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The Intern — Episode 1

The Intern



{She’s darn stubborn, he’s so rude}


By: Georgina Adah




She’s stubborn, she’s s£•xy, she’s a smart a•s…

She’s a hard-working lady who trained herself in school. She does so many part-time jobs in other to support her mom’s business.


What happens when when Dahlia Stone apply to work as an Intern in a famous multi billionaire’s company?


Max Conner, a young bachelor. He’s known for his rude, arrogant and grumpy behavior.


What happens when he meets Dahlia? A lady he finds enticing but doesn’t bows to him like everyone does…







I walked into the house exhausted from work and found my mom, Vivian lying on the sofa. I sauntered over to her and place a kiss on her forehead.


Her eyes opened: “Hey, you’re back”


I took off my snickers and and sat down

“Yeah, how was work today?” She owns a small store down the road, I usually go to help her out when I’m less busy.


She sat upright “It was okay, I guess.. you?”

“Tiring as usual, why are you lying on the couch?”


“I actually wanted to talk to you about something”


I raised my brows wondering what it could be “Okay…”


“It’s about you Dahlia, why don’t you go look for better job, less stressful than this ones you’re doing?

You’re a beautiful lady, an educated one at that, don’t you think it’s best if you take another step to fulfilling your dream?”


“Mom, you know the part-time job I do helped you right?”

She nodded ” Yeah”


“Then what do I need job for? Besides it’s a waste of time trying to get a job here in New York.”


Which is true, after training myself in college, I’ve applied for so many jobs with no success. So i stop searching, I decided to focus on my part-time jobs.

It wasn’t hard getting them, I’m young and beautiful, just clocked twenty two last month. The pay is not much but I saved it and was able to start a job for mom.


“Don’t say it’s a waste of time dear, take it as a challenge and hope you’ll get a better one. ”


I sighed and got up ” Okay mom, I’ll think about it.. I’ll be in my room, goodnight”


” Goodnight darling”





“You!” I yelled at the girl


She whimpered. “Sorry sir, it was a mistake”


I glared at her “You should have known that before opening your filthy mouth here, does this office look like a gossip home? You’re fired! Pack your things immediately”


Everyone in the conference meeting became quiet and watched Jaden or is it Kayla as she ran out of the room.


I got up from the sit “This meeting is over”


I strolled out the room to my office


“Jane, hold off all calls, I don’t want any disturbance” I said to my PA.


I got to my office and was about closing the door when she called out.




I paused




“The internship enrollment for students, you didn’t say anything about it again”


I sighed.


“Well put online that we’ll be enrolling them, you know what to do”


“Yes sir” I shut the door loudly behind and moved to my desk to get some work done.


If you’re wondering, my name’s Max Conner, I’m twenty seven years old. My company is one of the richest here in New York.


That’s because I worked so hard to get it to this level, my workers are disciplined. Well, they have to or they’re fired.


If they can’t stick to my rules and regulations, they’re fired. I don’t give a dæ-mn about what they say about me, it’s my company after all.


By four pm, I decided to call it a day so I left the office and headed home. I remember having an appointment with some chick in the evening and put it at the back of my mind.


I drove into my mansion, alighted out of the car before making my way in.


I saw dish on the dinning table, Mrs Lara,my housekeeper must have cooked before she left. She’s the only person I give respect to.


She doesn’t take me as her boss or take nonsense from me, rather she scolds me. I’ve fired her a hundred times but she refused to go, said that I can’t fire her,hmph yeah, she’s just one hell of a crazy old woman.


I went to the bathroom to shower before eating. It was evening already, I’m well rested. I dressed up for my appointment, styling my hair in a way that drives women crazy.


Yeah,I’m rich and have the looks, women throw themselves at me. I don’t usually go out to look for them, they’re always there whenever I need a good fuck.


I started the ignition and zoomed off to the club.






After giving it a thought, I woke up the next day and decided to give it a try.


I picked up my old laptop, turned it on and went to the search bar. Seriously, if I don’t get a job this time, I’ll think of something else to do with my life.


Mom has already gone to work, I need to go to mine too but I can spare an hour job hunting. I poured out coffee in a mug then went back to searching.



I saw some but they weren’t good enough for me, I was scrolling down the article when one suddenly popped out at the top.


They’re enrolling interns at Max Conner’s Enterprise.

Holy moly! That’s like the biggest company in the whole of New York!



to be continue…



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