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The confessor – episode 1

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( She’s angelic , He has a black πŸ–€ )

by Kimmy writes ✍️


Aspen Peyton is seen with a draining collar on her neck and her hands handcuffed.

An army dragging her to Lord’s Faye chamber.

” My lord she’s here ” one of the armies of lord Faye said as she dragged the mother confessor to Faye’s chamber.

A smile creapt onto lord Faye’s lips as he watch the mother confessor struggling to free herself from his army.

” Hi Aspen peyton ” king Faye smirked.

” I’m going to kill you Faye ” Aspen the mother confessor yelled angrily.

” Really? How are you gonna do that without your powers ” lord Faye said mocking her as he moved closed to Aspen.

” I swear with my life Faye . You’re going to pay for killing my sisters and mother ” Aspen yelled and spit on him.

” Argh ” lord Faye groaned and cleaned his face.

He touched the draining collar which was on Aspen neck and smirked.

” Tie her up in my bed ” lord Faye said. His cold voice.

” Yes my lord ” the army said and carried her away.

” Let me go Faye ” Aspen cried as the army tied her hands to his bed.

” Leave us ” lord Faye ordered and his army left.

He looked at Aspen with his eyes void of emotional and full of hatred.

He climbed on the bed and ripped off her clothes angrily.

” Please I beg you Faye don’t do this ” Aspen cried helplessly.

” Tell that to your sisters when you get to hell ” he said and loosed his robe.

He opened his zipper and placed his d**k at the entrance of her p***y.

He thrust in and out of her roughly and she let out a loud cry.

” I’ll make sure you pay for your sisters sin. You’ll pay for confessing my parents and killing them ” he yelled slamming her again the bed.

” We were only serving justice. Your father killed alot of people ” Aspen cried out in pain.

” Shut up ” lord Faye yelled and gave her a resounding slap Making her spit out blood.

After what took eternity, he pulled out of her. Wore his clothes and exited his room.
This happened for long until Aspen found out she was pregnant for Faye.

She was the only one of her kind remaining and in no time she was going to die, so she needs to protect this child by all means.

King Faye hired a personal maid for Aspen to tell him every of Aspen’s move. Her name is Suzy.

Suzy was a kind heartened girl , a nice grown up lady who Aspen found trust and comfort in.

As time begins to move on Aspen and Suzy became close friends infact best of friends.

All this while Suzy knew Aspen was pregnant and she kept it a secret from lord Faye Even though she knew it was damn risky.

As time begins to move on , Aspen tummy began to grow big and lord Faye finally found out she was pregnant.

Lord Faye was damn happy that he was going to bear a male child that will take over his dark ways but only Aspen knew the child was a female and not a male.

Nine months later

” Arrgh ” Aspen yelled as she felt a sharp pain on her tummy.

” Mistress!! ” Suzy called and ran to her.

” Suzy I think am about to give birth ” Aspen said as tears welled up her chubby cheeks.

” What? ” Suzy said fearfully.

Suddenly , king Faye came in asking why Aspen is screaming.

” My lord she’s in labour ” Suzy said with her head bowed.

” Oh God Aspen ” king Faye said and moved close to her.

” I’m sorry my lord but you’ll have to leave the room first till she gives birth ” Suzy said shaking fearfully.

” What the f**k are….. ” Aspen cut him off.

” She’s right Faye you should leave. I’ll be fine ” Aspen said and Faye nodded and left.

Immediately he left, Suzy went and locked the door.
The cry of a baby is been heard from the room.

” It’s a girl ” Suzy said smiling.

” Oh my goodness ” Aspen exclaimed as Suzy placed the child in her arms.

Aspen smiled out tears as she watch her beautiful baby cry.

” I name you Alaina. Alaina is your name ” she said crying.

She kissed Alaina and blessed her.

” Now is the time Suzy. Take Alaina to a far away place where no one can find her. To a place where she’s going to be safe ” Aspen said looking at the baby in her arms.

” May the spirits be with you my child ” she said and placed a necklace on her neck.

Suzy took the child from Aspen crying.

” What about you? How are you going to survive ” Suzy asked Aspen who was already weak.

” I’ll be fine. Go now dear. There’s no time left ” Aspen said and Suzy nodded.

” I’ll miss you ” Suzy said and wiped her tears.

” Same here ” Aspen said and smiled at Suzy.

” Go now. The king will be here in no time ” Aspen said and Suzy nodded.

Suzy wrapped Alaina with a clothes and sneaked out of the palace unseen.
The door burst open revealing lord Faye , his army commander and lady Delilah, his sister.

” Aspen ” Faye yelled as she saw Aspen body laying lifelessly on the bed.

” Aspen ” he yelled shaking her but no response.

” Where’s Suzy and my son ” he roared and lady Delilah laughed.

” What son? ” Delilah asked.

” She gave birth to a female child and a confessor at that ” Delilah said as she smelled the blood which was on the bed.

” Arrrrrghh find. Suzy and the child ” he yelled angrily.

” revive Aspen, Delilah and order the maid to clean this mess ” lord Faye said and exited the room.

Delilah rolled her eyes at his brother and looked at Aspen.

She touched her body and saw it was gradually becoming cold.

Suzy cried running inside the woods as she saw the armies of lord Faye running after her.

Just then she one of the armies shot her on her back with a poisonous arrow.

She fell down on her belle with Alaina in her hands.

Immediately , she fell Alaina rolled off her hands in full speed and fell inside a river..

It was like a wind that carried her into a river.

” Noooo ” Suzy cried thinking the child must have drown inside the water.

” I’m sorry Aspen I failed you ” Suzy cried as the armies captured her and took her back to the palace.
The armies threw Suzy inside the dungeon.

” Arrgh ” she screamed as she fell on the floor.

” Suzy ” Suzy heard a voice called and she turned only to see Aspen in the dungeon.

” Aspen are you alright ” Suzy asked as she ran to her.

Aspen smiled and touched her face.

” Thanks you Suzy ” she said and touched Suzy’s face.

” I’m sorry Aspen I failed you ” Suzy cried out and Aspen cried.

” You didn’t fail me dear. You did it ” Aspen said and Suzy stared at her suprised not understanding what she was saying one bit.

” Arrgh American is better than this place. I wish I didn’t come here in the first place ” mia said holding her husband , Malcom who was taki


Lord Faye entered the dungeon and saw Suzy and Aspen cuddling each other.

He stared at the both of them with hatred.

” I swear I’m going to find that stupid daughter who is a confessor and I’ll kill her right in your presence ” lord Faye barked angrily.


In the battle against Evil all hell is about to break loose.

When two powers clash together the lesser power must bow.

Now the question is


Confessors are ancient order of women sworn to find the truth no matter how hard people may try to hide it.

Meet Alaina an 18 years old mysterious girl who attends one of the best school in American with her sister Nova.

What happens when she finds out she’s a confessor?

What happens when she meets Wyatt Finn, the weird , calm but violent , cute , handsome and powerful guy with no background.

A devil in human clothing..

The king of darkness.

The king of hell….

A guy with a black heart.

A second brother to the devil himself.

When I mean a second brother to the devil himself I mean he’s damn dangerous…..

What happens when Alaina found out she’s not just a confessor, she more than a confessor and darkness run in her blood too.

Enough of the chit chat😁😁

Find out the rest in the story.

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