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The Intimate Stranger — Episode 1

The Intimate Stranger
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(Erotic Thought )



Rated: Matured.

Angelina jerked awake to the sound of a distant blues playing at the neighborhood. She did not
only hear the music in a dream but also had an erotic dream with it which made her find one of her
fingers in her vagina when she woke up naked. She was quite wet down there. Her nipples
prostrated forward just like her breast thereby preventing the wrapper on her body from falling
down completely. She brought out her finger to see it wet then shook her head negatively. “I can’t
believe I had another wet dream” she murmured.
Angelina was a young black beautiful girl of 17 year old with sophisticated parents. She has a
problem of concentrating on a particular thing without thinking erotically about somebody or
something. Though she has always loved the feelings she gets from it: it makes her wanna go wild
and explore sexually with or without anybody regardless the fact that she has never had normal
sex before.

She completely stood up naked from the bed to her ringing phone which was on top of a table
opposite her bed then picked up the call immediately.
“Hey, Angelina, if you don’t come to school right now, you’ll miss this” a female voice sounded on
the phone.

“Miss what? Test?” she became curious.
“Something greater than test, girl’
“I wanna know what it is”
“Until you get here, bye”

The call went dead. That was Suzanna, her classmate and also her friend. She’s a little bit religious
regarding her family background. They just entered into their final year in Royal Secondary
School and the spirit of seniority over other students could be seen through their dressing and
walking steps especially the female students who intend to look smarter than the female teachers
except that they were always on red and white uniform.

Nevertheless, after a few minutes, Angelina rushed down the staircase hanging her school bag on
the back. “Mum, I’m off to school!!” her voice echoed in the whole house but nobody responded.
She went outside to see her driver already warming up one of her father’s cars, so she hump into
the back seat and said, “Good morning sir, please, drive faster today. I think I’m missing out
something at school”
“Okay, ma’am” he drove out as she instructed.
Royal Academy is one of the best schools in town, a poor man cannot possibly afford the school
fees. So it was populated by sons and daughters of financial sophisticated parents. It has the
setting of a government school environment but with storey buildings enclosed by a high fence.
The only entrance has a black gate with a gateman. Immediately after the gate are two flags
standing very tall like a radio transmitter.

One represents the school while the other repsents the
country. One could see a flat football field with all the necessary features ranging from net to line
markings. Students walks around the premises while others stood at a spot discussing as if the school wasn’t ready for any academic activity.

Suddenly, Angelina’s car drove into the school
compound then pulled over just beside the flags-stand. She came out, hung her bag and
appreciated the driver who sped off immediately. She looked around to see students not only
staring at her but also standing at different corners of the premises. She glanced at her wrist watch;

Before she could look up, Suzanna arrived in a hurry. She made the same hairstyle with
her coz girls ought to have the same hairstyle. Only boys are permitted to cut any hairstyle of their
choice provided it remains low but the stubborn ones keep Afro. They were mostly bullies.

“Angelina, you’re late, what kept you in bed?” Suzanna asked as both were hurrying to one of the
school halls.
“Don’t mind me, a stupid dream kept me in bed” she replied looking around.
“A dream? What type?”
“It’s personal”
“Have you started having love dreams?”
“It’s far beyond that”
Both remained quiet after glancing at each other. Suzanna twisted her mouth with a deep breath.
She looked at her friend and said, “I’ve always told you to pray before sleeping”
“Come on, Suzanna, I never told you it was a nightmare. So keep your religious attitude to
yourself” Angelina objected harshly. “By the way, what did you say I’m gonna miss?” she changed
the topic.

“The ministry of education came unexpectedly and they are seated in the hall with teachers and all
prefects except you. The principal wanted to give your post to Lucy as the assistant game prefect,
if actually he has not done that already”
“Oh my God!” Angelina hurried up. She would rather prefer another person take her post to Lucy
coz both were like cat and rat. They had always been in competition academically because Lusy
thought Angelina was far better than others. Therefore, she never liked her.

When they approached to the hall, Suzanna stepped back after carrying Angelina’s bag coz she
held no post. She was the dull type but had learnt a lot from her friend recently.
Angelina slowed down at the entrance of the hall. She saw men and women in black suit seated
with teachers. Opposite them were fifteen prefect and their assistants sitting beside them. As she
just stepped inside, the principal gave her a U-turn signal to go back. She looked at Lucy to see
her making mockery of her with a smile before she sadly left the hall humiliated.

Meanwhile, Suzanna had taken the bag into their classroom only to open it to see Angelina’s cell
phone in it. She operated it open and went straight to her Gallery but couldn’t believe her eyes.
She saw some downloaded pornography which she mistakenly played. They was nobody in the
classroom, thus, making the volume of a sexually moaning girl louder. She put it off immediately
before Angelina walked in and sat beside her.

“What happened?”
“The principal sent me out. I guess he has finally given Lucy my post coz I saw her sitting next to
Adam, the game prefect” tears rolled down from her eyes.

Suzanna didn’t know what to say again. She became mute staring at her. After some time, she
asked, “Why did you actually come to school late?”
“It’s this stupid dream!” Angelina stood up angrily. “It gets me distracted every night!”
“Do you watch porn?” Suzanna asked calmly.
Angelina turned to her amazingly. “What does that have to do with our discussion?” she saw her phone in her hand then took it from her immediately. “Yes, I watch porn and I love it. Mind your
business” she added and walked out as Suzanna watched her.

Just at the staircase, she saw Adam coming alone. They must have finished the meeting with the
ministry of education. He looked handsome than ever wearing an ironed uniform with canvas. He
was a bit fair in complexion. Angelina stared at him from the staircase hallucinating and thinking
erotically where both passionately kissed and romanced on a bed naked. As she was on that
thought, she never knew when she began to romance herself to the sight of Adam who had drew
closer to her. She wanted to put her hand into her private part but Adam held it before she realized

“What are you doing?!”
“What did I do?”
“Look at your shirt”
Angelina looked at her shirt to see a few buttons loosened in a way her white bra became visible.
She gasped and began to buckle them feelings embarrassed..

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