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The Gynecologist – Episode 5

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( πŸ’“ Pvssy flavourer πŸ’” )

Rated πŸ”žπŸ”ž

Episode 5

By instanovella Inc


I swallowed hard and looked in between my legs only to see that I was having a hard on already.


” You can stand up ” I said and she nodded as she sat properly on the couch.

” S…. ” I cut her off.

” Just call me Damien… And about your treatment you’ll come with me to my office tommorow for proper checkup ” I said and she nodded.

” Good night sir… Sorry Damien ” she said and I nodded as she left.

I sighed and closed my eyes only to see her face appearing.

Oh Jesus!!!

What’s wrong with me?.


Her pvssy felt so good touching it and I noticed she’s a virgin.

Oh boy..

I stood up from the couch,, climbing the stairs to my room.

I laid on my bed immediately I entered my room.

The memories of Alexa and her pvssy running into my head..

I yawned tiredly as i closed my eyes then drifted to sleep.


” Sir Sir ” I heard in my sleep and opened my eyes.

” Alexa ” I called and sat tiredly on the bed.

I scratched my eyes and looked at Alexa who was staring at me strangely.


This beautiful face.
Can’t believe I dreamt I was fvcking her last night.
Her moans sounded like a song to my ear.


” Sir it’s 10:00Am ” she said and I opened my eyes wide.

I glanced at the wall clock and jumped out of my bed.

” Shit I’m late for work ” I cursed under my breath.

I ran inside the bathroom and took my bath ,, coming out of the bathroom and noticed Alexa was no longer there,,,,, I can’t believe I slept too long because I was Dreaming about drilling Alexa.

Oh God!

What’s she doing to me!…

I took one last glanced at myself on the mirror and sighed.

My phone.

I left it at the dinning last night.

I quickly took my brief case and walked out of my room to the dinning to get my phone ,,, there I met Alexa placing my Breakfast on the table.

I picked up my phone and switched on only to find 30 missed call from nurse Sarah my assistant.


This is damn bad!!!

” Sir won’t you take breakfast ? ” Alexa asked in her sweetest voice that almost made me went hard.

” No I’m late for work.. I’ll eat when I get back ” I said and walked out of the house.


” Good morning Sir i have been trying to reach you but your number wasn’t going through.. there are alot of patients waiting for you outside your office ” nurse Sarah kept talking non stop but I paid no attention to her.,,, Instead I was thinking of Alexa the virgin with the cute pvssy.

” Sir are you there??. Sir this is the way to your office not that way ” nurse Sarah yelled bringing me back to reality.

” Huh?? ”

” Sir are you okay? ” Sarah asked.

How can I be okay?.. I have seen and touched alot of pvssy but the one I saw and touched was damn different and it’s making me go crazy.

” Ofcourse nurse Sarah I’m perfectly fine ”



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