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The confessor โ€“ episode 10 โ€“ 11

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๐Ÿ’š THE

( Sheโ€™s angelic , he has a black heart ๐Ÿ–ค )

By : Kimmy writes.

Episode 10 โ€“ 11

Paigeโ€™s POV

I walked down the street searching for a better place to hide my head from this hot sun when I saw crowds gathered around , press and paparazzi.

Iโ€™m damn sure axel Cooper , the popular artist tagged as Mr popular is back in American because only him can cause alot of crowds like this. But like seriously these people are jobless just because of a celebrity theyโ€™re standing under the sun. Let me go take a look , itโ€™s been a while since I last saw him in reality after his last concert before he left for Korea.

I wonder how he looks now , I bet he must look more handsome than before. Awwn heโ€™s handsome but too bad heโ€™s a gay.

I pushed my self in the crowd trying to get to the front and finally I did.

I scrutinized everywhere with my eyes searching for axel Cooper the popular celebrity only to see Alaina , nova though theyโ€™re were wearing facemask but one could tell it was them and Diego in the pool of his own blood and a man on his knees.

Oh Good lord!!!!

Donโ€™t tell me Alaina just confessed that man.

This is bad , I need to do something to help.

I closed my eyes , making some incantation in mind and suddenly everywhere Became dark.

โ€ Ahhhhh โ€ the crowd yelled frightened and started running Helter skelter.

I quickly went to where nova and Alaina was , held their hands and we all disappeared.


โ€ Thanks Paige โ€ nova muttered as she handled over the glass cup of water to Alaina.

โ€ Itโ€™s nothing girl โ€ I smiled and she nodded.

โ€ Iโ€™ll be right back โ€ she said and with that she exited the room.

โ€ Why did you do that Alaina? Why will you confess someone in public ? Donโ€™t you know youโ€™re putting your life in great danger โ€ I said and she sniffed.

โ€ I swear on my life Paige I donโ€™t know what came over me. I donโ€™t even know how I confessed him , it was like I lost control of my powers โ€ she said and wiped her tears.

I sighed and looked into her eyes.

โ€ Itโ€™s Alright I understand but you should learn to control your anger. Anger can make you do what youโ€™re not supposed to do โ€ I said and she nodded.

โ€ Come here โ€ I said and hugged her.

โ€ Oh poor Alaina. This was how Willow started loosing control of her powers. I just hope what happened to willow wonโ€™t happen to you โ€ I said in my head as a ball of tears rolled from eyes. I quickly wiped my tears and disengaged from the hug.

โ€ Everything is going to be fine ok โ€ I said and she nodded.

Suddenly , nova ran inside the room breathing heavily like someone who has been chased by a vampire.

โ€ Alaina thereโ€™s a big problem โ€ she said as she picked up the TV remote and switched the TV on.

โ€ Oh my God โ€ I muttered. The news of Alaina the confessor is all over the news but thank goodness her face wasnโ€™t revealed because of the face mask.

I stood up , took the remote from nova and switched off the TV.

โ€ You shouldnโ€™t stress her โ€ I said and she nodded.

I helped Alaina laid down and covered her with the duvet.

โ€ Take care of her nova. Iโ€™ll be on my way now โ€ I said and with that I exited the room..

Writerโ€™s POV

Wyatt Finn is seen in his room , watching the news about the masked confessor.

He missed his sister willow , alot.

He sighed and switched off the TV.

He stood up from the short couch and sat on the longer one resting his back with his eyes closed when he felt a hands on his shoulder.

He opened his eyes and turned to see who touched him only to see his father who died long ago.

โ€ Father โ€ Wyatt called and quickly stood up from the couch.

โ€ Wyatt โ€ his father called as a drop of tears fell from his eyes and formed a love shape on the floor.

โ€ Dad why are you crying? โ€ Wyatt asked.

โ€ History is about repeating itself son โ€ Wyattโ€™s father said and Wyatt move back a bit understanding what his father was saying.

โ€ But dadโ€ฆโ€ He didnโ€™t allow him finish his statement when he cut him off.

โ€ Youโ€™ve to help her Wyatt. Save her , protect her , sheโ€™ll be of use to you in the future. She will be a key to many doors in the future โ€ his father said.

โ€ But father how can I help her. You know even if I help her she can she lost control of it โ€ Wyatt said in reply.

โ€ Yes son but thereโ€™s only one thing that can surpass that anger. Just one thing son โ€ his father said as his body was fading away.

โ€ What father? โ€ Wyatt asked

โ€ Tโ€ฆtrue โ€ he couldnโ€™t complete the statement Because his face has faded away too remaining his left hand.

He stretched his hands pointing it at the symbol on the floor before his body fully faded away.

โ€ Love โ€ Wyatt muttered.

โ€ True love โ€œโ€ฆ..

Alianaโ€™s POV

โ€ Sunday is a really boring day โ€ I muttered as I drank from the water nova gave me.

โ€ yesterday was a Boring boring day , we went and got ice cream then boom you got into trouble โ€ nova said with an eye roll.

โ€ Are you angry with me because of yesterday? โ€ I asked and she looked away.

โ€œIโ€™m not angry You just need someone to teach you how to master your powers โ€ nova said and I nodded in agreement.

I wish I can control myself. Itโ€™s not my fault I was born with power and a confessorโ€™s power at that.


โ€ Nova I have been thinking lately โ€ I said.

โ€ About what? โ€ She asked.

โ€ Wyatt Finn โ€ I said and she opened her eyes wide.

โ€ But why? โ€ She asked.

โ€ You know nova since Paige told us heโ€™s a guy with no background , I have been thinking about it lately. How can a guy come from no where. Itโ€™s impossible so i have decided to find out everything that concerns Wyatt Finn , the truth behind his identity and background no matter how hard it is Iโ€™ll surely find out โ€ I said and nova smiled.

โ€ Good luck sis but when you get in trouble donโ€™t call me โ€ she said and I sighed.

Shortly , we heard mom and dad call our name from downstairs.

โ€ Theyโ€™re back โ€ nova muttered as she exited the room with me trailing behind her.

Immediately , we got downstairs we met mom and dad sitting on the couch , with their face holding an expression I couldnโ€™t understand.

โ€ Mum dad whatโ€™s wrong? โ€ I asked.

โ€ I and your father is leaving American Tonight โ€ mum said and I raised my eye brow.

โ€ But why? โ€ I asked.

โ€ Work dear โ€ dad said and I nodded.

โ€ So when are you guys coming back? โ€ Nova asked and sat on momโ€™s leg.

โ€ We donโ€™t know yet baby. It depends on how long the work is going to take โ€ she said and we nodded.

โ€ We will miss you guys โ€ mom said and vice versa.


โ€ ๐ŸŽถ Iโ€™m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world, so fantastic so fantastic ๐ŸŽถ โ€ I sang as I applied my lotion on my body.

โ€ Please Alaina reduce your ugly voice and stop singing rubbish โ€ nova said walking outta the bathroom..

I rolled my eyes and continued singing.

โ€ Do you know your voice looks like that of cockroach ? โ€ She said.

โ€ Have you heard a cockroach voice before? โ€ I asked and she nodded.

โ€ Infact itโ€™s not that you sing better than me still yet youโ€™ll be mocking meโ€ I said and she yelled โ€ what???โ€.

โ€ Ok sing the song I was singing lemme hear โ€ I said and she nodded.

She cleared her throat and sang the song.

Immediately , she started singing I fainted thrice.


I parked my car in the garage and nova and I hopped out.

โ€ Whatโ€™s going on her why is the school so rowdy this morning โ€ I asked nova who was also suprised.

โ€ Alaina , nova โ€ a voice called from behind. I turned and realized it was Paige and she was holding a football in her hands.

โ€ Whatโ€™s going on Paige? โ€ Nova asked.

โ€ Today is sport day โ€ she yelled and the next thing she threw the ball she was holding at me.

โ€ Letโ€™s play โ€ she said and I nodded.

I dropped my bag on the floor and nova did same.

I threw the ball at nova which she caught and threw at Paige and Paige threw it to me.

I threw the ball to nova but unfortunately she didnโ€™t get it because the ball flew pass her head and fell on the floor.

โ€ Iโ€™ll go get it โ€ I said pursuing the ball which was rolling away but suddenly it stopped rolling. It didnโ€™t just stop on itโ€™s own someone stopped it with his foot.

โ€ Alaina โ€ I heard Paige called behind me.

I looked up to the person who stopped the ball only to see the most handsome guy in the world looking at me.

โ€ Oh boy!!!! Is this guy human โ€ I heard nova muttered.

I was lost looking at him when Paige called a name that jolted me outta my thought.

Wyatt Finn ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ


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