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The Bride’s maid – episode 1

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( dangerous Romance )

Chapter 1

By summer Gold.

💍 Olivia 💍

I yawn standing up from the bed as tired as f**k. I walked into the bathroom, I brush my teeth and then took my bath. After that I went back into my room.

I can’t believe I will be leaving for 2weeks for a wedding that’s not even mine??

Damn!!. I wish I find my mister right sooner. Am fed up of being single,,, Always being a bride’s maid is becoming unbearable for me, that’s what am going to do again this time.

Let me introduce myself,,, I am Olivia Taylor,, 25 years old. I don’t stay with my parents,, they live in another state. They’ve always told me,,,,

” You have to get married now before your beauty fade away,, ” their pressure is just too much

They should understand that God time is the best.

I finally got dressed, I arranged my hair and put on a light make-up. I wore my heels and grab my traveling bag,,, I took my phone and rushed out of the room.

I checked the time,,, 10:20am?? Am quite late,,, well don’t have a choice.

I bid the gateman goodbye,,, there are three building in the compound and I live in one of them.

I got a taxi which took me to the park where I will get a car going to Manila.


I got down from the car and breath in. I faced the mansion and wowed,, this is great. Just great!
I knocked the gate and it was opened,,

” Hello ma’am,, ” The man greeted
” Hi ” I smiled

” How may I help you?? ” he asked
” Am here to meet Ms Diana ” I said

” Oh,, am sorry. You can go in”
” Thank you,, but can you take me to her? ” I asked

” Of course ma’am ”

I nodded and followed him quietly admiring the mansion,,,, the dude must be really rich. Diana is so lucky,,, I smiled and sigh.

” Hello ” I greeted
” Oh,,, you’re Miss Olivia?? ” She asked

She’s a model popularly known all over,, am just a girl who walk in the wedding support company and I am here to make everything good the way they want,,, just a Bride’s maid. I just hope someday,, I will also be in her shoes.

” Yes ma’am,, am Olivia ” I replied with a bow.

” You are late ” she rolled her eyes

” Am so sorry ma’am ” I said

She’s rude,, arrgh!

She called someone.

” Take her to the guest room, she will stay here until the wedding is over ” she said

” Okay ma’am ” the lady replied

” You can have your rest and start fully tomorrow.mind you, I won’t be staying here. This is my husband to be mansion, I can’t stay here because that’s the culture. So you can also help him with somethings when needed ” she said

” Okay ma’am ” I replied

I followed the woman who led me upstairs,, she opened one of the rooms
” You can stay here ” she smiled

” Thank you ma’am ”

” You look so beautiful ” she touched my cheek

” Thank you ma’am ” I smiled

” Get some rest now ” She said and walked out of the room

I dropped my bag and collapse on the bed,,, I hope this go well. She doesn’t seem nice,,
I sigh and decided to sleep for some time,, I closed my eyes and sleep took over
I woke up and felt somehow hungry,, I don’t feel comfortable here and I don’t know why. I made sure I was putting on something which cover my wide hips and curvy br*ast. I opened the door and went out,, everywhere seems to be quiet, what’s happening??

I sigh and went downstairs,, nobody is there. I was about giving up when I saw someone in the wine bar drinking, I was able to see him well. He look handsome,, maybe he’s the groom.

” Who are you?? ” he faced me checking me from head to toe and I suddenly became more uncomfortable.

” Am sorry,,, I should have introduced myself. Am Olivia,, the Bride’s Maid and assistant. Am gonna do my best ” I said and bowed my head a little

” You’re welcome ” he said and faced his wine again
” Sir,, where are the maids?? ‘ I asked
” They left,,, they always come here in the morning and leave by evening. What do you want?? ” He asked

” I am a little bit hungry,, but I guess,,,, ”
” They don’t cook ” he said
” What?? So who always do the cooking? ” I asked

” I don’t eat at home,, ”
” Wow,, that’s strange ” I said and he chuckle
” Have you taken something?? ” I asked

” Nope, but am fine ”
” No,, you can’t be fine ” I said

” Okay,, maybe we can go out and get something to eat? ”
” No,, just show me the kitchen and went will prepare something ” I said walking to somewhere I don’t know exactly
” That’s not the way ” he said standing up

” Come with me ” he said and You followed him.

We entered the large kitchen and I wowed.

” This more than amazing ” I said with a smile.

” Different ingredients are there,, and the foodstuffs, everything. Take the ones you need ”

I nodded and raised my hand to open the food cupboard,, oops,, I am not tall.

” Bad thing you’re short ” he said and opened it

Wow. different cooking utensils. How come nobody cooks?? How about his Fiancee?

” What’s your favorite food?? ” I asked
” Not something hard,, plantains and egg with chicken ” he said.

I nodded and brought out everything I need,,

I got down from the chair I was standing on.

” Do you mind of I stay and watch how you cook?? ” he asked.

” I don’t mind ” I replied

He nodded and sat down. he took an apple from the fruit Stand and washed before he started eating slowly and at the same time watching me.


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