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The Gynecologist – Episode 1

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Episode 1

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” Welcome sir Damien ” my assistant nurse , Sarah said and collected my brief case from me as I entered the hospital.

” How are you doing Sarah? ” I winked and touched her chubby cheeks and her face turned red at once.

” I’m fine sir ” she replied twisting her body like a fish making me chuckle.

” Any update ” I asked

” there’s alot of patients waiting for you outside your office ” nurse Sarah said and I nodded.

Immediately I got to the door of my office , hundred of women were sitting down and some were standing waiting for me to come.

” Good Lord!! ” Sarah muttered with her mouth wide opened.

” Umm Sarah , I’ll take it from here. Just get me the list of people that came first here ” I said and took my brief case from her.

I walked past the uncountable women sitting close to my office.
Immediately , they saw me a smile creapt onto their lips and they were all winking at me.

Some were raising their exposed breast for me to see , while the one’s standing were wriggling their asses and some maintaining a straight face.

I entered into my office, dropped my bag on my desk and shortly Sarah came in with the list.

” Here’s the list sir ” she said and dropped it on my table.

” Thanks ” I said and looked at the list.

” Sir do you need my help here ? ” Sarah asked.

” No no Sarah , you should go and rest ” I said and she nodded..

” And call Mrs Julia chase. She’s the first on my list ” I said and she nodded before walking out.

Shortly , Mrs Julia came in.

Immediately she entered my office , she greeted me.
Wow she’s a new patient.

” Sit ma ” I said looking at her.

” Thanks ” she mouthed and sat down.

” So how may I help you? ” I asked going straight to business.. there’s no need for us familiarize each other.

” Mr Damien actually I have been experiencing some rashes on my vag*na.. I don’t really understand why ” she said and I hummed.

” Go lay on the bed there and remove your panties ” I said and she did as I said without any hesitation.

She laid on the bed after removing her panties exposing her v*gina.

I drew a chair closer to the bed and sat in between her legs.. her vag*na looks cute it’s just that it has rashes and it’s unshaved.

I just stared at it without touching it.. I can’t touch without my hand glove.

” Hmmm let me guess the cause of this?.. you hardly shave and when you do shave your v*gina begins to itch you and when you itch , it began to bring out rashes right? ” I asked and stood up from the chair after which I removed my hand glove.

” Oh my God! How did you know? ” She asked suprised.

” Are you asking me that?.. I’m Damien axel the gynecologist ” I said and sat on my office chair.

” I’ll prescribe some drugs for you and you’ll be coming once in two days for check up ” I said and she nodded.


” Thanks doc. Damien ” Mrs Julia said and I smiled at her..

” Please help me call Mrs cara smith on your way out .. she’s the next on my list ” I said to Mrs Julia who nodded in reply before leaving.

Shortly , Mrs cara smith walked in looking as sexy as ever.

Immediately , she entered she locked the door behind her.

She walked up to my table and sat on the chair without me ordering her to.

” So miss cara how can I help you? ” I asked and she was staring at me lustfully.

” I’m waiting on you mrs cara ” I said and she breath in and out.

” You know what I came for Mr Damien ” she said

” Excuse me ” I raised my eyebrows.

” My friend Linda directed me here.” she said and I licked my buttom lips.

Hmmm Linda my patient who always begs me to f**k her.

” So? ”

” Mr Damien I need to flavour my p***y ” she said and I smirked.

” Go lay on the long couch at the corner of the office ” I said and she did as I said immediately.

I scoffed and stood up from my chair.

I removed my jacket and walked up to her.

I opened her legs wide and luckily she wasn’t putting on pants.

I smiled as she opened her legs wider giving me easy access to her pus*y which was neatly shaved. She moaned I deep my fingers into it.

I fingered fvcked her mercilessly till she was moaning out of control.

I removed my fingers from her pussy and unzipped my trouser.

I wasn’t putting on any shorts , so immediately I opened my trouser my big man sprang out and Mrs cara opened her mouth wide at the sight of my big man.

” Are you ready to flavour your pussy ? ” I asked teasing her pu**y with my d**k.

” Yes ” she moaned and I smiled before putting my d**k inside of her..
” Next ! ” I said after Mrs cara who I just had sex with left.

Sorry I didn’t have sex with her , I just flavored her pussy , it’s part of my job as a gynecologist.

” Lock the door behind you ” I said to the woman who just came in… She’s one of my regular patient though I haven’t fvcked her yet..

She locked the door and came to sit.

” How can I help you mrs. What problem do you have with your reproductive organs ? ” I asked.

” My breast it having some symptoms that I don’t understand ” she said.

” Hmm. Open let me see ” I said and placed my pen on my mouth.


Mr Damien πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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