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The confessor – episode 1

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( She’s angelic , he has a black heart 🖤)

Episode 1

Written by Kimmy ✍️

Alaina’s POV

The annoying sound of the alarm woke me up from my beauty sleep.

I opened my bleary eyes only to see Nova smiling as she placed the alarm close to my ear.

I groaned and fully opened my eyes.

” Nova ” I yelled and she flinched and moved back a bit.

” Hey calm down sis. Good morning” she said and dropped the alarm on the head stand of the bed.

I glared at her and sat up properly on the bed.

” Good morning ” I muttered and cleaned my itching eyes with my palm.

” Let’s go take our bath Alaina we gonna be late for our new school ” Nova said and ran inside the bathroom.

I shook my head and climbed down from the bed. I wore my flip flop and made my way inside the bathroom.

After taking our bath and brush our teeth. Nova and I came out if the bathroom with our towels tied around our chest.

Nova walked up to the dressing table and sat on the chair while I sat on the bed.

” Pass me the lotion ” I said to nova who was done applying on her body and was now drying her hair with the drier.

” Here ” she said and threw it at me and I caught it.

I applied the lotion on my body , after which I took the drier from Nova and dried my hair.

” Where did I keep my jean trouser last night? ” Nova said searching her wardrobe.

” It’s on my wardrobe ” I said and stood up from the bed.

She opened my wardrobe and brought out two pairs of jean trousers.

” Which one is yours? ” She asked raising her hands.

” The one on the left ” i said and she nodded. She dropped mine on the bed and wore her’s.

” We are wearing the pink sleeve right? ” She asked and I nodded.
She brought out the Pink sleeve and threw mine to me.

After dressing up, we put on a light makeup on our Face and applied a lipgloss.

I carried my school bag and motioned for nova to carry her bag.

She looked at me and yawned.
Suddenly , she laid on the bed.

” Nova we’re gonna be late for our new school ” I said and she laughed

” Check your time sister ” she said and I stared at her confused.

I glanced at the wall clock and saw it was 2:00 am. We are still in midnight.


I swear I’m going to kill nova.

I groaned and sat beside her on the bed. She was already snoring.

Is this girl for real???

I sighed and dropped my bag pack on the floor and laid on the bed beside her.

I swear I’m going to kill her when she wakes up tommorow.

Want a little Introduction?

My name is Alaina Davis and my sister here is nova Davis. We are both 18 years old and we are damn Beautiful and curvy.

We kinda look alike, and so we behave like twins and people at times mistake us for twins.

We wear the same clothes, make the same hair, do everything together. Anywhere you see me that’s where you see Nova. Anywhere you see Nova that’s where you see me.

We never leave each other side. I love her so much and she loves me too..

As for our parents, they’re explorers. They love travelling around the world just to take pictures of animals, tree, birds and oceans. It’s kinda sounds funny and weird to me.

We are actually starting a new school today because nova and I had a fight in our former school and so we were expelled.

Enough of the intro, you’ll get to know more about us later.

I laid in the bed quietly and drifted to sleep..

💤 Hours later 💤

The first ray of the sun reflected into my eyes.

I turned to the the other side of the bed and saw nova close to the window.

I’m dam*n sure this girl opened this window. Ion know why she loves getting on my nerves.

” Nova ” I called as I sat on the bed tiredly and shot her a deadly glare.

” Whatever just stand up we gonna be late for school ” she said and stucked out her tongue. She carried my school bag instead of hers and ran outta the room.

I shook my head and climbed down the bed.
I climbed down the stairs and walked to the dinning room only to see Mom , dad and nova sitting there.

” Mum!! Dad!! ” I called suprised.

” Good morning mum , dad ” I said happily.

” Hey babygirl ” mom giggled and I smiled.

” You guys are back? ” I asked and nova shot me a deadly glare.

” No they’re not back, they just went ” nova said and rolled her eyes at me.

I ignored her and sat on the vacant chair.

” Please nova , Alaina don’t fight in your new school ” dad said and I nodded.
I and nova carried our bag pack and exited the sitting room.

We hopped into our car and the driver took off..
” Wow ” I mouthed as our car emerged the school gate. The gate was made of Diamond and everything looks damn perfect.

In front of the gate was written.

” DIAMOND’S HIGH ” Diamond’s high indeed.

The car screeched to halt inside the school garage.

I and nova came out of the car and bade the driver a goodbye.

” Wow there’s alot of students in this school ” nova said as we find our way to the principal office.

” What do you expect it’s a school ” I said with a shrug.

Finally , we entered the principal’s office.
” Arrgh that so called principal is such a talkative ” nova said adjusting her new uniform on her body.

” Right now I look like a 20 years old school girl. My hips, b**bs, and a*s struggling to free them selves from this uniform. This uniform doesn’t fit me ” nova said angrily.

” Hey calm down, the uniform looks good on you ” I said and she shot me a deadly glare before walking away.

I looked at myself head to toe. The uniform doesn’t look bad on me.

I chuckled and ran after her.
We entered the class which was filled with different students.

Thankfully the teacher was not in class yet.

Immediately we entered the class, everywhere became silent as if an angel just entered.

I looked at the students and saw they were staring at nova and I.

“Wow” they’re damn Beautiful.

” And curvy too ” some guys began whispering among themselves , and licking their lips lustfully.

Nova rolled her eyes at them and dragged my hands, as she walked to an empty chair and table at the back…

I sat on the chair and placed my school bag on the table.

” Hmmm ” I heard a student scoffed behind me. I turned only to see three girls whispering among themselves.

” Hey what are you staring at? ” One of them said rudely.

” So what if she’s staring. Infact how did you know she’s staring at you if you weren’t staring at her ” nova replied the girl rudely.

” Whatever!! ” The girl said and rolled her eyes at us.

” Nonsense ” nova said and continued whatever she was doing.

I sighed and faced my front…

Just then a teacher entered the class and everywhere became as silent as a graveyard.
Finally classes were over and it was time for launch.

All the student has left the class already , it’s just remaining nova and I.

” Let’s go eat in the cafeteria ” nova said and stood up.

I nodded and we both walked outta the class.

” How will we find our way to the cafe ” I asked nova and she smacked my head playfully.

” Let’s trail behind this set if students I’m sure they are going to the cafe too ” she said and smiled and I nodded..
We walked inside the cafe and sat on an empty chair and table.

” I’ll go get our snacks ” Nova said and left , leaving me behind.

I placed my hands on my chin looking around the cafe, when I suddenly spotted those three girls that sat behind us in class today staring at me.

I quickly looked away from them.

” Hey I’m back ” nova said and sat on the chair. She handed over my snacks to me and took hers.

” I don’t like this school it’s damn boring ” nova said eating her snacks and I nodded.

Just then we heard some noises coming from behind.

” Won’t you watch where you’re going to? ” A voice yelled from behind. I turned to see one of the three girls yelling at another girl.

Oh looks like the girl poured water on her.

” I’m sorry ” the girl said with her head bowed.

” Just shut up ” the girl yelled.

” Calm down Paige, she said sorry already ” one of her friends said calmly.

” Stay out of this Anita ” the so called Paige said.

” Harley tell Paige to calm before she does something stupid ” Anita said to the so called Harley who rolled her eyes at her.

Hmmm Harley , Paige and Anita that’s their names.

” Cool ” I muttered.

” Just get out of my presence ” the Paige yelled and the girl nodded and turned to leave.

I made to look away from them when I saw something that caught my attention.

Paige waved her middle fingers and the girl who poured water on her body uniform got torn, revealing her underwear.

What the heck???

” Haha ” the student roared in laughter as the girl ran out of the cafeteria embarrassed.

” How the hell did she do that? ” I muttered.


How was the Start??

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