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The Intimate Stranger — Episode 3

The Intimate Stranger
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(Erotic Thought)

Episode 3


Angelina’s driver rushed out to plead with the other driver whom he hit his car, while Angelina
button up her shirt breathing heavily. She could see the driver pleading seriously and people
gathering around one by one. She looked at herself wondering why she woke up half naked. She
exhaled and shook her head sadly.

“God, let it not be that I was physically romancing myself again” she thought then came down from the car. She helped to resolve the issue amicably before
they began to drive home again. The headlight of the vehicle broke out due to the accident, even
deep scratches could be easily seen by the side of the car. Angelina remained quiet staring at the
driver through the centre mirror as she seated at backseat.

“Why did you have us almost killed?” she broke the silence.
The driver glanced at her through the same mirror. “Ma’am, I lost concentration”
“That’s the most stupid excuse a driver can ever give! What can possibly take your attention or
concentration from the steering wheel?”
“I’m sorry, ma’am”
“That’s not the answer to my question”
“Hum.. you caused it. I.. I saw you almost tripping naked, so as nature has it, I loss concentration”

Angelina did not only become ashamed but also embarrassed when she heard it. She bent her head
down, close her thighs with her skirt. After some seconds, the driver looked through the mirror to
see her battling with tears.

“What came over you, ma’am?”
“Stop calling me that. My name is Angelina. I’m just 17. Forget about what you saw, it never
“What if your father ask about this damaged car?”
“Make up another story, then when driving me to school tomorrow, I’ll give you five thousand
naira as a bribe”
“Okay, ma’am.. Sorry.. I mean, Angelina” He felt pity for her coz he had always known her as a
respectful girl with good morals. But he began to see her the other way round after the incident.


The day grew dark. Light shone from different parts of Angelina’s residence especially in the
interior part. Angelina could be seen in the kitchen with her mother, Mrs Julie Halbert. She had
been dull and quiet since she came back from school and the mother noticed it after glancing at her.
She wore a bumshort and a white singlet with bra which pumped out her nipples. On her feet were
white bedroom slippers.

“Angelina?” the mother called. There was a boiling pot of food before her. She wore a fairy white
gown and a net which she covered her head with.
“Yes, mum” the daughter replied without looking at her.
“Hope you ain’t upset that the driver almost got you killed with his reckless driving as he explained coz you’ve been so quiet lately”

“No, mum”
“Is anything troubling you?”
Angelina suspended washing plates then looked at her mother as an afterthought. “I wanna ask
you something, mum” she said.

Mrs Julie detected how serious she was, so she drew closer to her as a mother and said, “What’s it
darling? Did anybody trouble you at school?”
“No, just that.. hum.. Mum, is it normal to have a wet dream?”

The mum smiled. “It is normal but not frequently. It’s also normal to feel naughty sometimes and
get your way out of it”
“What do you mean by getting my way out of it?”
“You try as much as possible not to go wild. That’s why you’re a girl. I know as a teenager, you must have been having sexual feelings”
“Yes, and how can I overcome the feelings? I guess that’s what you meant by getting my way out
of it”

“Yes, hum..” she was interrupted by the burning food on fire. She quickly left to check on it while the daughter resumed her work. That ended the conversation. Angelina never gotten the right answer to her question. She couldn’t tell her mum about her strange sexual actions lately.

Therefore she needed someone she can open up to and also get a solution because it was getting
out of hand. She had always love being naughty, thinking erotically, watch porn and satisfy herself.
But it has turned to something else that’s why she needed to stop before she gets herself embarrassed publicly then Lucy will finally get something to make mockery of her the more.


There came another beautiful morning, Angelina woke up feeling very weak and tired. She barely
had some sleep the previous night coz nothing went through her head except erotic thought which,
of course, she got her way out of it. Her clit thrub with a bit pain due to vigorous stroking.

She dressed up for school, ate something then met the driver inside another car while the damaged one
had been sent to the mechanic. She greeted the driver from the back seat and gave him the money
she promised.

“Thank you, Angelina”
“You’re welcome. Take me to G.H.C”
“I thought you’re going to school. Why taking you to General Health Center? Ain’t you healthy?”
“Can you stop asking me questions and do as I’ve said?”
“My work is to take you to school and bring you back. No other place”
“I guess you need another bribe”
The driver smiled. “You don’t have to give me money again. I’ll take you everywhere you want
coz I like you”

“Thanks” Angelina brought out a small mirror to dress her hair while the driver put a key in
the car ignition. Just then, her phone rang-that was Ernest, her elder brother, calling. He school in the
higher institution. Not quite long when he gained admission to the University..
At G.H.I, the name was boldly written at the gate. It has four different storey buildings. Angelina
could be seen entering into one of them wearing her school uniform. Some people contemplated
what a young student was doing there instead of being in school. The driver sighted her entering
the building which had a tag ‘Psychotherapy Ward’. It became obvious that she was going to see a
psychotherapist about her escalated erotic sadomasochism.

Miss Caroline was the psychotherapist. She sat in her office with Angelina. She was a lady of 27
year old with almost white body complexion. On her face was a pair of transparent eyeglasses.
She wore a tight brown gown, thus, making her breasts look upright and attractive. A black spot
could be seen on one of her cheeks.

“What’s your name?”
“Angelina Halbert”
“How may I help you, miss Angelina?”
“I have a sexual problem. I hallucinate and think about sexual activities to the extent I practicalize
it physically even in the presence of people”
Miss Caroline stared at her for a moment smiling continuously as she picked up a pen and paper.
“It’s not funny!” Angelina shrieked. “I can end up disgracing myself in the public one day”
“I want you to answer my questions without feeling shy” Miss Caroline began. “Do you have wet
dreams frequently?”

“Do you watch pornography?”
“Do you masturbate and how often?”
“Yes, almost every night”
“Who do you fantasize or think about when doing any of these things?”
“It can be anybody or anything”
“Even your fellow girl?”
“No, I’m not a lesbian”

“I never said you are” Miss Caroline leaned backward on her seat shaking it gently while her eyes
fixed on Angelina. She later began to admire her breasts. Angelina couldn’t take the gaze and
tranquility anymore, so she said, “How can I stop all this? What is wrong with me?”

“Nothing is wrong with you, Miss Angelina. It’s normal for someone to have a sexual thought,
feelings and wet dreams. Masturbation is the only way out of it, but yours is a little bit in excess so I’ll advice you take a break and stay away from pornography for sometime. Also, there is nothing
wrong being attracted to your fellow girl or have feelings for a girl because individuals differ in
many ways”

“How do you explain romancing myself in the public unknowingly? That’s my problem”

“When you abstain from all I have told you, it will stop too” she stood up adjusting the gown
downward. The shape of her underwear could be seen through it as she walked to Angelina then
gently placed a hand on her shoulder in a way it partially touched her breast. “I’ve been looking for
people like you. I do many of the things you said you do except doing it in public. I think we are
compatible” she left her shoulder and locked the door.

Only then did Angelina realize that Miss
Caroline was a lesbian who wants to add salt to her injury. Never in her life had she dreampt of
having affair with her fellow girl. Her heartbeat increased, she located her phone to call Suzanna
instantly as a way to distractions..


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