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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Prologue

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. Book Review. By Chimdi Jane Samuel.

Noah Bricks.
Handsome, flirt, bad, dangerous, and an illegal racer.
I’ve always had my life all planned out for me. Each day I go to school, insult teachers, get detention, stare at girls ass, beat the crap out of some silly guys in school. Go home, eat, sleep, ignore homework. Then Race. That was what I did for a living, I raced. Illegally. But who gives a fuck. I loved it. I loved cars. Every night a lot of us gathered to race along the lonely street.

Then after that I go to the bar, drink, dance with girls. I might even take some home to have fun. Or I get drunk and drag my lazy ass home alone. Either way, I had no one to look after except myself. And that was how I wanted it to be.

Me and my bad life. I loved it. I was free.

Until a little girl, with blue eyes like mine, blone hair that matched mine appears on my door step claiming I’m her father.

That was when my life changed.


Would Noah drop all his bad lifestyle and accept what life has brought to him. A beautiful girl at his doorstep claiming to be his daughter?


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