandmother in the room. The room was quite dim created by a flame of white candle. Vena laid face-up on her bed with hands closed on her stomach. Though her eyes were closed but she noticed Hannah’s presence at the door.

“I just killed two invincible hunters at Jane’s residence” Hannah broke the silence.

“So soon?” Vena opened her eyes. “Guess the war will start very soon” she added.

“Granny?” Hannah stepped forward and the sound of her shoes echoed the room. “I think the seed gives life, right?”

“Yes” Vena replied.


“If it’s in your possession, you’ll become immortal”

“Immortal? You mean Jane isn’t gonna die because the seed is in her possession?”

“Exactly” Vena closed her eyes again while Hannah went deep in thought thinking about how she would get the seed from Jennifer. As a witch, the grandmother understood what she was thinking and said, “Never you try it”

“Try what, granny?” Hannah asked.

“Never try what u are thinking” Vena replied while Hannah walked out angrily.



All those who knew about the seed that night had a stupefying solemn which made them to stay awake in the night. Uncle Ben walked around his sittingroom with a cup of alcoholic drink in his hand. All he could think of was the encounter he had with Jack.

On the other hand, Frank was still awake too. One could see him before his lap top, on his bed looking very serious. Obviously he was still making a research about the seed.

Furthermore, Karina wasn’t seriously thinking about the seed but about Jack. She wore only underwears with one of her legs raised on the bed. She could remember how she started with Jack. There was no formal relationship proposal between them but she loved and became part of his life.

Finally, As Jack thought of Jennifer’s situation, so as Randy was admiring her beauty too.




Jennifer jerked awake by the sound of her cell phone. She wore a white transparent pyjamas. One could see her pant clearly as she walked to the window and opened it. She saw cars running speedily on the road. Suddenly, a child ran to the middle of the road to pick her balloon and a trailer was coming with a speed. People and the child’s parents were shouting and running to save her but the obstruction of other moving cars couldn’t let them.

“Oh, my God!” Jennifer exclaimed and ran out with the pyjamas. There was no way the child could have been saved and the driver of the trailer had matched brake forcefully thereby making the trailer to somersault. “No!” Jane shouted. She felt a power within her so she stretched her hand to the child. Immediately, the child landed in her arms then everybody’s eyes went to her even her parents who came outside..


To Be Continued…

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