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The Intimate Stranger — Episode 6

The Intimate Stranger
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(Erotic Thought)

Episode 6


Locomotive vehicles sped on the road where Ernest and Lucy picked the oranges at the same time.
There were also passengers by the roadside waiting for a cab or private cars that would take them
to their destinations.

Ernest straightened up, adjusted his bag with a bit smile on his face. He wore a brown pair of
trousers with long-sleeve shirt which he tucked-in like a responsible student he was. He had a
round cut hairstyle and sprouting beards on his jaw. Lucy paid less attention to him as she tried to
put the oranges inside her bag. Though she was on uniform but looked matured.

“I guess you’re just coming back from school, Royal Academy precisely” Ernest broke the silence
before she looked up after zipping up her bag.
“Yes, and how do you know it’s Royal Academy?” she asked.

“My sister schools there” he stretched his hand immediately which interrupted Lucy from asking
him the name of the sister. “I’m Ernest”
She gently grabbed the hand. “I’m Lucy”
“Hope to see you again, Lucy”
“Hope to see you too”
They smiled while passing each other but Lucy suddenly turned and said, “Excuse me, Ernest,
I’m inviting you to our female football competition next two weeks, 24th precisely”
“Just like the tennis ball match competition that took place sometime ago in your school?”
“Yes, were you there?”
“Of course, I was”

Both kept smiling until Lucy remembered how disgraceful it was for her that day. Therefore her
face changed.

“See you then, Ernest” She said.
“Okay, but may I have your contact?”
They exchanged numbers before departing to their various ways. Not that Ernest couldn’t call their
driver to come pick him home but preferred taking a cab. Unlike Angelina, his sister, he was a guy
that doesn’t fancy money or living a ‘big boy’ life regarding the family background. Even when he
was still in secondary, he rather take a cab than allowing his driver drive him to school. That
explains why Lucy had to bump on a guy like him who should be on a private car. He mingles
with the less privilege more than boys of the same class with him, and he tries to do most of their
activities like doing mini jobs to get money when he knows that the father can give him any
amount of money he wants.
Suzanna took Angelina home before going back to school where she was told that Adam had
carried her bag home. So she met him at his residence. It was a bungalow with white painted fence.
They stood at the gate after he handed the bags to her.
“How’s Angelina?” Adam broke the silence.
“She’s fine” both remained silent reflecting on the incident that happened in the classroom. “You
knew about this, didn’t you?” Suzanna said staring at him.
“What do you mean?”
“You had an idea of what Angelina did in the classroom”
“How do you know?”
“You told me she behaved weird the other day at the staircase but you never said what she did.
Moreover, when I told her what you said, she asked if you explained in details. What is going on?”
Adam swallowed hard. “Listen, I promised her not to tell anyone. She did exactly what she did in
the classroom before me on the staircase. I saw her romancing herself and almost tripping naked”
“Oh my God!” Suzanna exclaimed. “This is a spiritual attack! No normal being does that. I think I
have to take her to my priest” she left. Never did she know that planning to help Angelina out
would lead to her own erotic thought. She told Angelina on the phone to get prepared to meet
her priest in the evening which she agreed.
Later that evening, Angelina woke up to find only her brother, Ernest, in the sitting room. She had
dressed up for the meeting with Suzanna. She wore a black skirt and long-sleeve shirt which she
tucked in. In her hand was a Holy Bible. She looked sad and tired to the sight of his brother.
“Welcome, Ernest” she sat down beside him.
“I came back and found you sleeping. Are you okay?” Ernest asked looking at her. A television
remote rested in his hand.
Angelina rubbed her forehead with a hand. “Yes, I’m fine. What about Dad and Mum?”
“Dad traveled while Mum went out. I don’t think she’ll be coming back today too”
Angelina stood up. “I’m going for a church program” she hugged him and said on his shoulder,
“I’m happy you’re back, big brother” she left while Ernest stared at her. There was something
strange about her he couldn’t put a finger on.
Nevertheless, Angelina went out collecting car keys from her driver. She wanted to be the one
driving which the driver hesitated initially but finally gave her the keys after she bribed him
again. She collected it, entered into the Highlander Jeep and drove out. On her way, she dialed
Suzanna’s number..

Back to the residence of Suzanna, she was far asleep in her room when her phone began to ring.
She laid face up wearing a bumshot without bra. Her body looked tempting to the sight of any
man or a lady like Miss Caroline. Suddenly, she began to have wet dreams controlled by Lucy’s
secret marine spirits who never wanted her to help Angelina out. In the dream, she saw herself
making love to her fellow girl in a swimming pool, a total stranger! Physically, she touched her
breast romantically, moved her body erotically and moaned pleasurably. That was something she
had never done before. She zipped her bumshot open to place a finger in between her legs. One
could see fairy hair on the private part as she stroked her clit gently. She finally began to finger
herself when the feelings became intense. Meanwhile, her phone continuously rang without a
However, Angelina had waited for hours at the spot where they agreed to meet without seeing
Suzanna or she, picking her calls. She slept off on the driver’s seat where she also began to have
erotic thought which led her to practice it physically. She spread her legs in a way her thighs were
seen… A few minutes later, she realized herself with eyes open when she heard sounds on the glass
of the vehicle. She saw herself half naked and people peeping and laughing at her. She quickly
covered herself up, started the car and began to drive home. She saw a sharp object like a knife
in the car then stopped on the middle of the road. That caused hold up. Cars from behind
activated their horns while drivers shouting at her but she never cared. She locked the doors of the
car and picked up the sharp object with quivering lips and tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry to depart from
this shameful life of mine this way. I can’t stand it anymore. I love you Mum and Dad” she
remembered her brother then began to cry the more coz she loved him so much. “I love you so much,
Ernest” she concluded and raised the sharp object to kill herself…

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