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The Intimate Stranger — Episode 5

The Intimate Stranger
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(Erotic Thought)

Episode 5


Students in the classroom paid much attention to Mr Jay when Angelina began to swim in the
ocean of erotic thought with the man standing before the class-Mr Jay. They knew he doesn’t tolerate any such of distractions especially when it has nothing to do with the subject he teaches-Chemistry. But Lo and behold Angelina trying to bring a disgraceful distraction ever heard in the history of Royal Academy. She sat two lockers away from the back seaters while Suzanna sat at the center of the classroom byside a window. Adam and Lucy sat on the same line in front
but were far apart from each other. All the students saw Mr Jay in a plain trouser and a shirt well
tucked-in, but Angelina was seeing him full naked due to what was going through her mind; she
could see herself making love with Mr Jay in the classroom without anybody around. She could
see how he grabbed her, kissed and passionately pushed her to the white board, took off her shirt
and bra and raised her skirt up. She felt Mr Jay sliding her pant by the side and fingering her, at
the same time kissing her. She moaned.
Meanwhile, physically in the classroom, Angelina had started touching herself and moving her
body romantically. A few buttons of her shirt had loosened thereby attracting the attention of some
students who were close. She moaned aloud after putting her hand inbetween her legs through her
skirt which flipped up in a way her thighs became visible. Some students began to murmur at the
sight of the erotic act thereby attracting Mr Jay’s attention. The nearest student to Angelina who
was a boy tapped her to open her eyes, but it was already too late coz when Angelina realized
herself and opened her eyes, all the students including Mr Jay were staring at her seeing her skirt
flipped up and her black bra visible.
“Jesus!” she exclaimed then began to cover up.
Lucy chuckled followed by other students except Adam and Suzanna who were covered in shame.
Mr Jay was speechless trying so hard not to be taken by the erotic sight.
“Halbert!” he called by her surname. “What was the meaning of that!?”
Angelina couldn’t reply as she rested her head on the locker shedding tears.
“Sir, she’s simply a bitch. She can’t control herself” Lucy said aloud while some students
laughed thus making the classroom noisy.
Mr Jay became confused on how to handle such matter in the presence of teenage students. To
avoid misunderstanding, he packed his lesson note and said, “Angelina Halbert, meet me in my
office right now!” he walked out.
Suzanna rushed to her seat to see her crying seriously without raising her head up. The floor had
been wet by her own droplet of tears. Meanwhile, some students like Lucy made mockery of her
while some pitied her.
“What have you done, Angelina?” Suzanna quiried. “Did you actually forget that you’re in the
classroom? How can you explain this act of embarrassment? Gush!” she became quiet for a while
listening to the mockery statements made by students. She placed a hand on her shoulder then
tried to pull her up. “Let’s go see the principal as he instructed” she said.
Angelina struggled up in shame held closely by Suzanna. They began to walk out ignoring the
annoying words by students. Just at the door, she looked at the direction where Adam seated to see
him staring at her but she averted her eyes shamefully.
Suzanna waited for her friend outside the principal’s office. Inside the office were portrait of the
president of the country and the governor of the state on the wall. The flag of Nigeria rested
behind the principal’s chair. There was a table that demarcated Angelina from Mr Jay who stared
at her as she shed tears with her head bent downward.
“Halbert,” he sat up with his two hands placed on the table like a pastor who is about to prophesy on his member. “What is your problem? Your behavior these days is strange which caused you
your post of assistant game prefect. And now, you embarrassed yourself in the classroom by
touching yourself romantically. Did you actually try to seduce me?”
“No sir” she raised her head up. “I’m passing through a lot these days. I see and do things I don’t
suppose to do. I can’t control it. I’m so sorry for my actions. I did it unknowingly, I swear to God,
Her voice could be heard by Suzanna who listened very well to her explanation from outside. She
folded her hands.
The principal thought of the explanation given by Angelina. He rested his back the backrest of the
office chair thinking critically. He believed she actually didn’t know what happened to her coz no
woman will try to be erotic to the extent of romancing herself in the presence of people not to talk
of when class is going on. He sat up again.
“I’m giving you a week off from school to go put yourself together. I’ll personally explain to your
parents” he said.
“No, sir” Angelina objected drying her tears.
“I don’t want my parents to be aware of this. So, please, don’t give me a week off from school.
They will like to know why”
“So what do you suggest I do?”
“Nothing, sir. This will never happen again. I promise you that, and I’m so sorry”
The principal stared at her for a moment again. “Is okay, you should go home now and take a rest”
he said. “See a psychotherapist, a spiritualist or a man of God coz I guess your problem isn’t
Angelina nodded her head. How would she explain to him her encounter with a psychotherapist,
Miss Caroline, whom she met but wanted to worsen her problem? She sat up quivering in shame,
before she left, Mr Jay called on her and said, “God is the greatest” She didn’t say anything rather
clutched the door knob and went outside. She met Suzanna then brought out her phone to call her
driver. Her hand quivered as she tried to operate on the cell phone. Suzanna could see it. Suddenly,
the phone fell from her coz should couldn’t bear the noise coming from her classroom feeling
more embarrassed. She looked around to see students from the window of the classroom and other
part of the school premesis. It seemed to her as if everybody was looking at her in a disgusting
Suzanna picked up the phone for her. She wanted to hand it back to her but she said, “Please, call
my driver for me”
She called him as she instructed. They began to move towards the gate to wait for the driver.
Angelina nearly fell down in front of the office as they wanted to go but Suzanna held her feelings
her body hot and vibrating, even tears poured out from her eyes. She couldn’t move again.
“Angelina, be careful”
“Suzanna, I can’t walk”
“They are looking at me”
Suzanna looked around to see nobody looking at them. She turned to her friend seeing how she vibrated and shedding tears, then she began to shed tears too.
“Nobody is looking at you, Angelina. Please let’s go”
“Don’t leave me, Suzanna, please, don’t leave me. Don’t be like them. They are looking and
laughing at me. I beg you in the name of God, don’t leave me”
Suzanna looked around again as she dried her tears but more poured down from her eyes. She
didn’t see anybody laughing or looking at them. Therefore she understood that her friend was
going through mental trauma. “I will never leave you, Angelina. I promise not to leave you” she
replied then pulled her up before they began to walk again. Before they walked to the gate, the
driver arrived and carried them forgetting their bags.
However, Lucy had made enough mockery at her in the classroom. The whole school must know
about it in as much as she was involved. She never stopped talking about it until school dismissed.
She saw Adam trying to carry Angelina and Suzanna’s bags in the classroom.
“I never knew you’ve turned yourself to a maid who carries bags for his shameless boss” she
“It’s none of your business” he wanted to walk away but turned. “Lucy, why do you hate Angelina
so much? What has she done to you?”
“You should be asking what she did to me. Anyways, that isn’t a story I have to tell you. She
deserves what she got” she walked out. Obviously, she was behind Angelina’s strange erotic
thought and behavior. As she walked along the road, she began to think about how and why she
had to put her in that condition..
At Lucy’s residence, the house isn’t a storey building but had the quality of a sophisticated
bungalow. The parents were well to do in a anything. All sat in the dinning room eating breakfast.
Lucy was on her uniform. That day was actually the finally day of tennis match competition
between her group and Angelina’s group, and both were gonna play against each other.
“Lucy, I hope you gonna make me proud today by winning the tennis ball competition” the mother
“Yes, mum” she replied.
Mr Dickson, the father, drank a cup of water and said, “If you win, I’ll take you abroad to spend
the holiday”
“You’re kidding me, right?”
“No dear”
“Okay, bye!” Lucy jumped from the dinning chair running to school. She knew Angelina was
better than her in sport, so she had to corner her inside the female rest room before the beginning
of the tennis match.
“Angelina, you need to help me” she began looking at her. There was a mirror in the rest room
which reflected their images. “I know you can play tennis more than I do, so I beg you to
purposely let me win and make my parents proud. Please, abeg you”
“What about my own parents? I can’t let them down, you know” Angelina replied.
“I will give you any amount of money you want”
“That’s an insult, Lucy. Money is not a problem to me. Moreover, this game is by luck. You might
win if you concentrate. Excuse me” Angelina left.
The match ended and Angelina won the game thereby making Lucy’s parents and group feel disappointed in her. That was also a disgrace to her, most especially,the promise made by her
father was never fulfilled again. From then, she hated Angelina and wanted to disgrace her too in
anyway. Already, she had been initiated into a marine secret society where she got a fruit and
made Angelina eat from it at school. Angelina never knew the fruit was a charm of uncontrollable
erotic thought and behavior which will disgrace her in public…

Lucy bumped on a young boy on the road which actually brought her out of that thought. A
selophin of oranges she held in her hand fell down and the oranges scattered. The young boy
helped her pick them. Physically, he was a perfect guy to Lucy which made her begin to
experience love at first sight. But she never knew that the boy was Ernest, Angelina’s elder

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