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The Gynecologist – Episode 3

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Episode 3..


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Alexa’s POV

The chirping sounds of the bed woke me up from my beauty sleep.

I yawned tiredly and stood up from the carton I was lying on..

I stretched my body which was aching badly. I looked around the carton house we were in and noticed Ethan wasn’t Inside the house.

I wonder where he went.
I stood up sluggishly from the ground and yawned loudly.

I wore my slippers and was about exiting the room when Ethan came in breathing heavily live someone who just ran a marathon race.

” Hey why were you running? ” I asked Ethan who was smiling at me..

” Guess what Alexa ” He said.

” You know I’m not good at guessing.. just tell me what’s up ” I said.

” I finally got a job for you ” he said and I raised up my eyebrows.

” Job?? ” I asked.

” Yes.. you’ll be working as a maid in a big mansion and you won’t be living under the bridge again.. you’ll be staying at the house you’ll be working ” he said happily..

” What about you? ” I asked.

” Don’t worry about me Alexa.. I want you to stay in a safe place not living under this bridge.. now let’s start packing your things ” he said and I frowned.

” I’m not leaving without you ethan ” I Said and sat on the floor.

” Please Alexa.. I want you to live a comfortable life and not this kind of life.. please ” he said trying to convince me and after what seems like eternity he was able to convince me.

” I promise to come live with you when I’m done with some things here ” he said and I nodded.

” I’ll miss you ” I said and he smiled.

” I’ll miss you more ” he said and gave me a tight hug.

” And I got something for you ” he said as he disengaged from the hug and brought out a black nylon and gave it to me…

” What’s in there? ” I asked as I opened it…

” It’s an ointment and drugs… I visited a near by pharmacist and got some drugs for your treatment.. there’s no need visiting a gynecologist… Just use that drugs and ointment and everything will be alright ” he said and I smiled….

” Thank you ” I said.

” It’s not… Let’s start packing your things ” he said and I nodded…


We got to the front of a big mansion and a young lady welcomed us in – I and Ethan.

The young lady kinda looks familiar but I can’t really tell where I met her.

” Wow ” I mouthed looking around..

” Umm my boss is not around.. he only asked me to come over to tell you the neccassary things you need to know ” she said and I nodded.

” By the way I’m Sarah,,, you looks familiar ” she said.

” I’m alexa and you look familiar too ” I said and she smiled..

” Alexa I’ll be on my way now ” Ethan said and left leaving me alone with Sarah.

She’s nice.

” Oh my God!!! I’m late.. ” she said as she glanced at her wristwatch.

” I’ll give you a summary of your work here when my boss comes he’s gonna show you around and tell you other neccassary things ” she said and I nodded.

Damien’s POV

After attending to so much patient today I yawned loudly.


I’m damn hungry and tired..,,, I just hope when I get home today the maid I asked nurse Sarah to employed has cooked something nice for me.

Yes,,, I actually employed a maid to cook for me.. I’m a gynecologist a hard working one at that….. I can’t come home late and still find something to eat.

It’s stressful.

Suddenly the door burst open revealing one of my old patient – Mrs cara smith smiling at me on a seductive way.

” What do you want? ” I asked.

” You know what I want Damien.. I need to feel you..I want your big cock Inside if me ” she said.

” You know my rules Mrs cara.. I don’t fvck a patient more than twice.. so I’ll advise you to Leave now ” I said..

” You’re fvcking me Mr Damien and that’s final ” she said and started removing her clothes.

What the hell???

I stared at her with lust in my eyes..

Oh my God!!!

This woman is damn sexy..

” C’mon Damien ” she said squeezing her breast lightly making me swallow hard..

” Go lay on the bed at the corner of the office ” I said and she smiled satisfied knowing fully well she has gotten me.

I watch as she laid on the bed waiting patiently for me.

My rules is never to fall in love with a patient and never fvck them twice..

Right now I’m not going to fvck Mrs cara’s pvssy hole.. I’m going to fvck in between her breast.


Sorry for the late post guys.

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