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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 35

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Thirty-Five.

*Anna’s point of view*

“NOAH!!!!!” I screamed, running towards him, my heart had increased it’s beating by a million miles per second.

Crashing into the ground, I saw that Noah’s couldn’t move and he coughed out blood. His body was twisted in a weird position, his next slightly turned in a bad angle.

“Noah! Stay with me please!” I screamed, placing my hand on his chest.

But Noah couldn’t breathe and he gasped for breath, coughing out blood. His eyes closing little by little.

Oh God! “Noah!” He didn’t reply and his eyes closed shut.

“Noo!” I cried, shaking him slightly but he didn’t buldge.

Behind me, Theo had come out of the car and was currently fighting with Noah’s dad.

“Noah! Wake up please!” I cried harder, not being able to fight back tears.
After everything we’ve been through, he can’t die!

No! Not after everything. No fucking way.

“Stop crying Anna, this was part of your test. What do you do when someone has been hit by a car?” I wiped my tears, asking myself and trying to remember what my aunt has taught me.

“Firstly observe the person” Noah’s body, neck especially was aligned in a bad position. That means he had a spinak injury.

He wasn’t breathing, and blood was blocking his airways.

I knelt down, wiped my tears amd avoided moving Noah.

“First I need to deal with the breathing. I can’t move his head or body so as not to cause serious complications.” I placed my palm on Noah’s jaw and tilted it upwards, and hit his chest very hard.

He didn’t stir, I hit it again. No response.

“Come on Noah, breathe!” I slammed my fist to his chest for the third time.

No response.

“Noah! Breathe! Breathe! You fucking idiot!”

Still no response. The tears came back and I swallowed it in. Hitting his chest harder.

He coughed, blood sprout out if his mouth, and his eyes opened.
I didn’t stop the wave of teras that ran out of my eyes as I sighed in relief, kissing Noah on the lips.

“I’ve been waiting for that” Noah smiled softly before wincing in pain.

Ok, first stage over. “Don’t move Noah, stay with me, keep your eyes on me. I’m going to get you to the hospital”

“It hurts, my whole body hurts” He said, groaning in pain and discomfort. “Don’t call the ambulance please. They are going to call the police and arrest me. Please”

“I’ll call my the hospital. Don’t move let me get my phone from Theo.” I said getting up, but Noah grasped my hand.

“Don’t go anywhere near him.” He said, pleading with his eyes.

“I have to. I can’t let you die. Of you remain like this for another second, you’ll die. And i can’t loose you”

Noah tried to move but I stopped him. “Stay still, I’ll be right back”

I stood up, walking towards Theo and Noah’s dad who were in a serious fight that included fist and small knives. From the look of things Noah’s dad was winning.

“Stop this Theo, what has taken over you?” Noah’s dad was asking as he threw the older man to the ground.

“Mira’s death, you asshole. It’s all your fault” Theo retaliated by hitting Noah’s dad to the face and he stumbled backwards.

They continued fighting and Drew closer to the burning warehouse. If they weren’t careful, they could both end up in the fire.

Theo landed another solid punch to Noah’s dad face and he fell to the ground, clenching his jaw in pain.

“You know, you’ve always been a coward. Why didn’t you come here yourself to give Drew the money huh? You gave me? After everything, you thought I’ll just happily give it to Drew so Noah would go Scot free. You’re pathetic” Theo said, pushing Noah’s dad closer to the fire.

“I tried making up for my mistakes, I felt sorry for what I did. I wanted to make things right” He kicked Noah’s dad, before stomping on his leg and I heard a crack.

Noah’s dad screamed loudly, drawing his leg back, but he couldn’t move, and just behind him the fire was already eating at his clothes.

I had to do something. Or else Noah’s dad was going to die.

Glancing around, I found a large stick. I picked it up and slowly made my way to the two arguing men.

Noah’s dad saw me and decided to keep the conversation going. To give me time to hit Theo.

“I didn’t mean for Mira to die”

“Of course, you only cares about your fucking self, you pathetic piece of shit. And now you’re going to die, just like your son over there” As Theo turned, I slammed the stick to his face and he staggered, closing his eyes before I kicked him into the fire.

“Noooooooo!!” He screamed.

“Nobody messes with my boyfriend and goes free” I said, watching him engulf in flames and his screams ended.

I breathed loudly, trying to find the strength to look away. But I couldn’t, until Theo’s body fell to the ground and wasn’t seen again.

“Remind me never to piss you off” Noah’s dad said, trying to get on his feet but failing miserably.

“I forgot to take my phone” I realised, the reason I had come in the first place.

“How’s Noah?”

“He’s fine, for now. I think he broke his neck or spine. He needs medical attention immediately.

I couldn’t call an ambulance because they could arrest Noah and we needed to get out of here before the fire fighters arrive.

“Wait, I could call my aunt, give me your phone” I ran to Noah’s dad, and he fished out his phone.

“Is she a nurse?”

“She has a small clinic, she has nothing to do with the authorities because her clinic is small. It isn’t even a hospital. But she can help”

I dialed her number, she picked immediately.

“Hello?” Came her soft voice.

“Aunt, it’s Anna, are you still at the clinic?”

“Where the hell have you been? I’ve been calling you since forever and you’re not home. If you don’t gi–”

“I’m on my way, my boyfriend was involved in an accident and I need your help”

“Wait? You have a boyfriend. Anna waht happened to telling me things, you bet–”

I hung up immediately, rushing to Noah. Who was breathing very slowly, but his eyes were opened, in obvious pain.

“Hey, I’m taking you to my aunt’s clinic. Me and your dad are going to move you gently okay?”

“What of Theo?” Noah asked, searching my face for any sort of injury.

“He’s dead. Hey Noah’s dad, I need your help. Think you can walk with one foot”

Noah’s dad groaned, before trying to stand again, he steadied himself on one foot before hopping over to us.

Noah locked eyes with his dad. And even if he didn’t say it, I saw the appreciation in his eyes.

“What do you want me to do?”

“I need you to hold his legs in a firm position, I’ll hold his neck then we’ll raise him up together, at the same time. Then take him to the car, and lay him to his side.”

Noah’s father nodded before picking Noah’s leg, he groaned again, shutting his eyes.

“It’s ok Noah, it’s just going to hurt a little” I said softly, putting the phone in my pocket and holding his head. “Ok, at the count of three, we’ll raise him up. At the exact same time”

Noah’s dad nodded, then peered a glance at his son. He didn’t say anything and I saw the pain, despair and regret in his eyes.

“One. Two. Three” We picked Noah up and I almost stumbled at his weight. But after all what we’ve been through I had become stronger.

Noah’s dad bit his lips drawing blood because of his injured leg. But he didn’t complain. And in a few seconds, we had Noah at the back of his vehicle. A red car o didn’t even know he owned.

I looked at Noah and saw him closing his eyes. I checked his pulse and saw he was still breathing, but slowly.

I had to get to the clinic fast.

“Can you drive?” I asked Noah’s dad, who was getting into the driver’s seat.

He laughed, and I went in, shutting the door.

“Where do you think Noah learnt how to drive?” He asked, smirking before starting the engine.

I turned to Noah, and he was already unconscious again.

Hang in there, Noah. You’re gonna be OK.


Hey guys. Theo is dead! Who is happy now?
Also Noah is still really injured and being taken to the clinic. Thank God for Anna, she’s one brave, brilliant and strong character.
Let’s just hope Noah doesn’t have any complications at the clinic, also Casey still hasn’t showed up. We don’t know what’s going over there with her and Drew.


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