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The Intimate Stranger — Episode 11

The Intimate Stranger
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(Erotic Thoughts)

Episode 11


Nurses could be seen rushing out of a hospital where Lucy was carried to. They placed her on a
wheelbed then rolled her inside. Immediately, treatment commenced.

Angelina, Suzanna and Adam stood outside looking at one another. Their uniforms had gone bad.
Adam glanced at Suzanna’s hand to see his Bible.
“What are you doing with my Bible?”
“Actually, the Bible saved us”

“So God used me to save lives again coz I didn’t know what came over me. I was touched to
pick the Bib..” Angelina interrupted him by embrassing him tightly. She couldn’t thank him
enough remembering the first time he saved her life. Adam noticed the reason for the hug then
said, “God saved your life not me”
“I know” she replied on his shoulder refusing to let him go.
“I guess everything is fine now” he reciprocated the hug rubbing her back gently.
Suzanna glanced at them but neglected the very act of emotional joy. “We should inform Lucy’s
parents” she said to get their attention back.
Angelina disengaged from Adam. “We should inform the principal first” she suggested and
glanced at Adam which Suzanna noticed for the second time. Just then, Adam placed his phone on
his ear at the sight of the two girls.
“Who are you calling?” Suzanna asked him.
“The principal of course!” he replied then began to answer the call. The two girls glanced at
each other again without saying anything. Of course Suzanna could read Angelina’s mind. She
noticed that her feelings for Adam was being obvious, though, said nothing.
A few minutes later, the principal arrived to the hospital where he was told all that happened even
the course of Angelina’s erotic act. He was a religious man so believing the story of marine spirits
and spiritual behavior was no big deal to him. They were actually inside the hospital.
“God the creator is the only through God”Mr Jay began. “We shouldn’t forget him in time like
this, even when the wicked strive to take our mind from him, we should remember that him alone
can solve any problem and..” a voice that shouted Adam’s name from outside interrupted him.
All looked at the direction of the exit listening carefully.
“Adam!!” the voice came again.
“Who’s that?” Mr Jay asked.
Adam exhaled heavily shaking his head. “That must be the taxi driver” he excused himself
walking to the exit. He met the driver glaring at him just at the entrance of the hospital.
“So, your plan was to take my life but since you didn’t succeed, you decided to take my car”
“I had no such thing in mind. Why would you even think I wanted to take your life?”
“If you and your Eve brought death to the world, why can’t you take the life of a common driver?
Let me have my car keys”
Adam threw the keys to him with a smile. “That my name is Adam doesn’t mean I’m the first
Adam who..”
“You are the first and second Adam” the driver interrupted as he walked to his car. He suddenly
ran back and stretched his hand to him. “My money” he said with much enthusiasm. Adam
smiled before paying him.

The accident reached to the hearing of Lucy’s parents after the principal told them all that
happened. They glorified God and also appreciated Suzanna and Angelina. The news also
circulated Royal Academy, some thanked God why some criticised Lucy.
Angelina went home hours later. She had told her driver the story and the cause of her erotic act
which took place in the car. She also told him to keep it a secret. “I’ll tell my parents myself
when the time comes” she concluded inside the car then entered into the house to see her brother
watching football match in the sitting room. She greeted him and ran upstairs immediately for him
not to notice the dirt in her uniform caused by the accident but Ernest finally called her back.
She stopped at the staircase and turned. “Yes, big brother” she responded.
“Why coming back so early?”
“We’re having football practice”she wanted to run up again but Ernest’s voice interrupted him
for the second time.
“Did you see Lucy Dickson at school? I’m calling her line but it’s not going through”
Hearing that, Angelina totally turned and began to climb down the stairs. “How do you know
“She’s actually my date. I have been meaning to tell you” he grinned.
“Your date? Since when?”
“Yesterday” Ernest became worried seeing the expression on his sister’s face.
“Did she know you were my brother?”
“Yes, she figured it out herself. Any problem?”
Angelina didn’t answer the question rather became mute. She understood that Lucy actually
turned away from her secret society because she was in love with her brother. Reasoning all that,
she ran to her room thereby living her brother worried. Though she later explained to him later in
the day.



Lucy had gained consciousness. She could be seen with a bandage round her head lying on the
sick bed in the hospital. Suddenly, Angelina entered wearing her uniform. She sat beside her.
“Hi, Lucy”
“Hi” she couldn’t move her head. “What really happened?”
“We got freed from the hands of the evil ones. That’s what happened” Angelina explained.
“Now I know God is the greatest”
“Yes, he is. But why did you suddenly change your mind to save me?”
Lucy smiled. “I don’t think you need to know” she said.
“I don’t need to know what I already know. It’s because of my brother, isn’t?” Angelina
“He told you?”
“He’s my brother, what do you expect?”
Lucy suddenly began to shed tears regrating her past mistakes. “Will Ernest still love me after
hearing my story?” she asked.
“Yes, I still love you” Ernest’s voice came from the door. Lucy was filled with joy when she
saw him coming. She began to smile as the tears drop uncontrollably. Her breathing rate increased too.
“God must have used me to change your mind and eventually save others. So I still love you”
Ernest added.
“Thank you” Lucy touched his cheeks while Angelina watched both of them smiling.
A few days later before the football competition, Adam took Angelina to a beach on a weekend.
There were several other people swimming and having fun. Adam took Angelina by the hand
leaving the sea shore after they must have swam enough. They could be seen laughing and
running to a shade where they stood recalling their actions.

“You nearly got me drowned” Angelina said. “I guess that’s why you actually brought me
here” she gave him a friendly match.
“No, that’s not the reason”Adam said turning her face with his hand romantically in a way both
stared at each other’s eyes. “I brought you to make sure you forget the past and to tell you that
I meant what I said”
“What did you say?”
“I love you, I love you, Angelina, more than anything you can think of. Please, for my sake and
the sake of the love I have for you, don’t kill yourself and open this door”
“Did you really mean that?”
She smiled then looked away from him but suddenly turned, placed hands across his shoulder and
said, “I love you too, even more” she embraced him which he reciprocated happily.
“Always try to remember God when in need. He is the solution provider” Adam concluded still
rubbing her back.
Angelina resumed her duty as the assistant game prefect. She worked hard with Adam to make
sure they won the trophy. On the competition day, many parents were available to witness the
match even Lucy who was seen sitting beside Ernest even though her parents were there. Though
at the end of the game, Royal Academy carried the trophy
And that’s the wrap up of it.

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