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The Gynecologist – Episode 4

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( 💔 Pvssy flavourer 💔 )

Episode 4

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Alexa’s POV

It was 7:00pm on the dot when I finished cooking..,,, I cleaned the house and placed the food on the dining table waiting for my boss who I don’t know who he is but according to Sarah he works in the hospital.

Immediately , I set the food on the dinning,,, I climbed up the stairs to my room.

I pulled off my clothes and tied a towel around my chest before proceeding into the bathroom..


I walked out from of the bathroom and sat on the bed.

I dried my body and my long black hair before walking up to the wardrobe to pick up a dress.

I wore my dress and brushed my hair backwards….

I laid on the bed looking at the ceiling , thinking about alot of things,,,, when I suddenly felt my pvssy started itching me.

I quickly stood up to look for the ointment and drugs Ethan gave me to use but they were no where to be found..

Oh my God!!!

I left it in the carton house under the bridge.

But Ethan,,, I wonder how he’s doing..

I sighed and sat on the bed tiredly as the itching was becoming worst every second that pass by.

Suddenly , I heard noises from downstairs.

Oh my God!!!

My boss is back.

I walked out of my room to the sitting room only to see a handsome guy who I guess is at his 20’s sitting on the long couch in the sitting room with his eyes closed…he looks so tired..

I was lost staring at his handsome face but my itching pvssy 😂 brought me back to reality..


I sighed deeply and he opened his eyes.

” Good evening sir ” I said trying to prevent my self from itching my pussy.

” Good evening ” he said in reply looking at me from my head to my toe in a way u couldn’t understand…. Suddenly he licked his lips.

” You’re the maid right? ” He asked and I nodded in reply,,,, he smiled at me and stood up from the couch.

” Hope my dining is ready? ” He asked moving to the dinning.

” Yes sir ” I said shifting uncontrollably as my pussy was itching my like hell..

” Are you alright? ” He asked as he sat on the dining chair.

” Yes sir ” I lied.

” You’re not…. Stop lying,, you should tell me the truth ” he said.

” Sir I’m fine ” I said and he rolled his eyes.

” I don’t employ liars..,, if you’re not gonna tell me what’s wrong then forget about this job of being a maid ”

” What??? ”

” I’m serious ” he said looking at me straight into my eyes and I felt shiver ran down my spine.

Oh good lord!!

I can’t afford to loose this job,,, I’ll have to tell him what’s wrong..

” Actually sir ” I paused and swallowed hard.

” I… I’m suffering from itching of the Vagina and… ” I paused,, then continued.

” Dripping of whitish substances from the Vagina ” I said and he chuckled.

” Just that? ” He asked as he rested his back comfortably on the chair.

” Yes sir.. ” i said.

” ok go lay on the couch over there and remove your panties ” he said and I opened my eyes wide.

” What??? 😳 ” I said almost yelling.

” Yes go lay there… I need to check something ” he said.

” Oh you don’t know me? ” He asked and I nodded negatively.

He brought out an ID card I guess from his trousers pocket and gave it to me..

I took it from him and glanced at it.

He’s Damien axel the GYNECOLOGIST…


I glanced at the identity card in my hands and then back to him.,,.

Oh my God!!!

I have heard alot about him,, how he treats people… He’s damn popular and right now I’m standing beside him walking as a maid..

” You should go lie down on the couch ” he said and I blinked my eyes repeatedly.

I sighed and walked up to the couch and laid on it with my pants off.

He walked up to me ,, carrying a chair in his hands…he drew the chair closer to me and sat in between my legs.

I felt my heartbeat increase as he touched my pvssy and I jerked up.

” Hey calm down ” he said.

” Yes sir ” I said and swallowed hard…

Damien’s POV

She jerked up as I touched her pvssy..

” Hey calm down ” i said and relaxed a bit.

I placed my hands on her pvssy again and I felt shiver ran down my spine ,, tracing my fingers on it.,,her pvssy is well shaved and damn smooth.,,

I have seen alot of pvssy in my life but I must confess this is the most fresh and cutest one I have ever seen.,,,, She’s not just Beautiful on the outside,,, she’s damn beautiful down here and I feel like fvcking her mercilessly.. make her beg me to stop.

I wonder why it’s itching her,,, and about the whitish substances..

Suddenly , I felt my d**k jerked up.

I swallowed hard and looked in-between my legs,, only to see I was having a hard on already.




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