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The confessor – episode 18 – 19

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( She’s angelic , he has a black heart 🖤 )

Episode 18 – 19

By Kimmy writes ✍️

” You’re not entitled to leave this place , till you learn how to control your powers ” Wyatt said and I turned to look at his handsome face.

Immediately , my eyes met with his I burst into an uncontrollable laughter.

I looked at Wyatt and noticed he was staring at me.

Like seriously , this guy is funny.
I hissed and turned to leave when he spoke again.

” I don’t repeat my words twice Alaina ” he said in his cold voice which sent shivers down my spine.

” And did I tell you I needed to control my powers? ” I asked hands akimbo.

I didn’t know where that courage came from but this time I spoke to him boldly without fear.

” Did i ever tell you I needed to control my powers?. I’m leaving this place and you can’t stop me ” I said and turned to leave when I saw a familiar figure standing on the door – Wyatt’s bodyguard.

I rolled my eyes and walked past the bodyguard.

I walked out of the building and walked to the school building.

The school was as silient as a graveyard meaning there’s no one in the school.

Oh my God!!

What about nova and Paige.

I sighed and walked inside the class only to see Paige and nova cuddling each other in tears.

” Nova , Paige ” I called and they both turned to look at me.

I looked at nova and saw she was shivering.

Oh my gosh!!

She’s still in shock.

I almost confessed her.

” Nova ” I called and made to move closer to her when she yelled and hugged Paige.

” She’s going to confess me. She’s going to kill me ” nova yelled.

What the hell???

” Nova please calm down ” I begged trying to touch her but the sound of her voice was increasing the more.

” Paige she’s going to confess me ” nova cried.

” Stop acting childish nova ” I yelled already feeling angry.

” Arrgh ” nova yelled.

Oh Jesus!!

I’m loosing control again.

I closed my eyes and opened my eyes when I felt a presence behind me and the anger I was feeling a while ago disappeared.

I turned only to see Wyatt behind.

Is this guy following me.

He walked fully inside the class and walked past me.

He walked close to Nova and suddenly nova started feeling dizzy..

She closed her eyes and drifted to sleep in Paige’s arm.

He turned and looked at my face for a while then walked past me.

” What did he do to her? ” I asked Paige who held nova.

” He just wiped off the fears in her and the previous memories of you almost confessing her. When she wakes up , she won’t remember those things again. She’ll be okay ” Paige said and I nodded.

Logan’s POV – Wyatt’s bodyguard.

” I thought you went to bring back Alaina ” I asked Wyatt who sat on the bed.

” No. I only went to make sure her sister is okay ” he replied.

” But you shouldn’t have let her go. Denna is still out there and it’s dangerous for her ” I said.

” She’s just too stubborn. I can’t force her to stay. It has to be her Choice. Let her realize she have to learn how to control her powers ” he said.

” But denna… ” Logan., He cut me off.

” Excuse me ” he said. I nodded and looking at his face.

Those looks were the same looks on his face the day he lost his sister willow.

I really feel for him and I know he miss his sister a lot.


Alaina’s POV

” Nova, She’s awake ” Paige said jolting me outta my thought.

” nova ” I called and went to sit beside her on her bed.

” Alaina ” she called weakly.

” How are you feeling? ” I asked.

” I’m fine. Just feeling a slight headache. But what happened to me ” she asked.

” It’s nothing. You lost conciousness ” Paige said.

” Lost…. ” Paige cut her off.

” C’mon nova , stop asking alot of questions. You need rest ” Paige said and helped her lay on the bed.

” Should I tell you a story ? ” Paige asked nova who was smiling weakly..

” Yes ” she giggled and I felt hot tears Slide down my cheeks.


If not for the presence of Wyatt , I would have confessed nova.

I don’t want what happened earlier today to repeat itself again , never.

I need to learn how to control my powers.

Alaina’s POV

I watch as Paige told nova a story , till she slept off.

I sniffed and stood up from the bed.

” Hey ” Paige called and I turned to her.

” Why are you crying? ” Paige asked and hugged me.

” If it’s about nova. She’s fine ” she said Patting my back.

I shook my head and disengaged from the hug.

” It’s not that Paige. That’s not why I’m crying ” I said and sniffed.

” Then what? ” She asked.

” I’m leaving ” I said and sat on a nearby couch.

” Leaving as how and to where? “
She asked.

” I’m going to be staying with Wyatt ” I said and she opened her mouth dumbstruck.

” Wyatt? ” She stammered and I nodded.

” But why? ” She asked.

” I need to learn to control my powers ” I said and she smiled out tears.

” I’m happy you finally found someone who will teach you how control your powers ” she said smiling.

” Hey stop frowning. It’s a good news ” she smiled and held my hands.

” You don’t understand Paige. I don’t want to leave ” I said and stood and removed my hands from hers.

” But why? ” She asked and I turned to look at nova.

” I don’t want to leave her ” I said.

” Hey you’re not leaving forever and beside we are still going to meet in school everyday ” she said.

” No no I don’t want to go at all ” I said and everywhere Became silent.

Paige sighed and finally broke the silence.

” Denna is still out there alaina. She’ll come for you again ” paige said.

” I know but you know I’m kinda confused, who’s this denna and what does she wants from me? ” I asked and Paige sighed.

” I really don’t know alaina. All I know is that denna and Wyatt had something in the past ” she said and I raised up my eyebrows.

” I really don’t understand ” I said.

” I really don’t know much. But I know denna had hands in Willow’s death ” she said.

Oh boy!!!!

” Does Wyatt knows about this? ” I asked.

” Yeah ” she mouthed.

” Hmm as powerful as Wyatt. If he didn’t kill denna after she killed her sister then there’s more to it ” I said.

” You’re right Alaina and this is your only chance to find out everything about Wyatt and his background. And the only way to find out is to stay with him ” Paige said and I nodded.

She has a point.

I think this is my only chance , so I won’t throw it away just like that.

There’s a saying , that opportunity comes but once. I guess this is my only opportunity to find out who Wyatt Finn really is.

I have made up my mind , I’ll go stay with him..


” How long will you be staying there ? ” Nova asked in tears as I explained.

” I really don’t know nova. It depends on how fast learning I am ” I said and she hugged me tightly.

” I’ll miss you alaina ” she cried out.

” I’ll miss you too ” I said and sniffed.

” Hey guys stop that. Are you guys doing crying competition here. It’s not like we’re not going to be seeing each other in school. Oh God!! You’re making me emotional ” Paige said and wiped the tears sliding down her cheeks.

” Hey come here ” I said and we three did a group hug.


” So you guys are going to be staying in the big mansion inside the school compound? ” Nova asked as we approached Wyatt’s mansion.

” Yeah I guess he wants it to be easier for me to come to school everyday ” I said and she nodded.

The car finally screeched to halt in front of the mansion.

I , Paige and nova both came out of the car.

We opened the boot and brought out my baggages.

Writer’s POV.

Wyatt’s stood close to the window upstairs and watch Alaina , Nova and their friend paige pack out her luggages from the car boot.

They stopped packing the luggages and hugged each other.

” Girls and their drama. They are so emotional” he thought.

The sight of this girls remind him of his sister , specially Alaina.

She has the physical appearance of willow. She’s just as petite and eye catching as willow.

He sighed as the good and bad memories of her sister came running into his head like a flash.

He looked away from Alaina and the girls , then back to them again.

They disengaged from the hug and continued packing the luggage.

They were more than five luggage on the ground already and they were still struggling to carry out the rest from the boot.

What the hell????






Is she going to her husband’s house?



Smbori help me tell Alaina that she wantu comma learn how to control her powers ooo Abi nah husband house she come😂😂😂

Mad oo😂😂😂😂

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