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The bride’s maid – episode 3

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(💔 dangerous romance 💔 )

Chapter 3

By summer Gold.

Olivia’s pov :

He kissed me and I became shocked,, what is he thinking?? He’s getting married in two weeks time!!! I unlock from the kiss,,

” Sir,,, this is,,, “. Before I could finish my statement,, he pulled me more closer kissing me again. I only allowed him do his things, I didn’t kiss him back.

After some minute,, he left me. I stood there watching him,, don’t you dare apologize, I will be hurt

” Am,, ” he started
Don’t apologize!!!
” I don’t regret doing this trust me ” he winked and walked away

I sighed and entered my room,,, I collapsed on the large bed. What happened just now?? How on earth can I allow him kiss me that way??

I took the pillow and hugged it,, I hope this two weeks end well. I don’t seem to understand myself anymore,,,

I took my phone and played games before finally sleeping off.

Maxwell’s pov :

” What?? You mean,, you kissed her?? Diana’s maid?? ” Justin, my best friend asked through the phone

” She’s just her maid for the wedding and nothing else ” I corrected

” Okay,, but what were you thinking?? ” he asked

” She’s damn Hot,,,, but I don’t regret doing that anyway ” You rolled my eyes

” What do you mean by you don’t regret it?? Dude, you’re about getting married!! ” he said

” You can’t understand Justin,, and yes, I know am getting married. But the way I feels right now, I’ve never felt this way before,,, ”

” Just shut up Max,, go to bed now. You are saying shits ” he said and hang up the call

I sighed,

Maybe he’s right,, am saying shits. I dialed Diana’s number,, it keep on ringing but she’s not picking up.

She’s probably in a night club right now,, I don’t know why my parents keep on telling me I should get married to her just because of some stupid business.

Not like I don’t love her, we’ve been friends since we were kids. Our parents are business partners and best friends,, but the only feelings I have for her is like that of normal friends.

Just last month,, the two family decided to get us married go each other because of the family closeness to each other and also to seal the friendship.

I have no choice than to accept because I thought we loved each other,,, but I later realized that. I only want her as my best friend,, but there’s nothing I can do anymore.

I smiled when I remember Olivia,,, am sure she was shocked when I did that. I possibly can’t apologize because she’s gonna be hurt thinking I only used her to pass away time,, so am going keep my cool.

……… Next Morning……..

After getting dressed for work,, I walked out of the room and went downstairs. My Pa came in and took the briefcase from me, he went out while I followed. I stopped the moment I saw her,,,

” Morning sir ” she greeted with a smile and I nodded
Even though she was smiling, I could sense the nervousness in her voice
” Here,, I made you a cup of tea. Since you won’t be taking any good food to the office ” She said handing the cup to me
” Thanks ” I said and took it from her

It was not so hot, exactly what I want. I immediately drank everything and gave her the cup,,,
” See you later ” I said walking toward the exit
” Sir,,, am going to leave the house,,, can I? ”
” Sure you can ” I replied and went out

I can’t spend the next minute in that house without kissing her, so let’s just leave.

” Morning sir ” The guards bowed as I went out
” Morning ” I replied and entered the car
I brought out my phone and sighed,,, Diana did not see the calls or what,, I bet she was drunk last night.

My parents doesn’t even know the type of girl she is,,,, I won’t call her again. She should call whenever she’s less busy,,,

❤ Olivia ❤

I immediately took my bath and walked out of the bathroom,,, damn am so bored. Miss Diana can’t even care to call,, she should at least ask about how am coping here. What a lady??

I put on a short gown,, I’ve been wearing large hoods around this house. That’s the least I could do,, I can’t possibly wear short clothes when he’s around. I suddenly remembered the kiss,,,

” Oh no,, this is not happening!!! ” I shouted holding my face in my palms
” Am so sorry Miss Diana,, I am really sorry ” I said to no one in particular

I hate it when I feel guilty, and am already feeling it now.

I loose my hair and added a lip balm,,, I carried my small fashion bag and left the room.

I got downstairs,, oh,, the woman who took me to my room the other day is here.
I went into the kitchen, she was cleaning. I wonder why they can’t get a cook

” Hi” I said and she turned to me with a smile.
” Daughter, how are you doing? ” she asked
” Am fine mam, how about you? ” I asked
” Am doing good,, you’re going out? ” she asked

” It’s boring here, so I wanna go out for some minutes. It’s actually my first time in Manilla ” I responded
” Wow,, that is good ” She smiled.

” Uhm,, mam,, do you have any idea when miss Diana will come here? ” I asked
” No idea ” she responded

” F**k” I muttered
” She’s probably a wrong choice ” I heard her talking silently but I heard her
” Why do you think so? ” I asked curiously
” She doesn’t even care about Maxwell ” she responded and I chuckled

” She’s probably busy ” I said
” Busy my ass,, she’s always like that ”
” Huh? You know her? ” I asked
” Of course,, she’s Maxwell best friend since childhood. But then,, their parents asked them to get married ” she explained

” Oh,, it should be the best marriage since they’ve being together for a long time ” I said
” Diana and Maxwell,,,,,,, I think the only good relationship for them is best friends. They are really not close these days ” she said

” I will see you later mam ”
” Have fun ”

I walked out of the house,, I hope I won’t get lost 😂.


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