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The confessor – episode 12 – 13

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( She’s angelic , he has a black heart 🖤 )

Episode 12 – 13

By: Kimmy writes ✍️✍️

I was lost staring at him when Paige called a name that jolted me outta my thought.

Wyatt Finn!!!

I stood there dumbstruck , watching the handsome guy keenly.

He removed his leg from the ball and a guy on black who I think is his bodyguard came from behind and picked up the ball.

Wyatt placed his hands inside his pocket , joined his lips together which made him looking madly and hotly handsome and walk past me.


Immediately , he past me I lost balance.

If not for the fact that Paige was standing beside me I would have fall on the ground.

” Alaina are you alright? ” Paige asked as she and nova held me.

” Water! Water! Wyatt!! ” I said weakly and lost conciousness.


I opened my eyes weakly and noticed I was laying on a bench inside an empty class.

” Nova ” I called and sat up properly on the bench.

” Alaina you’re awake? ” They said and came to sit beside me.

” Here ” Paige said and passed me a can of water.

” Thanks ” in Said and gulped down the whole quantity of water.

” What happened over there? Why did you lost conciousness? ” Nova asked and held my hand.

” I don’t know nova. There’s something strange about this Wyatt. My self couldn’t withstand it that’s why I lost conciousness ” I said and she sighed.

” True I felt it too. His aura is damn powerful ” Paige said and I nodded.

” He seized our ball ” nova said.

” Hmm. Wyatt Finn!!. I’m going to find out everything that concerns him ” I said and stood up.

” Alaina please don’t. It’s gonna be dangerous for you ” Paige warned fearfully.

” I don’t care Paige beside I’m a confessor. If he dares harm me I’ll confess him ” I said and touched my neck.

My necklace is gone!

” Shit!! I guess I lost it when I was playing football ” I said in my head.


I’ll look for it after school.

” Alaina please don’t…. ” I didn’t even let her finish her statement when i walked out of the empty class.

” Alaina is so stubborn ” I heard nova yelled.

” She’s bound to be stubborn. All confessors are ” was the last word I heard before I finally left.


I walked past different buildings in the school compound and got to one which is the most beautiful building.

” Wow” I mouthed looking around the building and I noticed there was an opened door.

” I just saw the delivery ” I heard someone said and I quickly hid myself.

I looked and noticed it was the same guy who was with wyatt – his bodyguard.

he was on call and he entered the open door which was on the beautiful building.

I guess Wyatt is here too…

I tiptoed and entered into the building.

” Wow ” I mouthed as I find myself in a big beautiful hallway….

I continued walking in the hallway when I saw a figure passed through a door which led to a room.

I followed the person.

I entered the room and found myself in a beautiful garden.

” Good Lord ” I mouthed. The garden was damn Beautiful.
Animals could be seen everywhere , leafs , tree , flowers river infact this is a paradise.

But where did the person I saw just now? . I thought I saw him enter here.

Just then , I felt a presence behind me.

” Why are you so stubborn? ” A cold voice said sending shiver down my spine..

I tried turning around to see who was behind but my legs , I couldn’t feel them. they weren’t moving.

They were glued to the ground..

” I dare you to let me see you and I swear you gonna regret making my legs glued to the ground ” I said boldly.

I heard him smirked and suddenly my legs were free.

I breath in and out preparing to turn because immediately I turn in going to confess who ever is behind me.

I turned around Swiftly and held the person’s neck to confess but something happened.

My powers I couldn’t feel it.

They’re gone.

I blinked and looked at the face of the person I just held by the neck.

Wyatt Finn 😱

I looked into his eyes fearfully and noticed it was changing into something I couldn’t explain or maybe I’m the one hallucinating.

I quickly removed my hands from his neck and took a step back.

I turned around and tried running away when I felt my legs glued to the ground.

Oh Jesus!!!

I’m doomed!!

He walked past me and sat on a chair which was under a tree in front of me.

He closed his hands and opened it and an apple appeared in his hands.

Good God!!!

He took a bite from the apple staring at me like he was watching a movie.

” You know I hate stubborn girls like you Alaina ” he spoke in his cold voice.

But wait a minute.

Did he just call my name.

But how did he know my name.

” And I love punishing stubborn people like you ” he said with his face holding no expression.

” Stop thinking about how I knew your name it’s not like it’s a special name ” he said and I bit my inner lips.

Gosh I felt like slapping some sense into his head for saying my name is not special as if his name is 🙄.

” Cool ” he said calmly.

What is cool.

Oh Jesus don’t tell me this guy is reading my thoughts 🤦🤦.

I groaned trying to free my legs on the ground.

And if he’s thinking I’m going to beg him to free me then he’s definitely wrong because I Alaina won’t beg this handsome devil staring at me.

He’s not even handsome , so ugly.


I hate him!!!!

~~~~~ 5 hours later ~~~~~

My clothes were soaked with sweat.

I couldn’t feel my legs anymore.

I have been standing under the sun for five hours now.

Oh God!!!

I feel like dying.

Infact right now death is better than my current situation.

I just wish the ground will open up and swallow me.

I looked at Wyatt and noticed his face was holding no expression.

Oh boy!!!!

This guy is bad , badder , baddest.

He’s wicked.

He has a black heart 🖤.

I closed my eyes and opened it.

I swallowed hard.

My throat were damn dry..

I looked at Wyatt with a pleading eyes but the guy just don’t seem moved by that.

I swallowed hard for the tenth times finding it hard to apologize to him but right now I have no choice.

” Sir Wyatt please I’m sorry ” I said tears sliding down my cheeks.

I was already In pain.

If I don’t leave this position I am any moment from now I’m going to die a painful death.

” Sir I’m sorry ” I cried out again.

He stood up from the chair he was sitting and walk past me , within a twinkle of an eyes I fell on the floor.

Immediately I fell on the floor, I just laid there like a log of wood trying to catch my breath when I fell asleep – under the sun..

Nova’s POV

“I’m worried about Alaina. She’s not yet back ” I said worriedly pacing around.

” C’mon calm down she’s going to be fine ” Paige said and help me sit on the chair close to her.

” I’m really worried Paige. What if something bad happens to her ” I asked fearfully.

” Let’s just hope nothing bad happens. Okay. ” She said and I nodded.

” Thank you ” I said looking into her eyes..

” What are friends for ” she said and Drew me closer to her and the next thing , she placed her lips on mine.

I struggled to pull away from the kiss which I finally did.

” What the hell was that? ” I yelled and stood up.

” I’m sorry I got carried away ” she said and I raised up my eyebrows.

Oh my God!!

” Paige are you a lesbian? ” I asked this time more calmly and she nodded her head , like she was ashamed.

What the f*ck!!!

” I’m sorry ” she said and looked into my eyes.

Oh my God , she’s crying.

She stood up and ran away in tears..


Unknown’s pov

I walked inside the school compound of Diamond’s high unseen by anyone.

Yes no one can see me because right now I made myself invisible.

My mission here is to search for the confessor but I can’t find her anywhere.

I walked past a class and saw Paige , the witch ran out in tears.

I’m sure Alaina is there because they always walk together.

I entered the class and saw only her sister Nova but where’s the confessor?

I sighed and walked out of the class , going to the school garage when I saw something on the ground that caught my attention.

A necklace/ pendant.

It looks familiar.

Oh I remember.

I have always seen it in the confessor’s neck.

Meaning she owns it.

I smiled and made myself visible ,so I could pick it up.

I picked it up and stared at the beautiful but ancient necklace/pendant in my hand with the name Alaina Written on it.

I scoffed and made myself invisible before disappearing.


” Master look what I found. I didn’t find the confessor but I found what belongs to her ” I said and gave her the necklace.

” I sent you to bring me the confessor and not some dirty necklace ” she yelled angrily and I moved back a bit.

” Just a simple task you can’t perform ” she said and the next thing I felt was a sharp pain in my stomach.

I looked and noticed I was bleeding badly.

” Thanks for your time baby ” she said and pecked my lips before pushing me to the ground.

I laid on the ground struggling for my life but too bad I can’t survive this.

” I guess it’s high time I look for the confessor myself ” was the last thing I heard before my spirit finally left my body.


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