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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 8

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Eight.

*Noah’s point of view*

“So I was wondering if you could stay with Casey for the night?” I asked Anna after we finished lesson. It was already past eight and I needed to be at the racing spot by eight thirty.

I didn’t want to leave Casey alone in case someone broke into the house to take her or steal something, whatever I didn’t want to leave her alone.

“Where are you going?” Anna asked, packing some of the books into her bag before placing it on her lap and starting at me with high hazel eyes.

“I have a job to do”

“Like what?”

“It’s none of your business, would you watch her or not?” Why couldn’t someone just ask first help without the person giving a life description. It was annoying.

Anna sighed and ran her hands through her hair. “When would you be back?’

“Midnight” I only had one race today. With that stupid Ryder.

“Ok, but I have to change your bandages before you go” she muttered, opening her hag again and bringing out her medical kit.

“Do you take that everywhere you go?” I asked, picking up the small box to reveal, needless, syringe, Bandages, scissors and all other medical instrument.

“Yes, anyone could be in danger, and I always want to help. Move closer” I shifted my closer to Anna and she blushed slightly when my knees touched hers.

“Thanks for helping me” i said, staring into her eyes. “You didn’t even know me” She smiled and peeled off the bandage from my head,

“No problem”

God. She was beautiful, staring at her like this, sitting so close to me I couldn’t help but imagine those lips against mine again. Though the first time had been a mistake, but I wanted it. I wanted those lips against mine again.

I could barely feel her hands against my head, my mind was somewhere else, another place with her in it.

“Done” She smiled, “I’ll still have to change the bandages tomorrow”

I moved closer to her, she remained in still position and my lips went closer to her, those hazel eyes staring deep into my eyes. I wanted to feel her lips. I needed to. Almost reaching her, she pulled away.

“Sorry, the last time was a mistake, and I don’t want it to happen again”

Of course. It felt like a knife had cut a small piece of my heart.

“Sure, I’ll be going now. Midnight” I walked out m, slamming the door behind me before she said anything else.

What the hell was I thinking? That she was just going to kiss me like that?

Was I that terrible she didn’t want to? It was it because she didn’t know me?

What ever the reason was it hurt me.

What the hell Noah? You shouldn’t let those things get to you. You’re Noah Bricks, you can get any girl you want she wouldn’t be any different.

I walked out if the building and after a few minutes, I got to the racing spot.

About five hundred people were present here Every night. It was the normal routine. But today we had more people than usual because this was the last stage before semi finals. After two months of racing other people,

Every six months there was a competition, where professional racers gathered to find the best. The first stage was the easiest. Anyone who wanted to race was giving a starting point and the first twenty who made it across the finishing line proceeded to the next stage. Here, the twenty competitors would race through dangerous barriers, curves and even explosives. The only way to make it to the next round would be to go through it all without a single scratch on the car, that means no contact. Only ten racers made it.

Now the third stage was were we would be grouped into two. And I was grouped with Ryder. Yesterday had been a warm up before the D day which was tomorrow. Today also was a warm up, something like a warm up revenge which was because of yesterday. Ryder had hit my car so terribly it went over, there was a law against attacking other cars. But during the finals it was do whatever you can to win.

But this wasn’t even the semi finals and Ryder wasn’t playing fair. So today was like a revenge of yesterday and many people were eager to watch.

I went to the garage to pick the car I always rented. It was a Mazda MX-5 Miata, my lucky car, my dad used this during his last days of racing. It was black and looking a little old. After the match yesterday I had the mechanic fix it so I could use it today.

“Hey Noah, how’s your head?” Theo the mechanic asked when I walked into the garage. He was an old man, a good friend of my father’s. He had worked as a mechanic for the racers as long as I could remember.

“Healing” I smiled, walking over you the car.

“You finally went to the hospital for the first time in your life”
I nodded, there was no way I was telling Theo about Anna, hell even Casey. Where he was like a father to me I didn’t trust him completely, anyone could turn their backs on you.

“Is she ready?” I pointed to the car.

“Yes, he safe Noah” He tapped need before leaving. I walked towards the car, got in. And zoomed to the starting line. Ryder was already there, testing in the bonnet with girls surrounding him. Half naked girls, he was kissing one while gripping to the ass another.


I got out of the car “Yo Ryder, let’s do this right now and stop eating that girl’s face!” I shouted at him. He snapped out of his kiss, pushing the girls away and wiping his lips, a smirk playing on it.

Ryder was handsome, a typical ladies man, and also a very very very good racer. He won the competition the last time. And he wanted to kick my ass again.
He was really angry I didn’t give up and wanted to compete again this year.

“Your head must he hurt really bad, was it because I wiped your ass yesterday?” He smirked, grabbing another girl and giving her a fierce kiss before pushing her away to step closer to me.

“You’re going to get more than a head injury this time Bricks” He stepped away and got into his car.

I got into mine, stepping on the accelerator, causing it to hum loudly. The girl standing in front of us, waving the flag teasingly, whining her waist seductively and smiling at us.

She pointed the flag to me and I stepped on the accelerator again. She smiles and turned to Ryder, he did his too. She waved the flag again before hitting it on the ground.

I zoomed off.

At the coner of my eye I saw him.

The man I was racing for, the man that I hated and the man I owed money. He was the reason I raced to get money so I could pay him back. And if I didn’t, I knew what he could do.

For Drew Goodman is not to be messed with.


Ok so, we’ve seen the racing side of Noah and his main competitor is Ryder another good racer, also he wanted to kiss Anna but sadly she turned him down and he’s kinda hurt by it. Does it mean he likes her? Also we’ve seen a little bit of why Noah races, he owes Drew money and we’ve seen what happens when someone owes him.
Would Noah he able to pay him? And whybdies Noah owe him Money?

Find out in the next chapter.


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