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The Bride’s Maid – episode 2

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( dangerous romance )

Summer gold.

Chapter 2

💖 Olivia 💖

Minutes later, everything was done,,, I dished out everything and we both went into the dinning room.

We both sat down and I place his before him,, he smiled before taking his cutleries.

” Wow,, this is amazing ” he said with the food in his mouth
” Really?? ” I asked
” Yeah,, it just taste different from the ones I’ve always eat. You’re great ” he said and I find myself blushing.

” Thank you sir ” I said and then everything became quiet as we both eat,, until he broke the silence.
” You don’t know my name right?? ” he asked and I looked up
” Am sorry,, I should have asked ” I said with a guilty face

” It’s fine,,, Am Maxwell ” He smiled out dimples
” Nice name, you still remember mine I think ” I said
” Of course, why will I forget such a beautiful name?? Olivia?? I can’t ” he said causing me to giggle.
” Am glad you enjoyed the little meal ” I said as I washed out the dish
” When last have I taste a meal made by someone close?? always the restaurant stuff which is actually not my taste but I don’t have any choice do I? “

I only nodded with a light smile

” Am gonna help you with that ” he said taking the sponge from me
” What?? No you can’t,, Ma’am Diana will get mad at me ” I said taking the sponge back from him

” Of course not,, she won’t know until you tell her ” He said finally taking it from me.

” Are you sure you can do this?? ” I asked with my brow raising up

” Trust me ” he winked and I almost gasped,,, why did he do that??

I watched as he washed everything perfectly.

” Wow,, you really did great ” I said clapping my hands.

” Thanks for the complement,,,,and thanks for the meal. I owe you one ” he said with a smile

” Am only doing my job,, and taking care of you is included ” I said as we entered the living room

” Wanna watch some movie?? ” He asked
I think for some seconds,,,

” That will be fun ” I smiled and sat down

He sat down beside me,,, not really close anyway and it calm my nervousness.

” what type will you like?? Romance, Horror,, Action?? ” he asked facing me
” Uhm,, anyone ” I smiled
” Nope,, am using this to pay back. So am at your service ” he said

” I think I’ve watched Romance movies all my life,, I watch Actions too. But never tried Horror,,,, am going with Horror ” I said almost regretting that I said that.

” I hope you won’t run off ” he chuckled.

” Am a strong girl if you don’t know ” I smiled

” We will see ” he replied


💖 Diana’s Pov💖

I sip from the beer and smiled sheepishly,,,

” Wow!!!!!!!! ” I screamed and joined my friends in dancing
” Shake those hips baby!!!! “

I smiled and continue dancing, swaying my butts,,.

” Am really gonna miss you when you get married ” Joanna said.

” Getting married doesn’t kill the fun in me, do you get?? ” I snapped

” But still,, you will have to be more careful or,,,,, “

” I know what you mean,,, Maxwell love me a lot and he’s mine alone. Am sure he’s never gonna see any girl aside me ” I smirked

” I know,, but not seeing each other for two weeks. Isn’t that too much?? ” Talia asked.

” It’s nothing,, we will always talk on phone ” I replied.

” Guys, forget that. Let’s have fun!!!!!! ” Joanna shouted happily

I so much love them.

💖 Maxwell 💖

I watched as she freaked out,,, I was able to see her clearly. She look so damn hot,,, even though she was putting on an oversized hood and a trouser. She’s still damn curvy,, she even look more hot in that.

” Oh no!!!! ” She screamed and jumped on me at once while I became shock,, I was not even watching the movie anymore.

She doesn’t notice she’s sitting and hugging me right now,,,, I bet she will jump away when she notice.

She faced me and gasped in shock,,, her small and red lips pat ways making me lick my bottom lips. Damn,, how can someone be as hot as this??

” Am so sorry ” she said and stood up.

” I am really sorry,, I just got too scared and lost control. Am so sorry please forgive me ” she keep on bowing.

” It’s fine ” I smiled and stood up to switch the TV off.

I better leave before my mind lost control,, I am already having the urge to kiss those little lips of hers.

” Good night sir ” she bowed and started walking upstairs
I nodded and followed her,, maybe she was nervous because she lost her balance. Thank God I was fast enough to catch her before falling,,,

She widen her eyes the moment I caught her,,,

💖 Olivia 💖

Damn,, why must he walk behind me. Am so nervous right now,, I don’t even know how to walk right now.

I suddenly lost my balance and fell,, but a warm hand caught me.

It was him,,, my eyes widen the moment his hands were wrapped around me. That was because his hands were on my backside,,,,

He doesn’t seem to know,,, I only stood there waiting for him to take his hand, but it seem like it’s taking forever.

” Oh,, am sorry ” He said releasing me and I lost balance again,, this time. Our faces are just few inches from each other,,

I stared straight into his eyes but he wasn’t looking at me,, his eyes were on my lips

Before I could leave him,,, he even pulled me closer and crashed his lips on mine.

Whaaaatttt?????? 😱😱


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