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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 9

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Nine.

*Noah’s point of view*

I lost, again.

Ryder did that thing again, hitting my car and zooming off to the finish line. My head was once again slammed to the steering opening the already healing wounds, even my arm ached once more.

After the competition, I returned the car and started walking home only to pull up short when I heard someone behind me.

“Noah Bricks” The voice sounded in my ears. I knew that voice, it haunted me every night after the match reminding me on the money I owed him.

“Drew” I turned to him, there he was standing in all his bad ass pride. He was wearing a black sleeveless top that exposed his Snakes and Ladders tattoo. Drew was the leader of the most notorious gang here, he was into all kinds of crimes. I never wanted to be involved with him. But then life has a way of getting you into stupid things.

Few years ago, my dad got involved with them. He repaired the cars they used for racing. And since Drew owned the racing spot he was involved with him too. My dad being the greedy son of a bunch, stope the cars and ran off to God knows where. Drew became angry and proceeded to find him. After months of searching, they came to a conclusion that my dad couldn’t be found and who was blamed for his crimes. Me.

I was just struggling with school then, I didn’t even know what my dad did to get money, all o knew was that he disappeared and the gang came to my house and told me I had to pay ten million.

Or else they would kill me. And I really didn’t want to die.

So here I was paying the bills of my father’s greed. The selfish old bitch. I never wanted this kind of wife, but after a few years with guys like this, I was forced into it.

Drew had given me two years to pay the ten million, so I worked my ass off every night to get the money so he would leave me alone. And that was why I needed to win this competition.

“This is the last time I’ll remind you of my money, the year is running out. It would be such a shame for you to die now after giving me eight million” He smirked, stepping closer to me.

“I’ll give you your money Drew, I’m going to win this time” He laughed.

“Oh, like you did last year when Ryder beat your scwany ass? If you don’t get me my money, I’m going to haunt everything you’ve loved and bring it down before I kill you slowly” He tapped my shoulder before walking away.

Stupid ass.

Stupid Ryder.

I glanced at my watch it was already past one am. I told Anna I’ll be back by midnight. I ran to my apartment and opened the door, breathing heavily.

The lights were on. Anna wasn’t in the sitting room. I went to the kitchen first to get a glass of water. The dishes were washed, and there was already made pasta in the pot. I took a good look at the apartment again, and there was a difference, the tables were cleaned and cleared of all the junks. Everywhere appeared swept and all my worn clothes were in a laundry basket.

Did Anna do all these?

I dropped the glass of water and walked to the room.

She was lying on the bed close to Casey who was clinging to her teddy bear. They looked so peaceful together. And I couldn’t help a smile that ran across my face. I sat on the bench and took Casey’s hand in mine, and Anna’s hand in the other. The two girls didn’t even stir.

What was I doing?

Why was I feeling this way?

I didn’t even know this two ladies. I only just met Anna and Casey just came into my life. Why was I acting like I had Known them for years?

There was something drawing me closer to them. Something I couldn’t see.

Not wanting to think any further I walked out of the room nut before kissing them both on the head.
I sat on the couch and pulled out an old picture from three years ago, I looked younger, it was my first prom at high school and I had gone with Andrea. I was starting to like her and I knew she felt the same way. She was beautiful, smart and kind. There was something about her that drew me in.

When we begun dating, that was when my dad left and Drew found me forcing me to race for money, eventually, I got accustomed to their life style and I too picked on it. Before then I already slept with Andrea, I didn’t even know how to use protection.

After a few months, Andrea was no where to be found. She and her family had disappeared to New York or so we heard. I lost her number when Drew invaded my home and broke my phone.
Andrea didn’t have any friends so I couldn’t get in touch with her. I didn’t even have money to visit her in wherever she might have been.

All this while, I never knew why she left but now I do. Because of Casey. She got pregnant and left the tiwn to start again. She dedicated two years of her life bringing Casey up and now she had decided to follow her dreams,. That was why she brought Casey here, she knew I would never abandon her, she knew that deep inside I had a heart.

Andrea was the only girl to see the good in me.

Now I had Casey to worry about, and little by little, the blue eyed bundle of joy was creeping her way into my story heart and I knew it. And even though it’s been a day since I met Anna, I knew she had stolen a piece of my heart too the moment she helped me.

It’s been a long time since I had someone help me. It’s just been me for the past three years. And it was getting lonely. That was why I got quickly attached to Anna, because she’s been there even if it was for a day.

I didn’t want anyone to touch them. Especially Drew. If he found that I had a daughter and a friend who I was harboring feelings for. He would use that as a leverage if I didn’t get the money..

If I couldn’t pay him, I didn’t really mind because there was little he could do it next, just kill need and end it. But if he found out about Casey and Anna no doubt he would kill them and make me watch. I couldn’t live with that.

I was going to protect them if it was the last thing I did.



Now we’ve seen how Noah owes Drew and how he got Casey, there’s still a lot going on. He lost the match again to Ryder, and even though it’s not the semi finals, he was injured. But Noah has to win this competition if not Drew would kill him and even worst if he finds out about Casey and Anna. How would Noah keep this secret, win this competition and pay drew off without letting Anna know?

Find out in the next chapter.

Stay tuned.

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