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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 37

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Thirty-Seven.

*Noah’s point of view*

“No Casey you can’t have ice-cream now. It’s late and it can damage your teeth” I was saying to my daughter who was currently sitting down on my legs on the hospital bed, begging for ice-cream.

“But Drew let me have ice-cream anytime I want” she said, turning to Drew who was standing at a corner avoiding eye contact with me.

Drew turned to me and I saw the faint blush in his cheeks before frowning again.

“That’s not true” He said.

“No, Drew buy me plenty ice-cream and biscuits and sweet and candy. Drew like to buy me plenty things” Casey said giggling. “If me tell Drew buy me this, he buy me. If me tell him by me that, he buy me”

Drew looked away obviously embarrassed that Casey was saying how nice he was. I guess he wanted to remain the bad, scary guy in front of us.

Us being, Anna who was laughing beside me, my dad was tying Casey’s shoe laces, me on the hospital bed, Casey on top of me and Drew standing far off, trying to act cool.

“Whatever, it’s just because I don’t have anything to spend money on. Not like I do it out of kindness. I’m not kind”

Casey gasped before laughing. “No Drew kind, Drew very kind. Drew kind to girl on the phone. He talk to girl and laugh then he look at the ceiling smiling”

Drew scoffed obviously embarrassed. “I’m going to get a drink” He said before walking away.

“You really know how to embarrass him” Anna smiled, pinching Casey’s cheeks.

Casey just shrugged before turning to Seth, and touching his hair.

“You and daddy have same hair, grandpa”

Grandpa. I never thought I’ll hear my kid say that because I thought he was never going to come back.

It’s been a month since I woke up from coma, even though I was almost totally healed. All my broken arm and ribs were ok now, I still stayed in the hospital, because of my legs. At first when I woke up I couldn’t feel them, but little by little the sensation was coming back.

I was going to walk but it was going to take a while, and I was willing to wait.

Things with my dad were eventually getting better. We fought a lot yes. And I hadn’t totally forgiven him yet, but I was on the way to that.

Anna was great, always by my side at every point in time, even Clary her best friend came often to see me in the hospital.

Everyday after school, Anna always taught me what she learnt and even gave me a few tests so I wouldn’t miss out on anything.

Drew was always coming to see Casey even though he wanted to see how I was doing, but he wouldn’t say so.

Things were great. In a few weeks I was going to be able to walk properly.

“Hey bitches” Ryder walked in, a bandana tied to his forehead and a can of beer in his hand. He wore a sleeveless and all his tattoos were visible. Not that he cared.

“Ryder!” Casey stood on the bed and jumped, Ryder caught her immediately planting a kiss to her head.

“Hey baby, how you doing? You miss me?”

“Yes, me miss Ryder too much”

“What are those fucking teachers teaching you. By now they are supposed to be fucking teaching you how to fucking speak better. If they know they aren’t up to the fucking task, then the fucking government should fucking fire their fucking asses”

Casey looked at Ryder like she didn’t understand what he was saying.

“Ryder, language please. She’s just a kid” Anna said.

“Oh sorry I fucking forgot”


“Daddy what does fucking mean?” Casey turned to me obviously clueless.

“Uhm, potato. You see that’s really a bad la–”

“Fucking means when Daddy’s pe–”

“What the heck Ryder!” Drew walked in before I could interject.

I sighed in relief. I didn’t know what to do to make Ryder stop using those languages.

“What? There’s nothing bad about the kid knowing” He shrugged, kissing Casey’s cheeks and she laughed.

“You’ll make a horrible father” Drew said, passing Casey a can of candy.

“True to that” Anna said, Ryder gave her a sad face and she giggled.

“I don’t want to fuc-” I glared at Ryder before he could finish his sentence. “I don’t want no kids yet, I wanna fuc-”

This time Drew elbowed him.
“I mean, no kids for now. Bitches now, kids later” He smiled proudly of himself.

Casey didn’t seem to be paying attention. “What does bitches mean?” Oh, she was actually paying attention.

All eyes turned to Ryder and he hid his face behind Casey.

I smiled, then heard some snoring.
I turned to see my dad sleeping, head resting on his chair.

Ryder saw him too then smiled before walking to meet him.

“What are you doing?” Anna asked watching him. A dangerous glint appeared in Ryder’s eyes and I knew he was up to something bad.

“Uhm, Ryder?” .

He picked a piece of Casey’s candy and dropped it into my dad’s mouth. My dad shot up immediately, licking his lips.

“What the hell?” He said, before chewing down the candy and sending Ryder a glare..

Drew laughed a little then saw me turn to him. Before frowning back.

“It was Noah that did it” Ryder pointed at me.


“Stop lying Noah, we all saw you” Ryder firmly said.

“Ryder you’re lying!” Casey defend me. “Teacher say no lie. Lying is bad” she tapped Ryder’s nose, scolding him.

“But it was funny” he pouted.

“No it wasn’t” Drew deadpanned.

“It’s just because you have a low sense of humor” Ryder retaliated.

“Uhm, that’s actually not true. I have a good sense of humor”

“No you don’t”

“Yes, I do”

Casey jumped down from Ryder and hopped on my bed, then turned to see Seth sleeping again.

“Daddy, when are we going to go home?”
Anna squeezed my palm before kissing me on the lips.

“Soon potato, soon”


Hey guys, thing are actually better now. Noah would be able to walk again but it would take a while, Ryder is really cool around Casey, but he needs to really watch his tongue. Seth still remain a lovely dad trying to patch thing up with his son. And badass Drew is still trying to look tough, but we all know his stony heart had been melted by Casey. Anna always stays by Noah’s side, even though he hasn’t asked her to be his girlfriend yet. And our handsome Noah is getting all better. Be had his dad, Anna, Casey and even Drew and Ryder by his side to see him through his therapy.


So like and drop your comments. The epilogue would be posted tomorrow. So stay tuned.


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