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The confessor – episode 20 – 21

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( She’s angelic , he has a black heart 🖤 )

Episode 20 – 21

By kimmy writes.

Alaina’s pov

” Arghhhhhhhhhhhh ” I yelled as I laid on the bed after arranging my clothes on the empty wardrobe.

All thanks to Logan ( Wyatt’s bodyguard ), I was able to pack my stuff inside the house and he showed me my room.

I sighed and sat up properly on the bed.

I really miss nova and Paige, though they just left not quite long.

Just then my stomach made a funny sound , making me chuckle.

I’m damn hungry.

I haven’t eaten since I came here.

I stood up from the bed and exited the room.

I climbed down the stairs finding my way to the kitchen. But like seriously , this house is damn big.

Finally , I found my way to the massive kitchen.

Oh boy!!!

Dammit.. this kitchen is as beautiful as one could imagine.

” Wow ” I mouthed admiring the kitchen and hmmm , what’s that aroma I’m perceiving.

I ran to where the pot was and opened it , only to see my best food – spaghetti sauce 😋


I quickly pick up a plate and fork.

I opened the pot and took from it.

I didn’t waste anytime in eating the food.

I ate it like I haven’t eaten for days.

My stomach was already filled up but I wasn’t yet satisfied , Because this food is damn delicious.

After eating to my satisfaction , I dropped the plate on the sink.

I walked up to the fridge and brought out a chilled bottle water.

I opened it and gulped down the entire quantity of water before dumping the empty can in the trash can.

I rubbed my hands on my tummy gently after I belged.

Just then I saw Logan walked inside the kitchen.

” Hey ” he said as he walked towards the fridge and took a can of water from it.

” Hi ” I smiled.

” I can see you just finished eating ” he said and I laughed.

” Yes , yes and the food was veryyyyyyyy delicious ” I said and he smiled.

” Yeah I know it’s delicious ” he smiled in return.

” So you prepared it right? ” I asked.

” Nope I didn’t ” he said.

” Then who? Because apart from you and Wyatt I don’t see any person or maids in this house. Wait , wait. Don’t tell me it’s what I’m thinking ” I said.

” It’s what you’re thinking girl. Wyatt prepared it ” he said and I opened my eyes in shock.

Good Lord!!!!

I mouthed flabbergasted by what he just said.

I sighed and looked at him speechlessly.

Wyatt can cook!

Nova and Paige must hear of this.

Just as I was about exiting the kitchen , Wyatt walked in looking as handsome as ever in his hot jeans and a black shirt, which hugged his body bringing out his six packs.

I swallowed hard and bend my head because Logan did.

” You can go Logan ” he said calmly and Logan nodded before exiting the kitchen.

It was now remaining him and me in the kitchen all alone.

” Get me a bottle water and bring it to my room ” he said and with that he left.


I held the tray in my hands which contains the bottle of water and a glass.

I knocked gently on the door.

” Come in ” he said.

I swallowed hard as I entered the room.

I dropped the tray on a table nearby.

” Anything else sir? ” I asked.

” No you can leave ” he said.

” Errmmmm sir when will I start learning how to control my powers ? ” I asked and he was forced to look at me.

” Your training begins now ” he said and I raised up my eyebrows trying to understand what he meant by the word now.

” Go get me a glass of juice ” he said and I nodded before exiting the room.


I dropped the glass of orange juice on the table.

” Sir here it is ” I said.

” I don’t drink orange juice alaina ” he said.

” Sir which juice do you want? ” I asked.

” Any juice but not orange juice ” he said calmly.

Hmmm , today is kinda good for him. His voice sounds calm today and not cold.

I carried the tray of orange juice from the table and turned to leave when I mistakenly missed my legs and fell on the floor making the orange juice spill on him.

Oh Jesus!

” Sh*t ” he groaned and stood up from the chair.

” Oh God!! Sir I’m sorry ” I said and stood up from the ground.

He sighed.

He walked past me and entered the bathroom , to clean his dress I guess.


That was close.

He walked out of the bathroom and sat on his bed. ” Your training starts tommorow ” he said and I nodded before exiting the room.

I guess he’s in a good mood today.


I stretched my body tiredly. Sir Wyatt is something else.

He’s so cold.

He doesn’t even laugh.

Always frowning his face and grumpy.

Through out his teaching today , I didn’t learn anything because his face looks scary and they remind me of what he did to me the first day I tried following him.

And I can’t believe I stood all throughout his class today.

I sighed as I climbed down the stairs only to bump into someone.


” Hey are you alright?” he asked.

” Yes I’m just tired ” I said and yawned.

” Oh ” he mouthed..

” Where’s sir Wyatt? ” He asked.

” You mean the grumpy , cold hearted man. He’s sleeping in his room or I guess he’s playing his keyboard again ” I said.

” C’mon alaina. Wyatt is not grumpy neither is he cold hearted. He’s the most nicest person one would ever wish to have. He might be acting cold outwardly but deep down I know he’s not like that ” he said and I rolled my eyes.

” Alaina I know you must be thinking I’m lying but I’m telling the truth. Wyatt is the most sweetest and friendly person I have ever met. He only changed to the person he is now after the death of her sister , willow ” he said and I hummed.

” Wyatt has being through alot but still yet he was kind to everyone not until the death of her sister. “

” And how did you know about her sister?. You’re just a mere bodyguard and you know much about him ” I said and fully climbed down the stairs and collapsed on a long couch.

He laughed.

” I was his bodyguard from childhood ” he said and I opened my mouth suprised.

” Like seriously , if you’re his bodyguard from childhood meaning you know alot about him? ” I asked and he nodded.

” You know his story? From his childhood to how he ended in American and to the death of his sister ” I asked and he nodded.

This means he has a background.

” Can you tell me his story? ” I asked and he nodded.

” It all started the night his father the most powerful king in his kingdom died…… Though he didn’t died he was killed by his own brother who was jealous of him and… “

” Logan ” a voice yelled cutting him off.

Twas Wyatt.

I flinched at the sound of his voice and turned to look at him , only to see his eyes were bloodshot.

Oh Jesus!!!

These were the same looks on his face the day he made my leg glued to the ground.

I looked at Logan and noticed he was already shivering in fear.

I closed my eyes frightened saying my last prayers at the same time waiting for him to say or do anything but he didn’t.

” Follow me Alaina ” he ordered in his cold voice.


Follow him??

I looked at Logan who was staring at me with fear in his eyes.

” Hey calm down ” I said assuring him everything is going to be alright and he shouldn’t be afraid but deep down I’m more than afraid Because my spirit is no longer inside of me.

She left me long ago.

It’s just me and my soul going to Wyatt’s room and I know my soul is gonna run away too leaving me alone in this predicament.

Oh God!!!

See what curiousness led me to.

A confessor , finding the truth blah blah see where it has landed me.

I breath in and out before following him to his room.

Immediately, I entered his room I met him sitted , his back facing me.

” Curiosity kills the cat Alaina ” he said and I felt my heartbeat increase.

My heartbeat was running a marathon race that Even a deaf man can hear it.

Oh Jesus!!

” And how should I punish you ” he said and I felt like collapsing.

With every word he says one percent of my life is going and right now it’s just remaining 10%.

” Answer me! ” He yelled and I flinched at the same time swallowed into nothing.

” S..S…sir a..any punishment is cool ” I said as I felt a hot liquid on my pant.

Oh Jesus!!!

I just peed on my body.

” Any punishment? ” He asked and I nodded.

” Strip! ” He said at once and I let out all the liquid to pour out of my p***y area.

” S….Y… ” Infact I was short of words..

I became numb.

” I won’t repeat myself alaina ” he said.

” S..sir Please.. ” I stammered but all my pleas fell on a deaf ear.

” Alaina!!! ” His voice echoed and I came back to my right senses.

I quickly removed my clothes Leaving me with only my underwear.

” Remove your panties ” he said and I opened my eyes.


” Alaina ” his voice echoed again. And at the sound of his voice I find myself removing my pants and was almost removing my bra when he told me to stop.

” Now wear the pant on your head ” he said.

I didn’t waste any minute , I quickly wore the pant on my head.

” Sit on the floor ” he commanded and I did as he said.

” Stand up ” he said and I did.

” Sit “

” Stand “

” Sit “

” Stand “

He continued that way and it’s almost an hour I’m still sitting and standing.

#say no to curiosity!!

I was already sweating all over already.

” Continue like that ” he said and stood up from the bed without looking at me and exited the room.

I sighed immediately he left.

I’m d*mn tired right now.

I removed my bra. I was now starked naked.

I laid on the cold floor and closed my eyes and finally I drifted to sleep.


I yawned tiredly as I opened my eyes.

I stretched my body and noticed I was on a soft material.

I looked around and noticed , I was in my room and I was sleeping on my bed not naked , I was putting on my clothes.

But how come?

Or did Wyatt??

No no it’s Impossible.



I and nova sat on the empty table in the cafeteria except Paige who excused herself.

” Wait a minute. You mean he asked you to strip and you did. He made you sit , stand and then you slept off naked and when you woke up you found yourself in your room , on your bed with your clothes on? ” nova asked as she burst into laughter.

” Hey stop laughing it’s not funny ” I said with a frown.

” Hey sis. Be calming down. I think you and Wyatt suit each other. Arrgh I’m glad he punished you and I’m sure you haven’t learnt your lessons yet ” nova said and I shot her a deadly glare.

Just then Paige walked in looking as angry as ever.

” Hey what’s up with that face? ” Nova asked Paige.

” It’s nothing ” she said tapping her fingers on the table.

” Paige what’s wrong ? ” I asked but she kept me quiet.

Suddenly , a cute guy walked inside the cafe. I have never seen this face before. Hmm he’s cute but not as cute as Wyatt.

” Hey girls ” the guy said as he walked up to our table.

” I told you to stop stalking me. Are you deaf? ” Paige yelled.

Oh now I get..

” Hey Paige calm down ” nova said and placed her hands on Paige’s.

” Hi ” I replied the guy since no one was ready to talk to him.

” Can I join you guys? ” He asked.

” Sure ” I said.

” Thanks ” he said and sat down on the chair opposite Paige’s.

” I’m John ” he said smiling revealing his cute dimples.

” I’m nova and this is my sister Alaina and my friend …. “

” Paige ” he finished her statement.

” Oh you guys have met? ” Nova asked.

” Nova what sort of questions are you asking him?. Infact I’m outta here ” Paige said and with that she left the cafe.

” Don’t mind her attitude , she’s always like that. Rude! ” nova smiled and stood up and I stood up too as we went after Paige.

” Hey Paige ” I and nova yelled running after her.

Suddenly , she stopped walking.

” Arghh Paige you made us run the hell outta us ” nova said and touched Paige on her shoulder but she wasn’t moving.

” Paige ” nova shook her but she wasn’t answering nor moving. Her eyes was glued to a particular direction.

I looked towards the direction only to see a beautiful figure smiling at us or should I say Paige.

” Oh my God!!! She’s damn beautiful and sexy ” nova exclaimed with her hands still on Paige’s shoulder.

” Who’s she Paige? ” I asked and looked at Paige who was now crying looking at the pretty girl.

” Paige what’s wrong? Why are you crying ? ” I asked and she called a name that made me moved back a bit.

” Willow “.


.sorry for the late post.

No light.

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