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The Intimate Stranger — Episode 7

The Intimate Stranger
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(Erotic Thought)

Episode 7


The time of the day was half pass six post-meridian when Angelina wanted to commit suicide in
the middle of the road. Therefore the sun had set giving way for darkness to take over the
atmosphere. The presence of her car had caused a long waiting hold-up to the extent many drivers
came out to shout at her but only to see a young girl of 17 year old crying and trying to take her
own life. Their intentions and focus deviated from shouting at her to saving her from killing

“Young girl, what are you doing?!” a man said wanting to open the door of the car but couldn’t
because they were locked from inside.
Angelina didn’t look at the people who circulated her car, she went on to kill herself with sharp
object, but immediately she drew it closer to her stomach, she saw Adam hitting the wheelscreen
of the car and shouting, “Angelina! Angelina!! Do you want to take your own life? Please, don’t do
it!” he rushed to the driver’s door. “Angelina, please, for God’s sake, don’t do it and open this door.

Listen, it’s just a temptation you need to overcome, it doesn’t worth taking your precious life,
People standing-by understood that Adam knew the young driver who wanted to take her life but
they didn’t understand what he was saying to her. Nevertheless, when Adam noticed that Angelina
was serious about taking her life, he began to think of how to convince her the more. He knocked
gently on the glass and said as Angelina looked at him in tears, “I love you, I love you, Angelina,
more than anything you can think of. Please, for my sake and the sake of the love I have for you,
don’t kill yourself and open this door”
The sharp objects gradually fell down from her hand then she began to cry seriously. Meanwhile,
she had unlocked the doors of the car which gave Adam access to carry her out, put her on the
second front seat then took over the driver’s seat. His father taught him how to drive on his SS2
days, so he didn’t hesitate to put the key of the car in the ignition, matched the clutch, added gear
one and finally drove out from that place, thus, releasing the hold up. He glanced at Angelina
whose head laid on the headrest of the chair with eyes closed. There were still some tears on her
“I was actually on my way home from an errand when I saw you” Adam said but she didn’t
respond. “I don’t know your house. Please, give me the address” he added.
“Few miles away from here, number 14 Etibo street, the fifth building by the right” Angelina’s
voice sounded very low without opening her eyes…
However, Suzanna had had enough wet dreams. She woke up to see herself naked; the bumshot
left her waist to her thighs. She wondered how and when she zipped it off. She felt a slight
headache thereby holding her forehead in pain. She also felt her clit thrubing. She looked at her
door to see it locked because she was beginning to think someone rapped her while sleeping. She
couldn’t remember the appointment she had with Angelina. Totally, her feelings changed, she
began to find it difficult to think straight without involving erotic thought. As she pulled the
bumshot up and sat up, she remembered the wet dream she had. “Oh my God, did I actually do
that, having sex with a fellow girl in a dream?” she murmured thinking about it over and over
again, so she suddenly smiled. “That was amazing anyways and it’s only a dream. I wish to have
more of it” she concluded in thought and walked to her phone which rested on a table. She
unlocked it to see fifty miss calls from Angelina, only then did she remember she had an
appointment with her. “Jesus!” she exclaimed trying to call back. She called several times but
there was no response.
Approaching to Angelina’s residence, Suzanna’s call came in again inside the car Adam was
driving. Already, Angelina had instructed him not to pick it. So he said, “Why don’t you want to
pick her calls?”
“I just don’t want to talk to her”
She kept quiet without responding while Adam ignored the silence then began to horn at the gate
of Angelina’s house. He drove in after a gateman opened. He stylishly admired the storey building.
Though his parents were rich but were not as rich as the owner of the building he was looking at.
He pulled over.
“Thank you” Angelina said but still rested on the chair as if she wasn’t ready to go down.

“Welcome?” he stared at her and crossed a hand over her chair. “Why did you want to kill yourself?
If it is about what happened in the classroom, it doesn’t worth it. You only need to control it”
“I can’t, Adam” she opened her eyes. “Imaging doing the same thing in the car where people
watched and laughed at me. I’m tired of this life..”
“You don’t get tired of life rather you face life”
“I’m so weak both spiritual and physical”
“You begin to get strong when you change your thoughts. Concentrate on the things that matters
most in heaven not on earth. Everybody has erotic thought but it depends on how we control it.
You can control it, Angelina”
She exhaled and sat up. “I’ve heard you”
“Promise to remain safe”
“I promise”
“Okay, have to be on my way now. See you in school on Monday”
They came down from the vehicle. Angelina watched as Adam approached the gate. He looked
back to see her staring at him then waved at him too. He smiled at her before departing.
Angelina turned to see her brother coming out wearing a singlet and a short with a smart phone in
his hand. She hurried up and hugged him tightly because she actually thought she wouldn’t see
him again. Ernest didn’t get much surprise coz she does that to him always. But he felt something
was going on which she didn’t want to tell him..
That was on Saturday. Mr and and Mrs Halbert had not return home. Ernest could be seen
making a phone call outside the compound in the garage beside two cars. He was actually
speaking with Lucy, his new found crush. He occasionally laughed and smiled at their funny
conversation which shows that they were actually getting along. Just then, Angelina came from
behind listening to him.
“..why don’t we grab a cup of coffee tomorrow evening?”
“Are you asking me out for a date?” Lucy quiried on the phone.
“Yes, please”
“Fine, but Nigerians don’t take coffee on a date. We sit and embezzle anything edible including
your lips” she laughed at her own words including Ernest.
“I’ll give you a call tomorrow then”
“Okay, bye”
The line went off. Ernest turned to see his sister staring at him with hands folded. “A date with a
girl, huu?” she said.
“You’ve been listening to me? Well, yes” he sat down on a plastic chair behind him.
“Do you love her?”
“Kind of, she’s smart and beautiful”
“Why don’t you bring her home?”
“Not yet”
“Who’s she by the way?”
Ernest wanted to answer but a knock from the gate interrupted them, so they stared at the gate.
The gateman checked on the person then allowed her in. That was Suzanna coming in a pair of red
leggings and top that exposed her butt and boobs even the shape of her underwears.
Ernest opened his mouth staring at her. “Who’s she?” he asked.
“She’s my friend” Angelina frowned. She couldn’t believe her tempting outfit. She actually thought
Suzanna was so religious to wear such a thing. When she approached closer, Ernest excused
himself while Angelina sat on the chair.
“What are you doing here after ignoring my calls?”
“I’m sorry, Angelina. I got carried away”
“By what?”
“By.. hum.. by sleep”
They stared at each other for a while before Angelina gave her a seat, looked at her from head to
toe and said, “Why did you dress like this?”
“Don’t you like it?” Suzanna asked amusingly touching her cloth with the tip of her fingers which
moved along with the movement of her body.
“Excuse me? Are you okay?” Angelina bent away from her.
“I’m fine. I actually came to apologize”
She retained her initial position. “Is okay, so can we go see the priest now?” she asked.
“Not yet, I want you to tell me all you have been experiencing” Suzanna requested.
Angelina kept looking at her. Suzanna she knows wasn’t the one sitting before her. She had
changed. Nevertheless, she told her how she loves masturbating, watching pornography before it
escalated to wet dreams and erotic thought to the extent she can’t control it in the public. She also
told her about Miss Caroline, the psychotherapist who wanted lure her into lesbianism instead of
helping her. That interested Suzanna so much, so she began to think how good it would be making
love with the psychotherapist. She suddenly stood up and said, “I’ll see you later” she hurried out.
“What about seeing the pastor!?”
“That can wait!” she left the compound running to G.H.C to meet Miss Caroline while Angelina
became dumbfounded about her strange behavior.
At General Health Center, Suzanna located the psychotherapist ward, entered and found Miss
Caroline’s office. She knocked at the door and a female voice said, “Come in”

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