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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 4

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Four.

*Anna’s point of view*

I ran quickly to school, I was late already, so much for waking up early to finish my project.

After waking up from my faint, I found out it was almost seven and I had to be in class by seven. So I ran.

At least now people were outside and the streets were busy. Shops were opened. People were hurrying to work.
After my encounter this morning, which still made me shiver in fear, I made a mental note to never leave the house by early morning.
My head ached badly as a result of my fall and I stopped to catch my breath. My phone rang again for the sixth time. It was Clary, I couldn’t even find it in my to pick up the call cos I had nothing to tell her. She was going to skin me alive.

I continued running and after about two minutes, I saw my school.

West High School. It was the best school in our town, with very disciplined teachers who took nonsense. Most students from various schools nearby were transferred here, especially if they had behavioral problems.

Our school was like the hospital for bad, naughty students.

The parking lot was filled with teenagers, everybody in their respective groups. Typical High School.

The football team, they were the prince charming of your school, handsome guys with cute smiles, girls fawned over them. Mostly following then everywhere begging for attention.

The cheerleaders, standing beside them, trying to get I to their conversation. Gwen and her minions leading the group. With their short skirts and tight top. They had full make up on, no doubt they spent hours in front of the mirror perfecting their hair. I stayed clear from them, they could be really mean.

The next group in the rank. The Bad guys. This group weren’t bad in school of course. But outside, they got into fights, drank and even went out with the guys and girls from other indisciplined school. Everyone stayed clear from them. I mean except you wanted to die early. But they were cute though.

The next group. The emos. These ones were Known for third favorite color. Black. Black shoes, clothes, hair even all their make up was black. They were the meanies. They payed absolutely no attention to anyone else. They had no friends apart from their emo clique. They were scary.

Next was the Nerds. The group I belonged to. There was only one word that could describe us. Bookworm. We we’re the one that payed attention during classes, did homeworks, tutor students and had good grades. Most students didn’t even like us because we were the good ones in the school. I loved my group.

The last on the rank was the loners. These ones moved alone. A one man gang. They had no friends. They ate alone. Did homeworks alone. It was just a one man group. They were also usually prone to bullys. I felt sorry for them. They were as quiet as a graveyard, you’ll never know when one is standing beside you. Weird.

I found my group and walked over to them. Clary was standing beside her locker arguing with Tom another nerd. Sometimes we did projects together.

“I told you, it wasn’t my fault. Gwen and her minions scattered their make up all over my desk!” She shouted, glaring at Tom.

“You should have removed it” He argued back.

“Yea, and get a good beating from their boyfriends, the last thing I need is for those guys slamming my head on my locker. Thanks” she smiled, slamming her locker shut and turning to face me..

“What the hell An, I got here few minutes ago and didn’t see you, I thought you came early”

“I know. I had the most horrible morning ever. Something happened”. I glanced at Tom.

“I gotta go now, see you in class” He walked away. I rested on the locker, very tired from my run.

“What happened? Is it bad?”

“I saw Dr—” I was cut off with a loud voice.

“There’s a new hot guy in our school!” A girl shouted, immediately, everyone Scrabbled off to the front of the school wanting to see the guy..
Some pushed me and Clary. As usual Clary dragged me over to the small crowd to see the cute hot guy. Not that I cared.

“Oh God! When last did a cute guy come here, I gotta see him. Come on!”

By now a large crowd was already formed. With students mouth opened wide.

“Oh my God! He’s like an angel”

“He’s drop dead gorgeous”

“I need his phone number”

“I think I’m going to faint”

I heard some girls say, eyes opened in awe. I squeezed my way to the front of the group, with Clary dragging me. This girl and guys.

After making it to the front of the group, I tripped, falling flat on my face.

What a good introduction Anna.

I opened my eyes to see black boots. The boots of the new student. A black trousers covered part of it and I looked up.

It was the last face I expected to see.

Bandages covered his forehead, that straight nose, and those lips I accidentally kissed. He was putting on a black leather jacket, a white top..

And he had that stupid arrogant smirk on his face as he stared down at me.

Noah Bricks.

What the hell was he doing here?

“Hey kissy” He greeted. “Do you wanna kiss my shoe too?” He smirked.

Rude. I got up quickly, taking a good look around. Everyone was silent with jaws touching the ground.

“Uhm…so..sorry. I wasn’t paying attention” I said, not making eye contact with him..

What was Noah doing here? Oh my God! Would he tell anyone about the kiss we shared?

How come did I fall? I was watching my footsteps!

“What are you doing here?” I asked when he didn’t say anything. The way he was staring at me was creepy.

“I was transferred here” Was his Curt reply. “I’ll see you around kissy” He patted my back before stepping into the school. Everyone giving him space to pass.

What the hell just happened?

Kissy? That wasn’t my name!

“What the fuck An!” Clary grabbed me. “Do you know him?” She asked, dragging me away from everyone’s eyes.

“Yes. I helped him yesterday”


Hey guys. Ok so Noah has been transferred here to Anna’s school, cliche right? We’ll be seeing more of him here, and everyone is already fawning over him. And she has a new nickname now. Kissy. Stay tuned for the next chapter.


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