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The Gynecologist – Episode 7

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( πŸ’” Pvssy flavourer πŸ’” )

Episode 7

By instanovella.


Damien’s POV

” Tell the next person to come in Sarah ” I said and ended the call.


Today has been a hectic day for me… I’m damn tired and hungry.

I can’t believe I didn’t have sex with any patient today.

I sighed as I packed my things inside my bag..

I didn’t forget the drugs and ointment I am to give Alexa for her itching pvssy.

I placed it inside my bag and stood up from my chair.

I walked out of my office and met Sarah outside.

She was about entering the office,,..

I threw the key at her and walked past her.


My car screeched to halt in front of my mansion and I hopped out.

I walked inside the mansion and it was quiet as usual and Alexa was no where to be found.

I’m sure she’s in her room.

I climbed the stairs , going to my room.

I dropped my bag on the bed immediately I entered my room,,,

I removed my shoes and clothes and changed into my towel…

I walked inside the bathroom and took my bath ,,, I walked out of the bathroom to my wardrobe and picked up a short and a sleeve..

Immediately , I wore my clothes and walked out of my room , to the kitchen Cox I was damn hungry ,, there I met Alexa preparing dinner.

” Hi sir Damien ” she gave me a pure and innocent smile immediately she saw me.

How many times ve I told this geh not to call me sir,,

” How are you doing? ” I asked and took a bottle of water from the fridge.

” I’m fine sir… ” She said in reply as I removed the bottle cover and drank.

” Sir did you bring the …… ”

I cut her off since I know what she wanted to ask.

” Yes I brought it.. it’s upstairs ” I said and she jumped up happily.

” Thank you sir ” she said and hugged me tightly.


Suddenly , she disengaged from the hug and looked away shyly.

” I’m sorry sir I was just happy ” she said and I smiled at her.

” It’s alright I understand ” I said and she smiled at me in return.

Just as she was about leaving she missed her legs and almost fell but I was quick enough to get her.

I held her on her waist looking straight into her eyes.

” Are you alright? ” I asked and helped her stand properly.

” Yes sir ” she smiled.


After dinner I did some inspection on Alexa’s Virgina,,, I helped her applied the ointment and gave her the drugs.

” Thank you sir ” she said and I nodded.

” What about the…. ”

” Alexa one after the other.. ” I cut her off and she nodded.

Suddenly , we heard a knock on the door.

” I’ll go check who’s there ” she said and walked past me swaying her big ass.


She’s damn sexy….

She opened the door and I saw an handsome young man but not as handsome as me.

” Oh my God!!! Ethan ” she yelled and hugged the guy.

” Alexa ” the guy yelled happily and wrapped his hands around her.,, And I felt jealous πŸ˜”.


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