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The Invincible Hunters- Episode 10

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The Invincible Hunters

(Unimaginable Seed) 

Episode 10

By Nathaniel Anuma


The seed produced fire when Hannah handled it but she never cared. The rope in which Jennifer hung the seed on her neck cut then she scream and fell down the cliff. Hannah hurried out of the den with the seed whose fire suddenly quenched.

On the other hand, Randy went straight to Karina’s apartment still with the can-food in his hand. Karina opened the door after he knocked then both stared at each other for a while coz the visit was uncharacteristical. Randy noticed Karina’s mood to be dull then he said, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Come in” Karina allowed him in and gave him a seat. She wore a short jean skirt and a black top. She sat down differently using a pillow to cover her thighs.
“I wasn’t expecting you”
“Sorry i came unaware”
“Is okay”
Both remained quiet while Randy looked at the house then directed his eyes to the can-food in his hand.

“I’m just coming back from Milky Crab’s but didn’t see you there. Why?”
“Nothing, i was very down earlier this morning”
“And why again?”
Karina didn’t reply but stared at Randy who also couldn’t wait to hear her reply. They could hear distance vehicles and chattering.
“Let me get you at least water to drink” Karina stood up then walked to the refrigerator. When she opened it, a light shone from it. After taking a glass cup and a bottle of water, she closed the refrigerator.
Immediately she turned, she saw Randy standing behind her then she shocked and both stared into each other’s eyes again.
“You are not okay, talk to me” Randy broke the silence. “Does it have to do with Jack?” he asked.

Karina averted her eyes from him and passed him without saying anything. She poured some water into
the cup which rested on the centre table and handed it to Randy who had also drew closer.

“I don’t want to talk about it” Karina took her seat.
“But obviously, he’s the cause” Randy drank the water and returned to his seat too.

“I understand, it’s about what happened yesterday, right”
“Not that, he broke up with me”
“He did?” Randy became surprise. Everywhere remained quiet as he thought bemusedly.

He stood up to Karina who was battling with unseen tears. “Is okay, I’m gonna give you a call” he tapped his shoulder
and walked out.

Hannah rushed into their house with the seed but unfortunately, Vena, her grandmother, saw it. She slowly began to walk closer to Hannah who stood at the door breathing heavily.

“Ann, what have you done?” Vena approached seriously.
“Nothing” Hannah replied trying to walk away from her.
“Don’t you dare walk away from me!” Vena shrieked in anger and the room darkened and vibrated then Hannah stopped after which everywhere went back to normal. “Why are you with the seed, Ann?”

“I took it from Jennifer” Hannah replied.
“what?!” Vena began angrily. “Do you know what you have done?! You want to change a prophecy which is just like turning the hands of the clock.

You will bring upon yourself a shameful death if you don’t return the seed to the right bearer”
“I can’t” Hannah said.
“Jane is dead”
Vena opened her eyes widely and took two steps forward, “You mean you’ve killed her?!”
“I took her to the den and pushed her down the cliff”
“Oh my Kesha!” Vena exclaimed. Kesha was an ancient god of the witches and wizards kingdom. “You’ve done the unimaginable. You’ve broken a prophecy. How dare you?!” Vena took another step forward.
“Now, give me the seed” she commanded stretching her hand.

“No” Hannah hesitated. Just then, the door bagged opened and witches and wizards troop in. They activated their powers and magic which drove vena on the floor while Hannah ran upstairs. Some pursued her and succeeded in taking the seed from her before running out. Vena tried her best to fight back but all to no avail. She recognized the witches and wizards after they left. The ran upstairs to see Hannah lying on the floor. There were broken chairs and glasses everywhere.

“Ann! Ann!! Wake up!” Vena turned her around to see blood gushing out from her mouth. She quickly waved her hand slowly on her face and murmuring unheard words. Suddenly, the blood dried up and Hannah coughed awake.

“Granny?” she called but Vena stood up without saying a word. She stared at her until she finally got on her feet. “What happened, granny?”

“The seed has gotten to the wrong hands. Thanks to your stupidity, jealousy and selfishness!” Vena replied.
“Did they finally take it?”
“Stupid question. Now, lets go find Jennifer’s body before finding the seed” Vena began to walk downstairs followed by Hannah.

“How do we gonna get the seed?”
“I know those witches and wizards. They are called the buffulers, very powerful and wicked” Vena replied.
Just at the door, Hannah called her grandmother who turned to her.
“I’m sorry, granny”

“For killing Jennifer or for taking the seed?” Vena asked then Hannah became speechless..

Vena followed Hannah to the den. She had a staff in her hand and covered her head with black robe. When she looked around the den and saw broken rocks everywhere, she asked, “What happened here?”
“Jane did that” Hannah replied from behind.

“She used her powers”
Vena became surprise and at the same time happy to know that Jennifer was discovering her powers gradually. Therefore she quickly hurried to the edge of the cliff and looked down from there. Hannah
arrived standing beside her and also looking down.

“I pushed her from here”
“And you saw her falling?”
“Yes, after she screamed”


Vena unveiled the robe which covered from her head to toes and jumped down from the cliff. On her way down, she turned into a bat and began to fly. Hannah waited patiently for her on top of the cliff coz she didn’t have the power to fly like a bird yet.

Few minutes later, Vena arrived and transformed back to a human being in the presence of Hannah then slowly covered her head again.

“Well, did you see Jane’s body?” Hannah asked.
“No, she’s nowhere to be found” Vena replied.

Hannah became surprise. She looked down the cliff again and back to her grandmother. “Does it mean
that she survived?”

“I don’t know” Vena began to walk out simultaneously with her supported staff.
“Now what?!”

Hannah demanded looked at her grandmother who turned quietly without a single word thereby giving room for absolute tranquility. She glared at Hannah for a while and said, “Now you wait for the consequences of your actions”

Her words increased Hannah’s heartbeat then she took two steps forward. “I’m not leaving here until i fine Jane either dead or alive” she said.
“Good luck” Vena turned and went home.

The sun began to set thereby giving room for darkness. Mr and Mrs Fenado got worried about the absence of their daughter, Jennifer. Both came out from their room to her room severally but couldn’t find her or the seed. That was strange. They had called her phone number but found out that she left without her cell phone.

They also called Jack to know if she was in his apartment but the response
proved negative. Mr Fenado placed his hands on the waist angrily while the wife sat on the couch restlessly.

“Didn’t she tell you were she was going to?” Mr Fenado asked.
“Yes, wait..” the wife stood up. “There was a time i heard Ann’s voice”
“Then let’s quickly go to their house and check”
As Mr and Mrs Fenado headed to Hannah’s resident without Lana, so as Randy was already in Jack’s apartment.

He met him hastily dressing up in the sittingroom. There was a gun on top of the centre table and shirt on the couch. The television was showing a wrestling match but nobody paid attention to it.

“Xup, bro” Randy said standing up.
“Hi” Jack looked at him. “Have you seen Jennifer?” he asked.
“No, what’s going on?”
“Her parents called that she’s has not been around since morning. So i wonna go to Ann’s to see if she’s there or get any information about her away about” Jack began to buckle his shirt.

“What about Karina?” Randy asked then Jack stared at him.
“What about her?”
“She needs you too, you know” Randy replied while Jack ignored him. “Well, i guess this isn’t the right
time” he concluded and followed Jack to Hannah’s.

Vena opened the door for Mr and Mrs Fenado, Jack and Randy. They all stood before her in the dim light of the sitting room. They could see broken chairs and glasses on the floor caused by the witches and wizards who took the seed. Vena unveiled her head.

“Welcome, all of you”
“What happened here?” Randy asked looking at the broken glasses but nobody answered him. Neither did anybody answer Vena’s warm greetings.

“Is Jennifer here?” Mr Fenado asked.
“No, she’s not” Vena replied.
“But your granddaughter came to our house earlier today and Jane followed her out” Mrs Fenado chipped in and looked around the house. “By the way, where is Ann?” she asked.

“I don’t know where she is too” Vena replied sincerely then all began to look at one another. Being fearless and strong, Jack said, “I demand to know what happened inside this house!”

“Yes, tell us what happened here!” Randy supported pointing at the broken glasses.
“That’s none of your business!” Vena said harshly.

Hearing that, Mr Fenado walked closer and stood before her unabashedly. “Listen, I’m not afraid of you or any of your kind. It will become out business when you hear from the corps and explain to them the cause of this broken, nasty and stinking place”


“Enough!” Vena exclaimed hitting her staff on the floor which made Mrs Fenado to gradually pull her husband back.

Vena raised her staff pointing it at Mr Fenado then said, “Never you trespass beyond this or Kesha will destroy you!”

Just then, the door pushed opened and everybody turned to see Hannah standing at the door without Jennifer…


To Be Continued

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