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The Gynecologist – Episode 6

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( πŸ’” Pvssy flavourer πŸ’” )

By instanovella

Episode 6



” Ofcourse nurse Sarah I’m perfectly fine.. thanks for your concern ” I said in reply as I find my way to my office.

Immediately I got to my office I found a lot of women as usual sitting down,, patiently waiting for me to arrive.

Immediately the saw me they smiled.

I walked past them and entered my office…

I dropped my bag on the table and sat down.

The list of people is already here.
I placed a call and told nurse Sarah to call the first person..

” Hi Mr Damien longest time ” a voice said as she entered.

” Lia !! ” I mouthed in shock.

My old time horny patient who always begs me to fvck her.

” It’s been a while Mr Damien ” she said and sat on the chair.

” Yeah ” I staring at her..
She looks so different and really beautiful but she’s not as beautiful as Alexa.

” What took you so long today?.. I have been here waiting for you to arrive ,, thinking you were gonna come early but unfortunately you came late ” she said and placed her leg on my table and I rolled my eyes.

” What do you want Lia? ” I asked and she smiled.

” Let me just go straight to the point I want you to fvck me ” she said and I scoffed.

” You of all people should know I don’t fvck a patient twice ” I said and she nodded.

” I know… ”

” So why asking me to fvck you.. as far as I can remember I already fvcked your pussy , ass hole and between your breast ,, ”

” That’s why I want you to fvck my mouth ” she said and stood up from the chair,, walking up to me in a seductive way.

” You know apart from fvcking my mouth you can break your rule by fvcking me twice β€œshe said Tracing her hands around my chest , down my belle and was about grabbing my d**k when I pushed her hands away.

” I’m not interested ” I said and she opened her mouth wide in shock..

” Are you for real?. This is the first time Mr Damien is refusing a sex proposal from me ” she said in shock.

” Lia I’m not interested.. use the door please ” I yelled and she flinched.

She took her bag and walked out of my office angrily.

Oh my God!!

What’s wrong with me?.

This is the first time time I’m declining a sex proposal,,, and upon all her advances towards me I didn’t get hard.


What’s wrong with me..

I closed my eyes and opened my eyes only to see Alexa standing beside me smiling.

” Huh Alexa! Is this a dream? ” I muttered.

I closed my eyes and opened my eyes only to see she was gone meaning all I was seeing was an imagination.


Suddenly , I heard my phone ringing tone.

It’s nurse Sarah,,,, what does she want again….

I answered the phone call and placed it on my ear.

” Sir should I call the next person in? ” She asked and I mouthed a yes.

The next person came in and sat down on the chair,,, and from her looks she came from sex.

I stared at her disgustingly and she made some seductive move.

” Just get out I’m not interested ” I said and she stated at me shocked.


” Call the next person sarah ” I said and ended the call.


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