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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 5

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Five.

*Noah’s point of view*

I glanced at Kissy from my seat, she was mixing some chemicals together with her friend beside her. They were talking in hisged voices.

First period. Chemistry. Worst subject ever. I couldn’t even understand what was going on all I knew was that I had to add the liquids that looked like water together. And on down something. What? I didn’t know.

How was mixing chemicals going to make me a better racer ?

“Mr Bricks, I don’t see you doing anything, if you’re having a problem feel free to ask for help” the teacher said, causing everyone to glanced at my direction.

“Miss Waters, you appear to be done, could you please give our transferred student here a helping hand?” Kissy glanced at me before picking her notes and walking over to me.

Miss Waters?

No fucking way was I calling her that. Kissy was fine

“I don’t fucking need your help you know, I was getting it all fine” I muttered. Picking up whatever chemical and almost adding it to another.

“No!” She said, grabbing it from my hand And placing it down. “You don’t add HCl to chemicals, you add chemicals to HCl”

“What’s the difference?” I asked, watching her pour the HCl or whatever into a long pipe.

“It’s dangerous, and beside you’re supposed to use only 25cm of HCl, did you measure it with the burette?” She asked.

“What’s a burette?”

“This long glass pipe over here, just pour the HCl in it until it reaches 25cm, see!” I looked at the burette or whatever it was called and the acid in it was perfectly at 25cm.

After about twenty minutes of boring chemistry, the bell rang and I was pleased to get out of the class. .

“Anna, Noah. A word please?” Mts Williams called me when I went to place my book for submission

“I need you to put Noah here through. I understand you’re preparing for the State physics competition. But Mr Bricks here could use a little help even if it’s for two hours everyday” she said.

What? I didn’t need anyone teaching me and putting me through anything .

“I don’t think that would be ne–”

“Ok Mrs Williams, it would be my pleasure” Kissy said and Mrs Williams walked out with the books.

“What the hell? I don’t need you?”

” Yes you do, you couldn’t even identify some if the chemical instruments, you won’t graduate if you don’t have a ‘C’ in chemistry.” She argued.

“That’s my business, I don’t need you sticking your nose in it”

“Well sorry about that but Mrs Williams here knows I didn’t do her project here, thanks to my Best friend now I have to make up for it by helping you, so don’t think I want to help you. I just need it for just grades”

“Ah fuck! I don’t have time to learn chemistry. I’m busy after school hours”

I had to race. I had to sleep. I didn’t want to waste free time learning stupid things.

“Sorry Noah but you have to fix a few minutes everyday, even if it’s an hour” She smiled up at me. “How’s your head? Did you check it out at the sick bay today”

“No” I said walking away from her

I didn’t want to learn any more subjects afrer school hours, coming to school was already a big deal for me, I needed to race to gather enough money. Not sitting on a pretty chair with a pretty girl learning school work .

But also I didn’t want to be transferred to another school again before I was having poor grades. God knows the next school I’ll be transferred to would be outside this town. And I needed to stay in this town to race. I needed to race. I needed the money.

School passed by a blue and Kissy which I already knew as Anna was only in my chemistry class today. I saw her again during lunch and we agreed to meet at my place for learning today. And she offered to redress my wound God knows it was hurting need really badly and I had to race this Evening I didn’t need anymore distractions.

I walked home after seeing Anna talking to one particular girl I saw Everytime with her.

Maybe they were best friends. Who cares?

Anna was beautiful, she looked so different that she did last night. I noticed a lot about her during our chemistry class. She wore reading glasses when she was writing, and twitched her nose whenever she was serious. Many times I wanted to sweep her hair from her face behind her ear. But had to stop myself.

Get a grip on yourself Noah!

I entered my lobby and made my way to my apartment when I spotted a little girl standing at my front door. She looked to be about two years. She was wearing a pink dress and pink boots. She was just standing there gawking at my door.

What the fuck? Whose child is this? And what the fuck is she doing at my door?

I walked carefully towards her and she turned to me.


She had the same color of hair as mine, the eyes was like mine, green with little brown at the center. The nose, straight. It was like a female version of me.

“Hello?” I said, squatting beside her and looking at her to see if I could find anything that didn’t look like me. No, I found nothing

“Hi” She said in a small voice. Raising her hand to touch my chest, she brought out the necklace I was wearing. My most treasured object.

She took out hers from her pocket and placed it beside mine. The magnets in both necklaces clicked and the words formed. “Yours forever”

I recognized both necklaces, I knew who it belonged to. My first girlfriend.

“You’re my dad” The Little girl sooke softly.

Well, fuck my life.


Hey guys. Finally the most awaited chapter is here. Noah goes to school and meets Anna who is now going to be tutoring him everyday after school. Almost angry at himself he goes home to prepare for her coming and sees a little girl at his doorstep and she claims Noah is her dad. Is she really his daughter and would Noah accept her with the kind of life he lives.

Stay tuned for the next chapter.

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