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The Gynecologist – Episode 2

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Episode 2

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Damien’s POV

Today has being a hectic day for me…Women and their problem and da*n it.. some women are damn horny and unsatisfied especially married women , I see why Their husband can’t satisfy them.


Just then my assistant nurse Sarah walked into my office.

” Is there still any patient outside ” I said as I zipped up my brief case.

” Umm yes sir but.. ” she Paused.

” But what? ” I asked.

” She left already. I told her you’ve closed for the day , that she should come tommorow morning ” she said and I nodded.

” Ok good night ” I said and carried my bag before exiting the office.

She knows what to do there.. she should lock the office and give the key to the cleaner to clean the office.

I yawned loudly as I entered the elevator which led to the last floor.. gosh I’m damn hungry. Can’t believe I haven’t eaten since morning and I’m yet to eat.

walking out of the elevator not looking to my left nor right when I mistakenly bumped into someone. Not just anyone but a beautiful girl on black gown though I didn’t see her face because of hair.

” I’m sorry sir ” she said in the most beautiful voice I have ever heard and ran away.

Hmm , I wonder who she is… And her voice is so so sweet.

Alexa’s POV

” Hey didn’t you see the gynecologist? ” Ethan my bestie Asked and I nodded negatively.

” I came late.. I was asked to come back tommorow ” I said and sat close to under the tree close to Ethan.

” Ok you’ll go tommorow and look when you were away I helped a woman carried her goods and she gave me this money ” he said and I smiled sadly.

” Hey what’s wrong? Why aren’t you Happy ? ” He asked..

” It’s nothing….. I’m just thinking of how we gonna sleep under the bridge tonight again ” I said and he smiled.

” C’mon we won’t sleep there forever.. don’t worry I’m going to save up some money so we can rent a small apartment ” he said and hugged me.

” Thank you Ethan ” I said and he smiled.

Wondering who I am?

Well my name is Alexa , a girl with no home , no hope nor a family. A girl who has just one person which is Ethan my childhood friend.

I’m 18 years old and ethan is 20 years old.. we both grew up in the street after the death of our parents in a ghastly accident on their way home from a wedding ceremony.. we were just 10 and 12 years old back then.


We live by struggling.. carrying goods for people and at the end of the day sleep Inside the cold under the bridge..

Gosh life is so unfair..

I have been developing some symptoms ( dripping of whitish substances and itching of the vagina ) I don’t understand in my vagina , so I was asked to visit a gynecologist.

I went there today but wasn’t able to see him because I was told he has closed for the day.. so I’ll have to come back tommorow.

” C’mon let’s go eat something from a nearby restaurant before going home ” Ethan said jolting me outta my thought.

“Okay ” I said and stood up..



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