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The confessor – episode 16 – 17

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( She’s angelic , he has a black heart 🖤 )

Episode 16 – 17

By Kimmy writes..

Nova’s POV

I , Alaina and Paige alighted the car and walked straight to class.

Luckily , the teacher was not in class yet.

I sighed looking at Paige who was preventing herself from falling asleep.

She didn’t sleep last night because she was watching me and now she’s feeling sleepy and I know any moment from now she’s going to fall asleep , it won’t take long.

After what seems like eternity , Paige finally drifted to her dream Land.

I smiled and touched Alaina who was engrossed in the novel she was reading.

” Yes ” she answered and dropped the novel on the desk.

” I need to show you something please come with me ” I said and she nodded.

She dropped the novel in her backpack and helped Paige positioned her neck properly before exiting the class.

We walked past the first two buildings in the school and got to the third one which is still under construction.

” Where are we going to ? ” She asked.

” It’s a suprise ” I smiled and she nodded.

We entered the building and entered into the elevator which stopped us in the tenth floor.

I smiled knowing fully well that nobody can save her from here.

” Wow ” Alaina mouthed as we came out of the elevator.

” this place is so beautiful ” she said and entered an empty room and I smiled trailing behind her.

Immediately , she entered the empty room , I brought out the draining collar and locked it on her neck from behind.

” Nova ” she called and turned to me and I gave out an hysterical laugh.

Oh my God!!!

” Nova remove this thing it’s draining me ” Alaina cried out.

Just then my mistress denna appeared into the room.

” Nice to meet you confessor ” she said with a smile plastered on her lips.

” Mistress is there anyway I can please you ” I said with my head bowed.

” Tie her up ” mistress denna said and I nodded.

Alaina’s POV

” Done mistress ” nova said as she tied me up to a pole.

What the hell is going on here?

” Nova ” I called not knowing what to say.

” No need calling her because she’s no longer herself ” denna said.

” What did you do to my sister ? ” I asked struggling to free myself from the rope.

” You’ll find out soon ” she said and the next thing she kissed nova making her lost conciousness.

” Nova! ” I yelled and denna laughed.

” Calm down confessor. She’s still alive. I just freed her from my powers ” she said and I bit my inner lips in anger.

Poor nova…

” You monster ” I yelled and she laughed.

Shortly , I felt a sharp pain on my abdomen.

Like a knife was being pierced there.

I groaned in pain with tears sliding down my cheeks.

” What are you doing to me let me go ” I cried out in pain.

Suddenly , the draining collar on my neck fell on the floor and denna picked it up.

” Arghh!!! ” I yelled as the pain was becoming worst.

Oh God!!!!

Writer’s POV

” Arghh!! ” Alaina yelled as the pain was becoming worst.

” Oh God!!! ” She cried out and suddenly she began shaking profusely.

She roared and her eyes Became as red as blood.

She just lost control of her powers and right now she’s gonna confess anyone she sees.

” Just what I wanted. Now you’ve lost control of your powers . Your sister is gonna be the first to taste from it ” denna muttered as she laughed out and disappeared with the draining collar on her hands.

Immediately , she disappeared nova woke up.

Alaina groaned as she saw nova.

She no longer see her sister again.

She was no longer seeing nova.

She was only seeing the sister that betrayed her.

She pushed her hands forward and all the ropes they used in tying her up fell down from her body.

” Alaina ” nova called frightened as she saw the situation her sister is.

She just lost control of her powers and she’s gonna confess her.

” Alaina please ” nova begged but too bad all the pleas fell on a deaf ear.

Alaina who no longer knew what she was doing , stretched forth her hands from afar to confess her sister when she felt like she was on fire.

Her blood was boiling.

” Alaina ” nova called not knowing what was happening to her sister.

Alaina fell on the floor crying because of the fire she felt within her body.

In the process of crying , she looked towards a particular direction in the room and saw Wyatt Finn staring at her , then she knew he was the one doing it.

She stood up and charged towards Wyatt.

” Let me go Wyatt ” she yelled in pain but Wyatt stood there watching her like she was a movie.

” I’m war…. ning you Wyatt ” she said and with every single word she say the fire burning inside of her increases.

Within a twinkle of an eye , Alaina stood up and ran towards Wyatt to confess him.

Immediately , she got close to him and was about raising her hands , Wyatt held her hands.

As they both hands came in contact , they both felt a spark.

Wyatt held Alaina’s hand making Alaina look straight into his eyes.

Immediately , alaina’s eyes met with Wyatt’s eyes all the anger she was feeling a while ago disappeared.

Her eyes Became Normal again.

She breath in and out as she felt weak.

Just as she was about falling , a hands grip her from behind and within a twinkle of an eyes she was already in Wyatt’s arm.

Paige’s Pov

I yawned tiredly as I sat properly on the chair.

I looked around and noticed I have been sleeping in class since I came to school and no one woke me , meaning no teacher came to class today.

” Hmm ” I sighed and cleaned my eyes. Just then I noticed Alaina and nova was no longer in class.

Oh God!!!

” Alaina , nova ” I yelled and stood up from the chair.

Just as I was about Leaving the classroom , I saw Wyatt’s bodyguard came inside the class with nova in his arms.

” Oh my God!! Nova. What happened to her ” I asked as he helped nova sat on one of the chairs in the classroom.

Nova is back to herself now , I can see it.

” Nova ” i called looking at nova who was shivering in fear.

” What’s happened to her? ” I asked Wyatt’s bodyguard who was staring at her.

” Long story.. ” I said and I almost slapped me.

” What long story? ” I yelled.

” Every story has a ending or rather a summary , so tell me what happened to her Mr Man ” I yelled.

” She was almost confess by her sister miss rudee ” he said and hissed.

Oh Jesus!!

” alaina almost confessed nova but how come and where’s she now? “. I asked.

” She’s with Wyatt ” he said and the next thing he walked out of the classroom.

Oh my God!

” Nova!!! ” I called and hugged her tightly….

” P..a..I..g..e ” she called in tears.

” Calm down nova calm down ” I said and I felt a liquid rolling down my cheeks.

Oh God!!!

I’m crying too.

Alaina’s POV

The beautiful sound coming from a keyboard woke me up from my sleep.

I yawned loudly as my eyes scrutinize the room.

This is not my room and the bed it looks more comfy and soft.

I sat up tiredly on the bed.

My eyes drifted to the corner of the room and I saw a figure sat on a chair playing a keyboard and that figure looks familiar.


Wow , even from behind he’s damn handsome.

I placed my hands on my chin admiring him not knowing when he walked past me.

” Hey ” he snapped jolting me out of my thoughts.


I closed my eyes and opened it coming back to reality.
But wait a minute what I’m I doing here in his room.

I closed my eyes trying to remember what happened when the memories came running into my head like a flash.

How I lost control of my powers and almost confess my sister.

How Wyatt skin and mine came in contact.

The spark I felt.

Those feelings, I have never felt them before in my 18 years of being in this life but today I felt so.

” Hmmm ” I sighed looking at Wyatt who was staring at me like I was some sort of movies.

But like seriously , this guy is something else. He’s always staring at me like I’m a movie , like someone with no emotions.

I bit my inner lips and scratched my head when my mind drifted to nova.

Oh my God!!!

She must be in shock right now.

I almost confess her.

I need to find her.

I stood up from the bed in a rush and was about exiting the room when Wyatt said a word that made me pause.

” You’re not entitled to leave this place , till you learn how to control your power “.


Sorry for the late post.

So what do you think?

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