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The confessor – episode 23

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( She’s angelic , he has a black heart 🖤 )

Episode 23

By Kimmy writes ✍️

Alaina’s POV.

” Repeat what you just said ” he said and tightened his grip around my neck.

” Your sister…I..saw in school today… She was saying something but we couldn’t hear her . I think she was trying to pass a message” I said tears sliding down my cheeks.

He stared at me , loosening his grip from my neck.

” Please ” I cried and he let go of me.

I coughed as I fell on the floor.

My necks were hurting like hell.

” My sister will never appear to anyone. If she was to pass a message she would have appeared to me herself and mind you. the girl that appeared to you as my sister isn’t my sister. Don’t be decieved alaina ” he paused and continued.

” from today hence You won’t go to school again till you’re asked to ” he said and with that he exited his room.

I closed my eyes and allowed hot tears slide down my cheeks.


I just escaped death.

I won’t be going to school again.

I’ll really miss Nova and Paige….

#Days later.

I dropped my phone on the bed after talking to Paige and nova.

I really miss them and school alot.
Days in this house without them has been awful.

Sometimes I wish I was never born with powers but come to think of it I have powers and nova don’t neither do mom and dad. But I read only confessor can give birth to a confessor so how come I’m a confessor.

Something is not right.

I touched my neck as I remembered my necklace.


Can’t believe I have lost it.

I laid on my bed tiredly thinking of what to do when an idea popped into my head.

I climbed down the bed and walked out of my room to the kitchen.

I wanna cook for sir Wyatt who knows he might change his attitude towards me.

Wyatt’s POV

I laid on my bed and closed my eyes trying to catch some rest when I slept off.


I stood at the corner of a building and watch denna trying to kill alaina.

” Denna ” I yelled in anger when a wind came in mighty force and threw her on the floor.

” Your end is near denna. You succeeded in killing my sister that doesn’t mean you’ll succeed in killing her ” I yelled and held her neck.

She began choking blood coming out of her nose and to my surprise same thing was happening to alaina.

I looked at denna who was laughing.

I let her go immediately and Rushed to alaina who was on the floor bleeding.

” I die she dies ” denna laughed and picked up a knife on the ground and stabbed herself.

She fell on the floor and finally closed her eyes , same with Alaina.

She’s dead..

They’re dead.

” No no alaina please come back to me I promise never to be cold towards you again ” I cried out but she didn’t answer.

” Alaina!!!!! ” I yelled and woke up.


What sort of dream was that..

I touched my fore as I sat up on the bed.

I hate dreaming evil dreams Because I know my dreams always come to reality and I know this isn’t just a dream , it’s a vision.

Denna is planning to do something evil… I knew she was the one who appeared to alaina and her friends in form of nova and they’re lucky they didn’t follow her.

This is the reason I stopped alaina from Going to school , because I knew she was going to come the next day… And now she isn’t seeing alaina she’s planning something else and right now I need to stop her and I think it’s high time I stop behaving cold towards alaina.

I climbed down from my bed and exited the room.

🎸🎸🎸 Hours later 🎸🎸🎸

I entered the sitting room and met alaina cleaning the dining table.

” Alaina ” I called and she turned to me.

Immediately , her eyes met with mine she moved back a little in fear.

” I’m sorry sir.. I didn’t mean to ” she said and the next thing she ran upstairs to her room.


She’s afraid of me now.

I sighed and was about walking past the kitchen when I heard the smell of a burnt food.

I entered the kitchen and saw smoke everywhere.

She was cooking??


Two days later..

It’s been two days now.

Alaina hasn’t entered my room not come for lessons and I must admit I missed seeing her Beautiful face.

I know she’s been running away from me because she scared I’m going to hurt her again.

I wore my flip flop and walked out of my room to the kitchen where I met alaina drinking water though she didn’t see me.

She trashed the empty bottle on the trash can and was about leaving when she saw me standing on the door.

” Sir I’m sorry ” she said with tears sliding down her cheeks.

” I’m not going to hurt you ” I said calmly.

” Pleaseeeee ” she yelled with her eyes closed and lost conciousness.


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