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The Invincible Hunters – Episode 3

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(Unimaginable Seed)

Episode 3
Written by Nathaniel Anuma


Tranquility circulated Jack’s apartment as the five guys looked at one another amazingly. The seed was on top of the centre table, close to Frank’s lap-top.

As the gaze lingered among them, the white seed began to quiver thereby activating a pandemonium. Therefore all adjusted away from the table, even Frank who carried his lap-top along. Karina held Jack closely while Jennifer ran beside Randy. Only Frank
was standing alone.

“Why is the thing quivering?” Jack broke the silence.
“I don’t know” Frank replied then closed his lap-top. Regardless of his talent in computer, he had a fragile heart and can be very scared of any little thing.

Jack slowly disengaged from Karina and wanted to pick the vibrating seed but immediately his hand reached it, the seed produced a fire. Then he withdrew his hand instantly. The fire quench after that.
“Oh, my God! What was that?!” Randy asked as Jennifer held him tightly. “Who brought this thing here?” he added.

“She did” Karina pointed at Jennifer then everybody directed their eyes at her.
“Where did you get it?” Frank queried.
“In a forest” Jennifer replied fearfully. Just then, the seed stop quivering and everywhere remained calm.
Randy slowly wanted to take it but it produced fire again. “Jeez!” he withdrew his hand swiftly.

Karina also tried but the same thing happened.
“Does it mean that nobody will handle this stuff again?” Jack provoked. He looked at Frank and said, “Try picking it, you”
“No, I’m not gonna do that” Frank shook his head negatively then moved farther away from them.

As the silence lingered, the seed began to float in the air. Frank fell down when he wanted to run while Karina and Jennifer held Jack and Randy the more respectively. They watched the seed floating towards Jennifer’s direction. It stopped in her face. However, Jennifer had buried her face on Randy’s shirt.

“Jane, i guess it wants you” Randy said calmly.
“No, no, no, i don’t wonna touch it again. I’m so scared!” Jennifer replied still without looking up.
“Jane, just try it. You can do it” Jack interfered from a distant then Jennifer gradually brought up her
head. She glanced at everybody and the seed before she slowly stretched her hand to take it.

Surprisingly, the seed rested in her palm. One could see her chest moving up and down due to terrifying external respiration. Seeing that, Frank stood up from the floor where he fell and adjusted his eye

“You are the chosen one!”
“Chosen one?” Karina repeated rhetorically.
“Yes, I’m not quite sure but the significant of what just happened now shows that Jane is to protect the seed” Frank replied.

“From who?” Jack asked.
“The invincible hunters”
“Who de fuck are the hunters?!” Randy angrily disengaged from Jennifer.
“Shhhh..” Jack signed then all kept quiet. They could see the door opened and hearing footsteps. “Can you hear that?” he whispered.

Jennifer quickly put the seed in her bag and went closer to Randy for protection. Just then, an invisible hand pulled her towards the door. She screamed. Luckily, Randy caught her two hands pulling her

“Help me!” Jennifer shouted.
“I got you!” Randy replied.
“Hang on, Jane!” Jack helped Randy. They were able to pull Jennifer out from the invissible force then the door slammed close. Everywhere became calm as Jennifer hugged Jack tightly breathing heavily.
Though, Karina became jealous but didn’t show it.

“That-was-probably-a-hunter” Frank stressed.
“Hunting what?” Randy asked.
“Hunting the seed”
“The seed?” Jennifer disengaged herself from Jack. She checked her bag to confirm if the seed was still there Of course, it was there, so she exhaled heavily.

“I have to leave now. I wanna see a friend” she putback the seed then hurried towards the door.
“Jane!” Jack and Randy called at the same time then she turned looking at both of them. The two guyswere surprise, probably they had the same thing in mind.
“Yes? What’s it?” Jennifer asked them.
“Be careful” they replied at the same time again.

“Thank you” Jennifer hurried out then Randy and Jack looked at each other silently.

One could see Jennifer driving speedily on the way. The day was really getting dark but she never forgot her mother’s words before she left the house. She could see people having party beside the road as she drove. She was heading to Hannah’s house.

Hannah, known as Ann, was her best friend. She was a witch, so as her family too before they died. She was only leaving with her grandmother who was also spiritually powerful.

Jennifer pulled over in front of their house. One could see dead grasses on the roof of the building. She activated an alarm door before Hannah opened. She had the same height and body topology with Jane
but totally different in body chemistry and complexion. She was always on black dresses and black wetlips. She hardly smile.
“Hi, Jane, come in” Hannah said. After Jennifer walked in, she locked the door.
The internal building looked dark as Jennifer stepped inside. She saw wooden chairs at every angle, the windows were opened letting a gentle breeze in thereby flinging the curtains up.

At another angle of the sittingroom was a black piano. An old woman sat opposite it playing a gentle tone-that was Hannah’s
grandmother. She had a grey hair on her head and a white garment on her body. As Jennifer watched and listened to what she played, she moved closer.
“What brought you here?” Hannah’s voice came from behind then Jennifer turned thereby losing concentration on the grandmother.

“I came to see you” she replied.
“You look scared of something” Hannah noticed. Without altering another word, Jennifer brought out
the seed looking at Hannah to see her reaction.

“Wow!” Hannah approached closer in amazement. “Where did you get that?”
“Do you know what it is?” Jennifer returned the question.
“No” Hannah stretched her hand to collect the seed but it produced fire again so she withdrew her hand instantly. Just then, the grandmother stopped playing the piano coz as a powerful witch, she felt what
just happened.

“Frank said is some kind of medallion” Jennifer told Hannah.
“You mean this thing gives life?”
“I don’t know, i don’t even know how it works. I found it in a forest and it doesn’t seem to let any other person touch it but me. I’m so confuse. I need answers to questions now!” Jennifer began to breath heavily.

The house remained quiet until they heard footsteps from behind-that was Vena, the
grandmother. The colour of her white garment had the same colour with the seed. The two girls turned to look at her. She surprisingly went closer to Jennifer and stretched her hand to take the seed which
produced fire again but Vena soliloquized, rotated her fingers and squeezed them magically then the fire went off. She collected it. Jennifer was more than surprise!

“This is a seed of life” Vena began. “It’s power is unimaginable. Three decades ago before you were born, both spirits that wanted to come back to life and other spiritually powerful humans of different calibers fought for this seed but non won the fight” she handed the seed back to Jennifer. “I think history wants to repeat itself” she concluded.

“What do you mean by that?” Jennifer queried enthusiastically.
“The spirits known as the invincible hunters are back. They will never stop hunting you and the seed until you die and they will eventually take the seed”

Hearing that, Jennifer’s heartbeat changed, she glanced at Hannah then looked at Vena again. “But why would they want to kill me?”
Vena smiled. “Why don’t you wonder why only you can handle the seed. That’s because you are the chosen one. It’s a prophecy and you have the supernatural power to protect it”

“A prophecy? A supernatural power?” Jennifer slid her hair backward. “I’m not a witch! I don’t have any power, I’m just an ordinary girl that..”

“Sshh..” Vena interrupted her. “The power is in you. The time has come for you to discover it. Ask your mother what happened the day you were born”
The room became as quiet as a grave yard.
“What if i choose not to protect the seed and return it to where i found it?” Jennifer broke the silence.

“It has already been prophesied. You have no choice my dear” Vena replied.
Jennifer slowly put back the seed in her bag. She hurried towards the door, clutched it open and went out briskly. Hannah watched her through the window as she drove out then turned to her grandmother.

“Granny, why must it be Jennifer instead of me?”
“Oh, dear, is jealousy what i see in your eyes?” Vena began. “You can’t bear the burden she bears now”
“Are you saying that Jennifer is more powerful than i am”
“Certainly, yes” Vena turned to her piano while Hannah became more jealous.

As Randy and Frank headed back home, so as Jennifer was on speed going home too. Her parents, especially her mother has questions to answer.
On the other hand, Jack sat quietly with Karina still reflecting on what happened to Jennifer before she left his house. Also Karina couldn’t get over on how Jack reacted before Jennifer left.

“You have been so quiet since Jennifer left” She broke the silence.
“I have a feeling she’s in trouble” Jack replied.
“Or do you have feelings for her?”
“Why would u ask me that?”

“Cut the crab! I saw the way you looked at her!”
“I don’t have time for this, please” Jack stood up into the room while Karina followed him saying, “I know you don’t love me…” she kept ranting.

Jennifer pulled over in front of their house and hurried inside to see her parents still in the sittingroom.
They sat closely together as husband and wife. They were shucked the way Jennifer bagged inside.

“Jane, have you lost your manners!” the father shrieked.
“What happened the day i was born, mother?” Jennifer asked unabashedly then the parents looked at
each other..

To Be Continued…

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