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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 6

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Six.

*Noah’s point of view*
To say I was shocked was an understatement. I was dumbstruck, dumbfounded, surprised and I was fucked!

I had a daughter? No way?

This was just a random kid looking for her mom, or dad, but it was definitely not me, it couldn’t be me.

I slept around, yes! But none of them have ever gotten pregnant for me, not for me. I used protection I made sure if it. And judging by this girls look, she wasn’t up to three. That means if she was my daughter it must have been three years ago.

And if she was my daughter, why hadn’t the mom brought her to me all this time? Why wait till she was older?

Where was the mom? What the fuck is happening?

Why can’t I just fuck around without anyone getting pregnant for me?

Like what the fuck? This wasn’t my daughter?

Who the fuck was I kidding? This girl was the replica of my, the hair, eyes, nose even to the shape of her little fingers around my necklace.

Not only that. That necklace she held was the second half of the one around my neck. I knew who I gave it to.
But I needed to be sure.

“Mama said should look around your neck and I’ll see one like mine. She say you love it and you give her” my daughter said, sounding just like me.

My daughter? No fuck. The little girl.

“Where’s your mama?” I asked.

“I don’t know, mama said she go to school and papa will take good care of me” She said, dropping my necklace and coming closer to me so she could touch my bandaged head.

Why does she want to touch it? Maybe she wants to press it so I’ll feel pain.

Calm down Noah she’s a kid.
Kids could be dangerous too.

“What happened to dad’s head? Dad shouldn’t run around and play so he won’t get hurt”

“I fell over the stairs” I liked smoothly, no way I was telling my daughter I got into an accident while racing.

My daughter?? Fuck! The little girl.

“Dad should go to hospital, they treat people who’s head are bad, like yours”

Geez thanks.

I stood to my feet and opened my door. I wasnt going to let her stay outside any longer in case any one God forbid my neighbors know, they’ll tell everyone else. The last thing I need is my racing buddies knowing I have a daughter.

I picked up her little box and followed her inside. My apartment wasn’t big, just a room, a sitting room, kitchen and bathroom. Nothing else. I lived alone. No one else.

I placed the box in the room and came back to see the little girl staring at a huge photo of a sport car.

“Mama says you drive lots” She grinned.

“Yea, cars are fun” I moved closed to her, picking her up and placing her on the chair

“Who’s your mom?” I asked, even though I already had an idea who she was.

The girl but her fingers, looking at me with huge green eyes, so green, just like mine

Focus Noah, she can just mention someone you don’t know, you can never be too sure.

“Andrea. Mom name Andrea Graham” She spoke softly.

Of course I knew Andrea, she was one of my firsts. Blonde hair blue eyes, she was drop dead gorgeous. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her.

I wanted to ask more, but the little girl yawned loudly and removed her bag from her back.
“Me is hungry, I want cornflakes, me love cornflakes”

Cornflakes? Are you fucking kidding me? Who ate that these days?

I was a racer, I didn’t have time for cornflakes?

“” Immediately I said that she shot up from the chair and I stepped back quickly

“I want cornflakes, me is hungry!” She said, tears filled her eyes, threatening to fall out.

“Er…I..ok, I’ll get it for you” I said, she sniffed, wiped her eyes and sat down again.

“I’ve got homework, mama said to do homework before food, Dad help me, please. Mom say good to say please so me say please too* She smiles at me, taking a book from her bag and placing it ok the table.

What? I hadn’t even done my homework yet?
Now I had to help a little girl do hers? What the fuck is going on?

Why was my life moving so fast?

“Dad? Look at the ponies, Mr Tony said should count all the ponies.” She pointed to a pink little horse. “One, two..” She stared at me. “Dad isn’t counting, count with me”

“One ponies, two ponies…”

What the fuck?
Did I look like a freak?

“Say three ponies dad”

“Three ponies” I said, she touched my cheeks, pinching them a little. “Good, me teach dad how to count”


After about fifteen minutes of counting ponies, counting little bears and little dolls, we finally finished the homework and the little girl smiled at me.

“Dad is cool. Mom say dad would like me. I miss mom. Mom is sad telling me to come stay with dad”

She looked like she wanted to cry then she came closer to me and put her little arms around my neck.

I went stiff.. I didn’t know what to do. Hug her back?

I didn’t know this girl? She just randomly came to my door saying I’m her dad. How true was this?

Who was I kidding, no doubt she was my daughter.

“It’s ok, Dads gonna take care of you” I whispered, hugging her back.

Realising I didn’t know her name yet, I asked. “What’s your name?”

“Casey Bricks”


Hey guys, I’m really happy about this book. So Noah knows she’s his daughter, and he knows the mom too. A girl he had an affair with. When? We don’t know. Noah is really freaked out about Casey, a little bundle of joy, she’s so cute and funny. I love writing her. There are still some unsolved mysteries, more stones would be turned. More truths to uncover. And how would Noah fit his little Casey into his life?

Stay tuned.

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