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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 36

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Thirty-Six.

*Anna’s point of view*

It’s been two weeks, who whole weeks of waking up in the hospital lying beside Noah.

Two weeks and he hasn’t opened those green eyes.
Two weeks of taking care of Casey alone, also with the help of Noah’s dad, who I found out his name was Seth.

Those two weeks have been the same, wake up next to him, go to school, come back, pick Casey, sit beside him, hold his hand, and even talk to him. Eat beside him, and sleep beside him.

Casey and Seth, Noah’s dad. Had been staying with Drew. Funny right? But after the incident with Theo, Seth and Drew had gone to his house to find all the money Seth had been giving him. And payed Drew back, so even though Drew was still upset about Seth stealing his cars, he finally forgave him, Seth really showed remorse for his behaviors.

He came to the hospital everyday with Casey to see Noah then left again, sometimes he would tell me to take a break but I didn’t.

I wanted to be the first person Noah saw when he woke up.

I glanced at him again, how hair had been swept back, bandages covered his forehead, and little bangs of hair fell to the sides. His eyes were closed, and his eye lashes layed softly on his face. His lips shit closed. He looked peaceful, and if I didn’t hear the constant beeping of the machines. One would think he was dead.

His ribs and abdomen were covered with bandages, and his neck was being supported by a P.O.P. His left hand was broken also. His legs too.

To sum it all up. Noah was in a really bad shape and a severe coma. Every now and then, his heart beat increased, or slowed down. Sometimes it even stopped and they had to bring him back again.

It was horrifying seeing the one you love not being able to breathe on his own, so many machines beeping here and there trying to stabilize him.

I held unto his hand and squeezed them, they felt so cold, he looked so pale, very pale, even his lips had lost it colours. He had multiple broken ribs, broken arm, legs and a spinal injury.

My aunt had said he might not be able to walk again, and that it was a fifty fifty chance. And even if he would be able to walk, driving was out of it. No racing, nothing.

Since I couldn’t hide anything from my aunt, and I needed her help so badly, I figured since I couldn’t lie out of this one. I told her, Every single detail from the day I met Noah and till I brought him here.

Of course she had been mortified, shouted at me but since I was in a bad emotional state. She had hugged me in the end and told me I was grounded for a year.

Still better than kicking me out tho.

The door opened and I saw Seth, Noah’s dad come in. It was already night so Casey was probably at Drew’s place or they had gone for ice-cream. Casey dragged Drew around like a teady bear. If she wanted ice-cream at twelve midnight, they went out to get it. It was adorable that Drew could actually be trusted with her.
And that he could actually be a puppet to her, since Casey was the Apple of everyone eyes, it was hard not to love her.

“How’s he doing?” Seth asked, taking a seat just opposite me, looking at his son.

“Still the same, no improvement, nothing” I whispered, sniffing back tears.

Seth nodded, picking his son hand and stroking it. He looked really miserable and I couldn’t help but ask.

“Why did you leave him?”

Seth didn’t turn to look at me, no he kept staring at Noah, and I saw him fighting back tears.

“Because I wasn’t good enough. I had already introduced Noah to racing, he was already mixing with the bad people. I couldn’t stop it. I figured if we weren’t poor we would have avoided this. And we would live somewhere better.”

I didn’t reply to that, I didn’t know what to say.

“When my wife died, giving birth to Noah. I wanted to put him up for adoption, but when those green eyes stared at me. My heart melted, and I tried raising him till three years ago. Everyone has their breaking point and when I thought I couldn’t handle it anymore, I ran. I ran with those cars. Three months after that I found some of Noah’s baby pictures, some of me and him. And I wanted to go back and make things right. I sold the cars, bough some and from there I started making money out of it. But I was scared he wasn’t going to accept me, so I decided to send the money through Theo so Noah wouldn’t be burdened with my mistakes. I came back to finish off paying off and make things right. But now I feel Noah’s never going to accept me. He has moved on with his life. He has a daughter, a beautiful one.”

Seth looked up at me. “And he has you, there’s no space for one more in his heart”

Seth allowed the tears to drop before realising he was crying, he stood up and went to look at the window.

“I don’t think Noah looks at you that way. Yes, he’s angry with you. But I know Noah, he’s going to forgive you. He loves you so much, don’t give up on him.”

Seth schooled his head and even though I couldn’t see his face, I felt the sadness and misery in the air. “Once he wakes up I’m leaving. I’ll send him money every month, or a new house, Casey’s education and his. Anything he needs I’ll cover it up. But he doesn’t need me anymore. He’s happy now and that’s all that matters”

“Don’t. Don’t do that to him again. Now’s the Time Noah needs you. He needs you to be there when he wakes up, when he walks again. When he graduates, he needed you to be there for him. And what of Casey, he wants you to get to know your granddaughter better and spend every loving moment with her. I might be there for Noah, but no one can fill the void of family in his heart. Don’t leave him again Seth, I don’t know if he might survive it this time”

Seth didn’t reply, I guess he was pondering on what I had said, he still stared at the window, looking out at the Moon seeping through the midnight sky.

I understood him, I totally did. But he needs to know Noah was his son, and even though he ran to the ends of the Earth. He would always be his son.

My hand twitched and I gasped, looking at Noah. But he was still asleep.

I looked at our joined hands, and nothing. But I felt something tingle my fingers.

It was like he moved a little. I stared at out hands again, but nothing happened.

Was I just thinking about it, because I was so desperate for him to wake up.

My fingers twitched again and I caught the movement of Noah’s fingers.

“Oh God! His fingers just moved!”
Seth drawer closer immediately and his eyes were bloodshit, and trained on Noah.


“His fingers. They moved just now” I said, drawing my chair closer to Noah.

After Fifteen minutes, he still didn’t move. And I was deflated but still held unto him.

Then they moved again, with more strength this time.

“Oh God! Noah are you awake? Can you hear me?”

No reply.

I wasn’t giving up.

“Noah If you can hear me, move your fingers again”

It moved. “Oh God! He can hear me!” I cried in relief.

“Noah, wake up son. I’m right here. I’m never leaving your side again” Seth said, kissing Noah’s bandaged head.

I smiled softly at him. And squeezed Noah’s hand tighter, watching him. Waiting for those green eyes to open.

And they did.


Who else is happy?? Noah is finally awake after two weeks.
Also Seth really explained why he left and I honestly feel sad for him.
The story still isn’t over, we still don’t know if Noah would be able to walk again. So stay tuned.
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