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The confessor – episode 14 – 15

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❤️ THE

( She’s angelic , he has a black heart 🖤 )

Episode 14 – 15

By : Kimmy writes ✍️.

Nova’s POV

I and Paige sat inside our car in the school garage waiting for Alaina.

It’s getting dark and she’s not yet back.

I wonder where she is.

I looked at Paige and noticed the trace of tears were still on her cheeks.

She’s been silent since we were here. I wonder what’s going on in her mind. There’s nothing to be ashamed or sad of , being a lesbian is not a bad thing. But I believe one thing, nobody was / is born a lesbian , something might have led to something that might made her a lesbian that’s why I can’t judge her.

” Paige ” I called after the long silence.

She looked at me and blinked out tears.

” Hey stop crying ” I said and wiped her tears with my palm.

She sniffed and moved away from me.

I sighed and tried moving closer to her when I saw a guy on black carrying Alaina in his arms.

Twas Wyatt’s bodyguard.

Oh my God!!

Alaina what happened to her!

I opened the car door and rushed out to meet him.

” What happened to my sister? ” I asked as he help laid her inside the car.

” Nothing serious. She lost conciousness ” he said and I mouthed a thanks to him before he left.

Why would she lost conciousness?

” I’ll be on my way now since she’s alright ” Paige said and was about leaving when I held her hands.

” I won’t be able to take care of her alone so can you please spend the night at my house tonight ? ” I said and after much pleading she agreed.

We both hopped into my car.

I ignited the engine and zoomed off.


The car screeched to halt inside our mansion.

The driving was a silient one.

I and Paige alighted the car and helped Alaina who was still unconscious out of the car into the house.


” Arrgh! ” I groaned as I and Paige dropped Alaina on the bed.

She’s damn heavy.

I placed her well on the bed ,went to the bathroom,, took a towel and water to Clean her body after removing her shoes , socks , uniform and bra.

After cleaning her body I helped her wear a black short with a light singlet with the help of Paige..

I Pecked her cheeks before covering her with the duvet.

I walked to my closet and brought out one of my shorts and black singlet and threw it at Paige.

” Go take your bath ” I said and she nodded before walking inside the bathroom.

I closed my wardrobe and went to arrange my bed which I don’t even know when last I slept on it.

I always sleep on Alaina’s bed but Tonight I’m gonna sleep on mine..

I heard the bathroom door creaked open and Paige walked out with my dress on.

She’s really beautiful.

” My clothes really looks good on you ” I said and she forced herself to smile.

She walked away from the door and made to sit on the couch in our room when I stopped her.

” Hey what are you doing? ” I asked and she paused.

” I’m going to sleep here ” she said and I laughed.

” C’mon come sleep on my bed ” I said.

” No no I… ” I cut her off.

” C’mon Paige feel free like you’re in your own house. Come sleep on my bed ” I said and she nodded still standing there.

“Come here” I said and after what seems like eternity she walked up to the bed and laid on it.

I scoffed and walked to my wardrobe, brought out my night gown before entering the bathroom to take my bath.

I walked out of the bathroom ready to sleep only to see Paige was asleep already.

I dropped my towel which I tied on my hair and dried my hair.

After then I switched off the lights in the room and joined Paige on the bed.


” Nova are you asleep ” Paige asked and I hummed.

” I’m sorry for what happened earlier today ” she apologized and I sighed.

” It’s Alright ” I said and she became quiet.

” Paige ” I called and she answered me with a hummed.

” Can we talk? ” I asked.

” Yes ” she said.

We both sat up properly on the bed and I switched on the lights.

” Do you leave alone ” I asked and she nodded.

” What about your parents ? ” I asked.

” They are dead. My father died a week before I was born and my mom died immediately she gave birth to me ” she said.

” Oh I’m sorry for your loss ” I said and she smiled.

” It’s nothing. It’s already in the past ” she said.

” Can you tell me your story? ” I asked and she nodded.

” After the death of my parents my uncle who’s a wizard took me in..he knew of my powers and helped me control it. he showed me the love and care one could ever ask for until the night I clocked 17 ” she paused and tears slide down her cheeks.

” What happened that night? ” I asked.

” He molested me ” she cried out.

Oh my God!!!!!

” I’m so sorry Paige ” I said and hugged her trying to calm her down.

She’s been through a lot!

After what seems like eternity , I was able to calm her down..

” Can you talk now? ” I asked and she nodded as she disengaged from the hug.

” He turned me into his S*X machine and I was just seventh years old until one day when I made up my mind that I can’t let him touch me. Not anymore ” she said.

” Then what did you do? ” I asked.

” I killed him. I stabbed him to death and ran away ” she said and sniffed.


” I ran to a far away place where no one can find me.

I slept on the street for days until one day when a woman who was barren took me in as her own daughter but too bad she died of cancer after some time.

So I took over her properties and everything and decided to come to Diamond’s high where I met my friends Harley and Anita ” she said and smiled.


” So why did you decide to be a lesbian ? ” I asked.

” Nova after what my uncle did to me , I found men disgusting , I hated them and I believe they’re all the same. I already promised myself that I won’t have anything to do with men. I’m not attractive to men one bit ,I find myself attracted to girls ” she said and I sighed.

” Paige I’m sorry about everything you’ve been through ” I said.

” There’s nothing to be sorry about. It’s not your doing ” she said.

” It’s not yours either ” I said and she scoffed.

” You know there’s something about you like you’re different and I find myself attracted to you but too bad you’re not into girls ” she said and I sighed.

” Sorry for that” I said.

” It’s nothing. I can bear the pain. I have been through a lot in life so this is just a mere one ” she said and I felt pity for her.

” After a long time. I felt like a load has been lifted off my shoulders. Thanks nova ” she said and sniffed.

” It’s nothing ” I said and hugged her.

💐💐💐 Next day 💐💐💐

I and Paige were dressed up for school already but Alaina , she was yet to wake up.

I wonder why she’s still asleep.

Won’t she go to school?

For Goodness sake it’s 7am already..

I walked up to her and touched her trying to wake her up only to notice she was burning up.



” Alaina is sick you should stay with her at home. We can’t just leave her alone ” I said to Paige.

” What?? You should stay ” she said.

” No please ” I begged.

” Ok we should both stay ” she said and I sighed.

” Both of us can’t stay at home. Atleast one of us should go to school ” I said and I know she understood what I was saying.

” You should stay while I go to school ” she said.

” Please Paige ” I begged.

After what seems like eternity , she agreed to stay with Alaina.

” Bye ” I yelled and ran out of the house..


My car came to halt in the school garage.

I hopped out of my car and ran to class only to meet the teacher teaching.

Sh*t I’m late..

” Why are you late nova and where’s your sister? ” The teacher asked as I entered the class.

” Ma’am my sister is sick and I had to attend to her before coming to school ” I said and she nodded.

” Go and sit down. I cleaned one part of the board already, copy from your mate ” she said and I nodded before walking to my sit..

Finally , classes were over and it was launch time , just few students is seen in the classroom.

I didn’t feel like going to the cafeteria alone , so I decided to read one of my novels , when some students walked in talking about a new student in DiAMOND high.

How hot and pretty she looks blah , blah.

” I heard her name is Denna ” one of them said.

” Wow new student and her name is denna ” I muttered.

I sighed and continued reading my novel.

Suddenly , I became pressed.

I decided to use the restroom.

I dropped the novel on top my table and ran out of the class to the restroom.


I washed my hands after I came out of the restroom and turned to leave when I bumped into someone.

This face , I haven’t seen this face before.

Oh I guess she’s the new girl.


Paige’s POV

I and Alaina sat on the couch in the sitting room discussing some random stuff when the door creaked open revealing nova.

” Hey nova ” Alaina who’s no longer ill called and ran to embrace her but nova gave her the suprise of her life by pushing her to the floor roughly.

” Nova what are you doing? ” I yelled and ran to Alaina and helped her up.

She eyed me and walked past us to her room.

” What the hell was that? ” I muttered.

” Hope you’re alright Alaina ” I asked and she nodded.

” I wonder why nova did that? “: Alaina said and sat on the long couch.

” I guess she’s angry about something ” I said.

” No no this is unlike nova. No matter how angry she is she’ll never do what she just did to me. I’m going to confront her ” Alaina said and stood up.


” Nova Nova ” Alaina called and barged into her room.

Immediately she entered , she met her searching for something in her wardrobe.

” Nova I’m talking to you ” Alaina yelled and nova turned to look at her.

” Leave me alone confessor ” nova mouthed and was about leaving the room when Alaina stood on her way.

” Leave my way confessor. I’m warning you ” she said but the stubborn Alaina wouldn’t listen.

” I said leave me way ” she yelled and within a twinkle of an eye aliana flew on the air and hit her back on the wall before falling on the ground.

What the f**k???

” Nova ” I yelled and she held her head.

” Oh my God Alaina. What have I done ” she yelled and ran to Alaina who was on the floor crying in pain.

” I’m sorry Alaina. I didn’t know what came over me ” she said and tears began sliding down her cheeks.

” What do you mean? ” I asked.

” I don’t know Paige. Please help me. Something is wrong with me ” she cried out.

” Something like what? I don’t understand ” I said looking at her.

” The new g….. ” She was about saying something when she stopped and suddenly her skin became pale..

” Nova ” I called and she looked at me straight into my eyes.

” JESUS!! ” I yelled and moved back.

This isn’t nova.

” What do you want from her denna” I asked.

” oh you still remember me. well Nothing much. I just want the confessor and I dare you to stop me Paige ” she said.

” I swear I’m going to do anything in my power to stop you ” I said almost yelling.

” Really ? Then why didn’t you save your friend willow years back from me ” she whispered into my ear and I flinched..

” You monster ” I yelled and was about holding her neck when Alaina stood up and pushed me.

” You want to kill my sister ” she yelled and hugged nova.

” Alaina she isn’t nova. Can’t you see it ? ” I yelled and nova started crying..

” Alaina please send the witch away. She’s threatening to kill me ” she cried out.

Oh my God!!

Poor nova has been possessed!!

Alaina helped her up and made her sit on the bed.

Oh Alaina.

She’s a confessor and can’t see the truth in her eyes.

She’s been blinded by the love of a sister.

” Can we talk Alaina ” I asked.

” Yeah sure ” she said in reply.

” In private ” I said and she nodded.

Just as she was about leaving nova started screaming.

” My foot my foot ” nova yelled and Alaina ran back to her.

” What happened to your foot ” Alaina asked.

” It hurts ” she said and shot me a deadly glare.

” Sorry ” Alaina said and sat beside her.

” Can we talk about whatever you want to say later ? ” Alaina asked and I nodded.

I looked at possessed nova and noticed she was looking at me weirdly.

I sighed and sat on the bed staring at her.


💐💐💐 At night 💐💐💐

” Nova you didn’t ask about my health? ” Alaina said to nova who was lying on her bed.

” Your health? ” Nova asked.

” Yes. Didn’t you remember I was ill ” Alaina said and nova raised up her eyebrows.

” I… ” She paused and joined her lips together…

” Nova are you alright? ” Alaina asked.

” Yes yes ” she said avoiding eye contact with Alaina.

” Yes I’m fine ” she said.

” But you don’t look okay to me ” Alaina said and nova stood up from the bed ignoring her.

She Carried her pillow and blanket before exiting the room..

” Paige haven’t you noticed since nova came back from school she’s been behaving strange. She hardly makes eye contact with me ” Alaina said and I sighed.

I can’t possibly tell her , her sister is possessed by some sort of powers.

If Alaina knows nova is possessed she might get hurt.

” I noticed but I’m sure it’s mood swings ” I lied.

I’m not ready to put her life in danger.

” Ok good night ” she said and covered herself with the duvet.

💐💐💐 Midnight 💐💐💐

I laid on my back on trying to catch some sleep but sleep refused to come.

I kept on rolling on the bed uncomfortably when the door burst open revealing nova.

Immediately , she entered she scrutinized everywhere and was about moving closer to Alaina when I switched on the lights.

She groaned and stared at me disdainfully.


Oh poor nova has being possessed 😭


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