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The confessor – episode 8 -9

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πŸ’š THE

( She’s angelic , he has a black heart πŸ–€ )

Episode 8 – 9

By : Kimmy writes.

Alaina’s POV

The sound of the alarm woke me up from my sleep.

I opened my bleary eyes and noticed it was morning already.

I yawned as I sat tiredly on the bed.

I turned to the other side of the bed and noticed nova was still fast asleep.

I shook my head and climbed down the bed.

I wore my flip flop and made my way to the bathroom.

I brushed my teeth and after which I took my bath before walking outta the bathroom.

I let my towel fall freely from my body as I applied my lotion , after which I put on my uniform.

” Nova ” I called as I stood in front of the mirror arranging my hair.

” Hmm ” she hummed turning on the bed meaning she’s awake.

” We gonna be late for school nova ” I said and she sat on the bed staring at me.

” Go take your bath and stop staring ” I said and she nodded before climbing down the bed.


I and nova climbed down the stairs discussing as usual when we met mom and dad eating on the dining.

” Mom you guys didn’t wait for us ” nova said as she pecked mom and dad’s cheek before sitting on one of the chairs.

” You guys were taking forever to get your ass her and we were really hungry so we couldn’t wait ” mom said and I smiled.

” Morning Mom , morning Dad ” I greeted and pecked them on their cheeks.

” Morning sweetie how was your night ” mom and dad chorused at once making nova giggled.

” It was fine mom , dad ” I said in reply as I ate from my food.


The car came to halt in the school’s garage.

I and nova came down from the car with our bags in our hands.

” Alaina ” I heard my name from behind.

I turned and realized that it was Paige.

” Hey ” I coed as she hugged me.

” Good morning nova ” she greeted and nova answered her with her nose making me laugh.

” So you just came to school right ? ” Paige asked and I nodded.

” Yeah same here ” I said and she smiled.

” So what are we waiting for let’s go to class ” Paige said and held my hands.

Nova shot us a deadly glare before walking away.

I shook my head knowing fully well that with Time she’s going to like Paige.

Immediately , we entered the class , students began murmuring among themselves just because they saw us walking with Paige.

We ignored them and sat at the vacant chair at the back.

Nova was sitting at the edge , me at the center and Paige at the other end.

Not long enough , a teacher entered the class and everyone Became silient.


Finally , classes were over. I , nova and Paige entered the cafe and occupied an empty tables and chairs.

” So what would you guys like to eat ? ” Paige asked.

” I’m not hungry ” nova said.

” What about you Alaina ? ” She asked.

” I’m not hungry too. I ate enough before coming to school ” I said and she nodded.

” Well me I’m hungry ” she said.

” Why telling us , go get food from the canteen or should I help you ” nova said rudely and I sighed.

” No I’m not going to the canteen but I’m going to eat something nice ” she said and I raised my eye brow.

” And how are you going to do that? ” Nova asked and placed her hands on her chin.

” Just watch and see ” Paige said looking around the cafe , if any students were looking at us , and luckily none was.

She waved her hands on the table and suprisely a cup of ice cream and snacks appeared.

” What the hell ? ” I exclaimed with my mouth wide open.

” woahhh How did you do that? ” Nova asked smiling widely.

” I have got Powers ” she said and waved her hands again and a bottle of water appeared.

Oh my God!!!!!

” So do you want me to get you anything? ” Paige asked and nova nodded.

” Get me a cup of ice cream and cake and egg and cheese and bacon and bread , and pasta sauce and hamburgers ” nova said and licked her lips.

I know nova is doing all this on purpose.

” Isn’t that too much nova. Where’s she gonna get those foods from ” I asked angrily.

” Hey calm down Alaina I’m going to get it ” Paige said and I nodded.

She waved her hands and all the foods nova asked for was already on the table.

” Wow ” nova exclaimed and Paige smiled. I know she’s trying her best to make it up to Nova.

Nova ate from the ice cream and moaned loudly , attracting other students attention in the cafe.

” Gently nova ” I said with an eye roll.

” Whatever!! ” She exclaimed and licked her lips.

” You’re now my friend Paige ” nova said and Paige opened her mouth wide.

” Really ” Paige asked happily almost yelling.

” Yes ” nova said eating the hamburger.

” Oh my God I’m so happy right now. Thank you so much ” Paige said smiling and nova nodded eating her food joyfully. I’m going to see how she’s gonna finish this food today.

” So Paige what about yours friends , Anita and Harley?. I haven’t seen them since yesterday ” I said.

” Oh they’re no longer attending this school ” Paige said sadly.

” Huh? But why? ” I asked.

” Their both parents got transferred in their working place so their parents left and they had to go with them ” she said.

” Oh that’s sad ” I said and she nodded.

” So you mean Anita and Harley are sisters? ” nova asked mouthful of pasta.


This girl likes food alot.

” Yeah ” Paige said in reply.

” No wonder they look alike but Anita is calm and Harley is something else and too bad no more H A P girls ” nova said and wiped drank from Paige’s water.

” Yeah H A P girls is gone ” I said feeling sad for Paige.

” Yeah but that doesn’t mean we can’t form another ” nova said.

” What do you mean by that? ” I asked and she smiled.

” Since we are now friends we can form our own crew like the P. A. N girls like as in fry pan ” nova said and we burst into laughter.

” P – Paige , A – Alaina , N – Nova ” I said in between laughter.

” P. A. N girls indeed ” Paige said and nova chuckled.

” So Paige what sort of powers do you posses ?” I asked and she scoff.

” You can say I’m a witch ” she said and nova almost choked.

She quickly drank water and wiped her mouth.

” A witch ? ” She asked and Paige nodded.

” Wow I see. That’s cool ” nova said and she nodded.

” Guys didn’t you notice that the part of the building that collapsed yesterday has been fixed? ” Paige asked.

” Yeah I noticed too, so I thought they fixed it overnight ” I said.

” Yeah you’re correct ” Paige said and I nodded.

Finally Break was over and everyone returned to their various classes.

The class was noisy as usual until the math teacher came in and everywhere Became silient.

The teacher then wrote on the board β€˜ maths test β€˜ making the students gasp.

” He didn’t tell us we were having his subject test today and worst of it all it was mathematics of all subjects – my hatest subject ” nova said tiredly and laid her head on the desk.

I placed my hands on my chin and watch the teacher share our answer sheet to everyone before setting some questions on the board.

Nova raised up her head looking at my face waiting for me to write so she can copy.

Is this girl alright??

The mathematics I don’t know , she’s waiting for me to write so she can copy.

We die here today.

” Won’t you write? ” Nova said in a whisper and I shot her a deadly glare.

” Is it a bad thing if you write? ” I asked and Paige chuckled softly.

Nova looked at me and dropped her pen on top her answer booklet and sat down comfortably and I did same.

” Gosh Alaina are you this dull? ” Nova asked trying to anger me.

” I’m not dull nova it’s just that I don’t know mathematics ” I said and gave a long sigh.

” Just confess the mathematics teacher ” nova said and I was forced to stare at her.

Is this girl for real..

I eyed her and was about looking away when I saw the shock of my life.

My pen and Nova’s pen writting by itselves without us holding it.

What the hell???

Nova and I glanced at each other suprised.

I looked at Paige and noticed she was the one doing it.

” Wow ” I muttered lowly.


” Thanks Paige ” nova and i said as we walked towards the garage.

” It’s nothing ” Paige said smiling.

Just then we saw an handsome guy walking towards our direction.

” Wow ” nova muttered drooling.

” He’s the new guy in our school ” Paige said looking at nova who was lost staring at the guy.

” What’s his name? ” I asked.

” Adam ” Paige said in reply.

” I can see Nova is in love – love at first sight ” I said snapping nova outta her thought.

” I’m not in love ” she said looking away from me.

” Stop lying to a confessor nova ” I said and she gave a long sigh.

” Fine then I already like him at first sight ” nova said and I laughed.

My baby is in love!!!!

” There’s nothing bad when you love. You can always be with them unlike your sister – Alaina ” Paige said and nova stared at her confused.

” What do you mean ? ” Nova asked.

” Oh she didn’t tell you ” Paige asked looking at me.

” No. tell me what?? ” Nova asked and Paige looked at me asking for permission to speak which I gave her.

” Actually , she can be with any man she wishes to be with. Even though they’re in love, they can’t be together. ” Paige said.

” But why? ” nova asked.

” Because of her powers” Paige said in reply.

” I don’t understand ” nova said.

” Her powers is going to destroy the person that’s why she can’t be together with any man ” Paige said and nova opened her mouth wide.

” Is she telling the truth? ” Nova asked and I nodded in reply.

” Oh my God! Alaina ” nova exclamained looking at me.

” Confessor’s power is not just any power you can joke with nova ” Paige said.

” It’s unfair , why can’t she be with any man. What about male confessor’s? Can’t she be with them too ? ” Nova asked looking at Paige.

” C’mon nova don’t tell me you don’t know male confessor’s doesn’t exist ” she said and nova moved back a bit.

” Does not exist as how? ” She asked and Paige gave a long sigh.

” Ok let me break it. Male confessor’s are rare people. Infact they don’t exist Because confessor’s do give birth to female mostly. They hardly give birth to male and if they by any chance give birth to a male confessor the child will be killed immediately he’s born ” Paige said.

” What the hell? But why? ” Nova asked.

” You asked questions alot nova ” Paige said with an eye roll.

” Please Paige tell me ” she pleaded.

” Ok fine. Male confessor’s are damn powerful and dangerous infact they are tagged as blood suckers. If they’re allowed to grow up then forget about it because they gonna do the undo like killing without mercy blah blah ” Paige said and nova placed her both hands on her head making me laugh.

” I’ll be on my way now ” Paige said and I nodded.

” See you tommorow ” I said.

” Looks like you’ve forgotten today is Friday and tommorow is weekend ” Paige laughed and I smiled.

” Always smiling. Anyways it looks good on you ” Paige said and with that she left.

I and nova entered the car since we were already at the garage.

I ignited the engine of the car and looked at nova who was lost in thought , staring at me weirdly before zooming off..

The drive home was damn silient. Nova didn’t speak to me all through , she was probably thinking of what Paige told her.

I parked the car in the compound and hopped out with my bag on my shoulders.

” Alaina ” nova called making me stop right on my track.

” Why didn’t you tell me this?” She asked.

” I didn’t want to bother you about nothing ” I said and was about walking away when she blocked my way.

” You think it’s nothing? ” She asked.

” C’mon nova stop being a kid. I can still be with anyone but only the people under the control of my powers ” I said and she sighed.

” There’s nothing to worry about babe ” I said and pouted my mouth making her smile.

” Let’s go in you must be hungry ” I said and wrapped my hands around her shoulder.

” True I’m damn hungry ” she said and her stomach made a funny sound.

” Gosh nova after all the food you ate today in the school cafe you’re still hungry ” I smacked her head.

” It’s not my fault bae. Train up a child the way he should grow and when he grows he should not depart from it ” she said and I furrowed my brow.

” Explain that statement miss ” I said and she laughed.

” Mom brought me up with food so interpret the remaining statement yourself ” she said and with that she ran away.

” Nova ” I giggled and ran after her…


” Weekend is damn boring ” I muttered looking at nova who was watching a boring American teens movie.

Mom and dad is not at home right now.

” Nova ” I called and she hummed.

” Let’s go get some ice cream and cupcakes down the street ” I muttered and she jumped up happily..

” Let’s go ” she said and switched off the TV.


” I’ll be right back. I need to change into something more beautiful ” she said.

” But you look good on these ” I said trying to convince her but all was in Vain.

” It doesn’t ” she said and within a twinkle of an eye she ran upstairs.

After what took eternity nova finally decided to come downstairs.

She was now wearing a long dinner gown and holding two face masks on her right hand.

” Are you going on a date and what are we using these face masks for? ” I asked as she threw one facemask to me and wore the other.

” Put it on and stop staring ” she said and walked past me. I sighed before putting it on. I had no choice.


I and nova walked down the street dancing and singing a merry Christmas song with our facemask on and people staring at us weirdly.

” I can’t wait for Christmas to come ” nova giggled as we ended the song.

” Same here ” I said.

Finally , we got to the ice cream and cupcakes shop.

” Vanilla or chocolate ice cream ” nova asked.

” Choco Choco ” I said and she laughed.

” Ok wait here I’ll go get it ” she said and I nodded.


I stood by the road side removing and fixing my facemask waiting for nova to come when I saw a vehicle that just lost brake speeding towards my direction.

It was damn close and there’s no way out of this.

I guess this is my end.

” Alaina!!!!!!! ” Nova screamed as the ice cream she was holding fell off her hands.

I looked at her with tears in my eyes and finally I closed my eyes waiting for the car to crash me when a hand pushed me from behind away from the road side and I fell to the ground.

Suddenly , I heard the car screech.

” Alaina ” nova called as she helped me stand up from the floor , our face mask still on.

” Are you alright ” she asked fearfully. I ignored her and looked towards the direction of the car only to see the greatest shock of my life.

Diego on the ground in the pool of his own blood , meaning he was the one that pushed me.

He saved my life.

He just died my death.

” Diego ! ” I called and ran to him.

” Oh my God Diego why did you do it ? ” I asked with tears in my eyes.

” M… Mistress ” he stammered and smiled out tears.

” I hope I served you well ” he coughed out blood.

” I love you mistress ” those were the last words he said before he died.

” Diego!!!! ” I yelled as a ball of tears rolled down my cheeks and dropped on the ground.

I looked at the spot my tear dropped on and noticed there was a crack and there Became dark instantly.

Suddenly , a heavy wind began blowing.

” I’m sorry miss my car lost control ” I heard the driver say from behind and I felt a surge of anger rise in me.

I stood up at once as the heavy wind blow and turned to the driver.

I held his neck tightly and confessed him.

” Command me mistress ” he said and fell on his knees and the wind stopped.

Suddenly , I began hearing murmuring from behind and noticed there was a lot of crowd and some were pointing their camera at me.

” Sh*t!!!! ” I heard nova says but I cared less.

Within a twinkle of an eye , the press , paparazzi has sorounded us and I heard someone say in the midst of the crowd.

A confessor 😱😱😱😱


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