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The Intimate Stranger — Episode 10

The Intimate Stranger
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(Erotic Thoughts)

Episode 10


There were no residence at both side of the road where the taxi driver sped like being pursued by
wind itself. The three girls noticed it and began to shout, “Slow down, Stop the car!”

However, Adam left his bag inside the car. The shout increased when the driver drove into a bush.
There were no trees except tall shrubs and stones which vibrated the car, thus, making Adam’s
bag open by itself. Already, the driver’s eyes had become red controlled by the spirit of the marine
kindom. Suddenly, the Holy Bible vibrated out of the bag and flung open. The marine spirit felt
the power of God from it then left the driver’s body. Instantly, he matched the break forcefully to
the extent the car nearly somersaulted but it began to smoke. Lucy hit her head on the side glass
in a way the door opened. She fell down bleeding from the head.

Suzanna saw the Bible on her feet then stared at it as if she had never seen it before. Suddenly, a
bright light shone all over the car from it. The remaining two girls’ eyes opened after the bright
light. Suzanna realized herself and God the creator whom she had always put her hope in. Her
mind went back to the very day she promised to take Angelina to her pastor, she glanced at her in
the smoking car and said, “Why didn’t I take you to my pastor again?”

“What are you saying?” Angelina queried her back breathing hastily.
Meanwhile the driver had not regained himself.
The two girls stepped down from the car to see Lucy bleeding seriously from the head. They
rushed her.
“Lucy!” Angelina shouted holding her from the shoulder.
“I’m so sorry,” Lucy began with a fading voice due to the blood coming out from her mouth.
“Like I said, I’m responsible for what has been happening to you because you never allowed me
win the tennis ball competition..” she also confessed on how she was initiated to the Marine
kindom but never mention that Ernest was the reason why she suddenly changed her mind.
Immediately she ended the confession, Amalia appeared with her staff. So many of her agents also
appeared with her.

“No one who disobeys me stay alive!” She exclaimed pointed the staff at the girls.
“You lie!” Suzanna faced her with the bible in her hand while Angelina hid behind her. “For
life and death is of God the creator, no one dies when he has not said so!” she added boldly.
“How dare you challenge me!” sparkling light came out from her staff to hit Suzanna but she
blocked it with the Bible.

Just then, the driver regained himself. When she saw the battle going on, he sneaked out of the car
back from where they came from. “Never will I carry Adam and Eve in my car again” he
murmured as he took a serious race.
“You have no power over us coz greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world” Suzanna
returned the fire to her through the Bible..
After running for several minutes, the driver met Adam on his way-just at the main road. Already,
people had gathered while some had also followed the direction where the accident took place.
Adam approached the driver, “What happened? Where are my friends?”
“Your friends are with ghosts” he replied breathing hastily.
“What do you mean?”
“If you doubt me, go and ask your Eve”
Adam left him running into the bush to witness what the driver said. After he left, people around
asked the driver to narrate what happened. So he began, “I carried Adam and Eve in my car..”
“Adam and Eve?” they interrupted him surprisingly.
“Yes, Adam and Eve, the ones that ate the forbidden fruit and caused problem to the whole world.
Now they have done it again to my car” he took on his heels for the second time.
Before Adam could get to the scene, God had conquered Amalia and her agents through Suzanna
thereby freeing Lucy from their spell. Bit before then, she had passed out. Adam observed her
body from the ground and said, “Let’s take her to the hospital, she’s still alive”
“Let’s call an ambulance” Angelina suggested.
“No time for that. Let’s use this taxi”
They carried Lucy into the taxi, Adam jumped into the driver’s seat and set the car in motion. He
drove with a high speed until they passed the taxi driver who was still running on the road. When
he saw them, he shouted. “Heeey, see oh! My car, Adam and Eve have taken my car oh!!” he
pursued them dragging his fallen trouser up…

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