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The confessor – episode 22

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( a short episode and not edited )


( She’s angelic , he has a black heart 🖤 )

Episode 22

By : Kimmy writes.

Nova’s POV

” Willow ” Paige called with tears sliding down her cheeks.

Now I’m confused?

” What willow? The dead one or what ? ” I asked confused.

Paige moved closer to the so called willow who was smiling at us and was about touching her when she disappeared and I gasped.

What the f**k??

” Oh my God!! What’s happening? ” I asked feeling scared.

Paige sniffed and wiped her tears.

” I thought she’s dead and why I’m I seeing her ? ” I asked and Alaina looked at me.

” They’re other people passing by but they are not seeing her so I guess she made herself visible to us only ” alaina said.

Just then willow appeared again saying something , at the same time she was Crying. We didn’t hear what she was saying.

” Willow I can’t hear you ” Paige said and she closed her eyes disappointed more tears flowing.

Just then she turned her back and walked away.

” What is going on? ” I asked.

” Paige , alaina ” I yelled.

” I think she’s trying to pass an important information ” Paige said and wiped her tears.

” But what information?” Alaina asked.

” I don’t know. Only her brother can tell ” she said and I looked at Alaina.

” Maybe you can tell Wyatt what happened here today ” I said.

” What?? It’s too dangerous.
Wyatt is going to kill her ” Paige said.

” Why? Who knows it might be an important information that can save life ” I said.

” You’re right nova. It must be an important information. I’ll tell Wyatt ” alaina said.

” No no Alaina… It’s too dangerous ” Paige said but we ignored her and walked towards the class as Break was already over.


Alaina’s POV

I walked inside the mansion and it was quiet as usual.

I climbed the stairs to my room.

I dropped my bag on the bed and pulled off my uniform.

I walked inside the bathroom and took my bath , then came out.

I wore my clothes and brushed my hair then pack it into a messy bun.

I wore my flip flop and walked out of my room to Wyatt’s room for my training.

I knocked on the door but no answer.

I opened the door and walked inside the room only to see Wyatt standing by the window clad in a black trouser and a black sleeve making him look as handsome as ever.

” S…Sir ” I called and he turned to me.

His eyes met with mine.

I quickly looked away and sighed.

” I’m here for … ” He cut me off.

” I know ” he said calmly.


He looks calm , maybe it’s my only opportunity to tell him about his sister.

” Sir ” I called and swallowed hard.

” I need to tell you something ” I said and he nodded signalling me to go on.

” I…I. saw your si ” I paused and looked at his face which was holding no expression.

” I saw willow today ” I said looking at his ocean blue eyes.
At the mention of the name ‘ willow ‘ his eyes turned red immediately and within a twinkle of an eye his hands was on my neck as he pinned me to the wall , my legs hanging on air.

” Repeat what you just said!! “.


Alaina 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

Hope you guys are not confused again ooo😒😒😒

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