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The bride’s maid – episode 5

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( dangerous romance)


Episode 5

Diana’s pov :

” Isn’t that Maxwells?? Stop the car Joanna ” I said and she stopped
We got down from the the car and walked toward the restaurant,, a call suddenly came on my phone. It’s my manager

📲 Yes??

📲 Mam, where are you??

📲 Oh,, I will be there in few minutes

📲 Okay mam

I hang up the call and turned back

” We are not going in again?? ” Joanna asked
” I need to get to the company right now ” I answered as we both walked back into the car ,,I will just talk to Max later. Am sure he misses me alot.

I smiled and put on my earphone

Olivia’s pov :

” damn” I muttered lowly as he kissed every part of me,,, wait am I okay?? Olivia you are doing all these with a man who’s getting married in less than two weeks??

As if he read my mind,, he pulled away. He roughed his hair and looked away,, I immediately took my shirt and put it on.

” Am,,,, sorry,,, I was just carried away,,,, I think am going crazy ” he said
” it’s fine,, it’s also my fault ” I replied feeling as embarrassed as ever

Am so ashamed of myself,,,, we both walked out of the restroom.

” Am going to take you home,,,,, ” he said
I replied with a nod,, I carried my bag and we went out.

The drive home was silent,,,, right now am regretting ever giving in to the kiss in the first place,, this is crazy but theres just something about him that am attracted to. Not that am a bitch or something ,,he’s even my first kiss.

Finally he stopped in front of the mansion,,, I got down from the car without taking a glance of him. I knocked the gate and it opened,,,, I went in and opened the door.

” you’re back ” the old woman said
” Yes ma,, I will be in my room ” I said shortly and rushed to my room upstairs.

I locked the door inwardly and collapsed on the bed,, what stupid feelings is this?? It’s only two days now and am already feeling this way,, I can’t believe am still going to use more than one week in this mansion.

Maxwell’s pov:

I drove back to the office and get down from the car,,,
” hey what about the lunch?? ” Justin asked

” I forgot ” I said and went straight into my office,, he also came in.

” did something happen on your way out?? ” he asked
I sighed out

” Justin,, do you think am okay right now?? ” I asked
” what do you mean?? “

” I don’t think I am okay,, something is definitely wrong with me ” I said
” tell me what happened “

” I met with,, Olivia ” I said
” what?? So?? “
” I don’t know how it happened,,, but,,, I ended up kissing her again,,,,,, ” I said and suddenly remembered that it was even more than a kiss

” You’re crazy dude ” he laughed out
” Justin,, this is not funny. But,,, whenever I see her, I just lost control of myself, and I will end up doing something stupid,,, something is really wrong with me ” I said

” wait,, don’t tell me you’re in love with that girl ”
” I don’t know Justin,, I don’t understand myself anymore,,,,, ” I sighed

” This is more serious than I thought ” he said and sat down on the table

Olivia what have you done to me??? What!!! Why can’t I get you out of my mind???

” Max,, how about the wedding preparations?? ” Justin asked
” Still ongoing,, but am too busy to check on some things. Can you believe I’ve been trying to call Diana but she’s not picking my calls?? And she doesn’t even call back,, that girl is something else ” I said with a scoff

” Well,, you two are busy with something else. I’ve never seen the type of couples like you ever,,, you both are crazy and you don’t get yourself ” Justin said laughing

I shot him a deadly glare,,
” get out of my office ” I yelled
” am leaving,,, lover boy ” he winked and walked out

I scoff,lover boy??

Olivia’s pov :

I opened my eyes slowly,, I checked the time. What?? 5:20pm?? I can’t believe I slept for so long,,, what happened??

I got out from the bed and took off my clothes,, I walked into the bathroom and took a cold shower making me feel more better.

I got out and walked back into the room,,,, I dried my hair first,, and then the door suddenly sprang opened .

I turned toward the door,

” Am so sorry ” he said and closed the door immediately

I thought I locked this f**king door!!!!!!

Damn!!!! I wanted to cry but I could not,,,, he saw most part of my body,, the towel was damn too short

Olivia why is your life like this?? Why!!!

I put on a shirt and a short ,,I walked out of the room and went downstairs.

The old mama is about to leave,,,

” Bye mam ” I said with a smile
” Oh you’re awake,, I made you guys some fried rice and chicken. It’s actually not part of my work but I just decided to do that ” she said

” thank you so much mam ” I smiled
” you’re welcome daughter,, bye ” she said and walked out of the house

I sighed and collapsed on the long sofa,,,

I suddenly heard steps coming down,, I stood up immediately and ran into the kitchen. I really can’t see him,,, am so ashamed of myself!!

And then the worst happened,,, he entered into the kitchen,, I gasped and he raised his head. He also seem shocked to see me,,, I bowed my head slightly feeling as embarrassed as f**k…

” Did the woman cook?? ” he asked ignoring the state I am
” Yeah,,,, I mean,, yes ,,,” I said nervously

” hey Olivia,, I didn’t see anything earlier okay?? ” He said like he was reading my mind

But wait,, what’s the need for apologizing when he has seen my br**st back in the restaurant??

” Arrrhhhhhhh!!!!” I suddenly screamed out in frustration
” Hey,, are you okay?? ” he ran toward me

” Am fine,,, thank you ” I said making sure am not keeping any eye contact with him
” I said I am sorry,, stop avoiding my face ” he said and I nodded

Unknown pov:

I smirked as I replay the video,, it’s a video of Diana having s*x with another guy.

Just wait and see how I destroy this wedding of yours,,, you destroyed my life and I am gonna make you feel something worst,

No one messes with me.


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