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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 7

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Seven.

*Noah’s point of view*

“Dad, there’s no TV, me wanna watch pj masks” Casey whined, jumping on the couch, it’s been a few minutes since we finished her homework and I was checking my account balance on my phone. I was dead broke.

Not that I had nothing, I did, but there was still a lot I wanted to buy. Like cornflakes, how much did that cost?

I didn’t know. “Hey, put on your jacket, let’s go the store to get you cornflakes” I said, carrying her to my room so she could bring her pink jacket.

Casey jumped and sang on my arms as I put her jacket on for her. “You’re putting it the wrong way” She laughed.

When everything was pink, pink outside, pink inside, how was I supposed to know. The color is so annoying. Black was the way.

A knock sounded on my door. And I thought who would be there, but Casey jumped down from my arms and ran towards it, opening it immediately.

Jesus, it could be a robber. I ran to the door almost stumbling. Anna stood by it, looking down at Casey in surprise.

I didn’t know what to say at first, no way I was saying this was my daughter. I’ll just tell her it’s my neighbors kid.

“Dad is this your girlfriend?”


Anna’s eyes snapped to mine, a look of shock clouded her features, and her jaw dropped.

“No, Casey. Hey go get my phone and keys on the table alright” I said to Casey and she ran away Immediately.

“You didn’t tell me you had a kid”

“I just found out, few minutes ago”

“Aren’t we going to have lessons today?” She asked, peeping into the apartment. “Seems you are going out”

“I’m going to get her cornflakes, I’ll be back. Wanna hang out too?”
Anna seemed to be considering it and I wanted her to say yes, God knew if I took Casey to the store she’ll get lost.

“Here dad” Casey smiled, handling me the keys. “Let’s go, me is hungry” she whined before turning to look at Kissy. “You is pretty, really pretty, more pretty than dad”

Anna squared beside her so she could be at eye level with Casey. “Thanks dear, what’s your name?”

“Casey Bricks, mom said my last name not Graham, and I take dad last name Bricks” She looked at me with pride.

The more I stared at her and Kissy talking the more I knew, this little girl was mine. She really was. And her mom Andrea, left. I was going to try to get in contact with her to see if she could take Casey back. Because there was no way I was keeping a two years old with me. She couldn’t fit into my life. Not this horrible life I lived.

I couldn’t even take care if myself how much more a kid who wanted attention, and a girl for that. I couldn’t do it. Andrea would take her, then I’ll try as much as possible to send money every month. But keeping Casey was out of it.

“Ok, Casey come out. Kissy you’re coming right?” I turned to Anna..

“But she say her name’s Anna, dad call you Kissy why?” Casey started up at Anna and she blushed. Her cheeks a deep shade of red. I smirked, not saying a word.

“He- it…I…” She stuttered. Looking up at me, silently pleading for help. But I kept shut. My smirk growing bigger..

“’s just a nickname Noah came up with, come on” She held until Casey’s hand as we left the apartment.

Casey sang the whole way to the store and I could feel Anna’s stare at me. Why was she staring? Of course she’ll be wondering how I had a daughter within four hours and I was going to tell her.

“How about milk?” Anna asked me when we took the cornflakes from the stack of goods.

Milk? Do they take milk with cornflakes?

“Yes, daddy. Me don’t take cornflakes without milk and sugar, it’s bitter” She grinned, holding my hand so she could take the cornflakes. I handed it over to her and she admired the cover of it

“Where’s her mom?” Anna asked when she saw Casey busy with the cornflakes.

“I don’t know, Casey mentioned something about her leaving for school. I’m going to find her” I picked up a bottle of milk from the shelf and sugar before turning back at Anna.

“Let’s go. Come on Casey” Anna took her hand, but she just wiggled out of it and ran towards the cashier.

Anna laughed, it was a nice sound, I smiled at her and she blushed taking her eyes off me.

After paying for the food we went back to the apartment and Anna made the meal for Casey while she jumped all over the chair singing something like a Barbie song.

Casey was a horrible eater, she spewed milk all over the place, on her dress, on her jacket and her mouth was stained with milk. But I didn’t say anything while Anna cleaned up the mess.

“Mom says, bath before sleep”

That wasn’t fucking happening. I couldn’t bath her. That wasn’t happening.

I turned to look at Anna pitifully. “Could you please assist her in the bathroom?”

“Sure” she beamed, taking Casey’s hand and fiing to the bathroom.

Sighing, slumped on the couch, my neck ached. I glanced at the time, I had two more hours to be at the racing ground. How was I going to leave Casey here? Maybe I could ask Anna for help?

What no! I didn’t even know her that well enough, she could be a kidnapper.

Really Noah, the girls helped you yesterday.

Fine. I was going to ask. But I knew she might say no. No one wanted to be stucked with a kid.

“She’s asking for you” Anna stepped in front of me, she was really beautiful. “why are you staring at me like that?”

“Nothing” I stood up and walked to the room. Casey was lying in the bed, a teddy bear in her arms and she was wearing a pink nightdress.

“Mom always read bed times stories for me. Cinderella. But she didn’t put the book in my bag, but you know it right?” Those big green eyes stared at me with so much hope, no way I was telling her no .

I didn’t even know the whole story about Cinderella. “Yes I do”

“Tell me”

Well, here I go.

“Once upon a time” Casey drew closer, her eyes locked with mine. “There was a girl who lived with her step mother and there was this huge black scary beast who lived up the hill in a dark mansion filled with monsters, monsters that talked. ” Casey’s eyes opened wider.
She clinged until her teddy bear tighter..

“But the huge black scary beast didn’t love anyone that was why he was like that. He used swords to cut off people’s heads, he beat kids and cut off girls hair”

Casey gasped, holding her black hair in fright .”Oh no”

“But one day Cinderella went into the woods, and the beast came, he screamed and shouted at Cinderella to go back. But Cinderella was looking for her father so she said no. The Beast was angry he opened his mouth to bite off Cinderella’s head. His big, strong teeth coming closer to her face”

“No!, Please don’t eat Cinderella!” Casey screamed.

“No, the beast didn’t hear Casey ,so he opened his mouth and was getting closer to Cinderella’s head and bi–”

“The hunters then came and shot the beast dead” Anna walked into the room. “Cinderella was safe and she found her dad and went back home happy, the end”

Casey released the breath she had been holding, her eyes were watery and tears spilled from them.

Oh my God! What did I do now?
“What is wrong?” I asked, but Casey just cried harder, clinging until her teddy bear for dear life.

What did I do? I was just telling her a story.
“What’s wrong honey?” Anna sat beside me on the bed facing Casey, she asked very softly, while my voice was louder.

“I don’t want no big scary beast to take daddy” She rose her head, looking at me with teary eyes. My heart melted.

“No, no no, no one’s gonna take your dad alright.” Anna said, coming closer to her to hold her and wipe her tears.

“But the beast took Cinderella daddy and wanted to eat him” She cried harder this time.

I was dumb struck, I didn’t know what to do. She was scared a big beast which didn’t exist was going to kill me. It was just a story.

“Your daddy is strong and powerful he’s going to kill any beast that comes close to the both of you, ok?”

“Really?” Casey looked up at me, I put my hands forward and wiped her tears, before putting her to bed and covering her.

“Yes Casey, I’m going to beat the hell out of any beast that comes close to us. I’m very strong”
I kissed her forhead. She smiled, closing her eyes to sleep.

I stared at her before getting up with Anna and putting off the lights..

No beast is going to take me away from you.


So, guys Noah’s heart is already melting. Anna too knows about her. But Noah is thinking of calling Andrea and taking Casey back to her. Would he do so or find a place in his heart to accept her?

Find out in the next chapter.

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