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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 33

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Samuel. Chapter Thirty-Three.

*Noah’s point of view*

I had the money. All thanks to Ryder, I had win the race and collected the money immediately.

Then I called Anna, the abductor had picked up immediately and told me to come to an abandoned Warehouse, and I could hear Anna shouting in the background but I couldn’t make out the sentences.

“Where are you going now?” Ryder asked, moving away from the girls surrounding him.

“I need to get Anna now” i replied, opening the bag of money to check if it was really there. Five million dollars.

“What of Casey?” I had thought of that.

“Casey is safe, with Drew at least, he knows I’ve won the race. He won’t hurt her. I know where Drew is, I don’t know who Anna is with. I trust Drew to some extent but not whosoever this person is.” I heaved the bag to my shoulders and started to walk away.

“The car” Ryder called out.


My car, take it, it’s yours now” Ryder pointed at his car and I smiled.

“You weren’t kidding”

“I wasn’t. I have about five of that, go on, go get your bitch” Ryder smirkes before grabbing a girl and throwing me the keys.

“You need to stop calling Anna that. She has a name you know” I caught the keys.

“Yes I Know. But I’ll stick to bitch. Get lost fucker” Ryder Said before walking away, girls kissng at his biceps.

I smiled, then got into the car, throwing the bag in the back seat.

“Now where is that Warehouse?” I thought, started the engine and driving off the racing spot.

If only the cops weren’t against this illegal racing. I’d have called them. But then they’ll take me to jail immediately.

Passing through the streets, I thought of Anna. I had missed her greatly, I wondered what this person could have done to her. But the the voice sounded mature. Not like Ryder’s womanizing voice.

I wondered who would have taken her, the only enemies I had here were Ryder, which was now my friend kinda. And Drew and he wasn’t interested in harming Anna kinda.

No body else. Who would want to go to the extent of harming her just to get back at me. And for what?

I’ve never killed anyone, I’ve never hurt anyone intentionally. Then who?
Or was it someone from my dad’s past, someone that my dad offended. But who?

Where my dad wasn’t the best in the world, he abstaines from trouble. His only friend had been Theo.

And Theo would never do such, he had been taking care of me since my dad left, he would never hurt me.

He would take a bullet for me.

Maybe it was just some random dude who knew I race and wanted the money from my winning. That should be it.

Because I couldn’t think of anyone else.

Making a turn, I drove through the lonely street, it was probably around three in the morning, and everyone was asleep.

There used to be a warehouse down the road, it belonged to one of the shipping companies, but when their business fell it was abandoned, now petrol tankers parked their vehicles here.

I saw the warehouse, and drove close to it, before parking my car in front. Stepping out of the place, my eyes wandered through the area. It was dark inside but there was a small bulb at the entrance. It looked like no one was here but just at the left I saw a black car.

My heart hammered and I picked the bag then slammed the door shut before walking in, my footsteps echoing through the high ceilings.

Waking in, I heard muffled voices, then footsteps.

“Come on in, don’t be scared Noah” A voice called from the darkness, that voice was so familiar to my ears but I couldn’t pin point it to the owner.

“Where’s Anna?” I asked, looking around for the person, but I was met with darkness.

“Oh, she’s safe. For now. You and I need to have a little talk”

“I’m here with your money” I dropped the bag to the floor. “Bring Anna, and I’ll leave this here. We don’t need to talk”

“You’ve always been a controlling brat, very annoying” The voice drawled and I saw a figure above standing just in front of the railings.

“After your father left, you clung to me like a gum to a stick. I was so tired of it”

What? There was only one person I became close to after my dad left.


“Yes Noah. For once in your life, you used that damaged brain of yours” Then he stepped out of the darkness, and my heart froze.

I felt a chill run down my spine, my heart stopped beating for a moment and my joints locked, frozen at the spot. My mind raced, throwing questions at me. I couldn’t blink. It was like I had become a statue.

No, no, no!

While my eyes had seen it was Theo, my mind couldn’t comprehend and I couldn’t believe.

But why? Not Theo!.
He was like a father to me! He took care of me! He was my everything after my dad left!

Why would he do this? Why would he? Why?

Questions flooded my mind and I couldn’t find an answer to one. My eyes threatened to release the tears gathering around it. But I had to stop myself.

“You’re probably asking why I’m doing this” Theo stepped down, coming down the stairs, one step at a time, drawing the tension through the poorly dim building.

“You were like a father to me. You helped me. You brought me up after dad left. Why would you do this to me? What did I ever do to you?”

“Oh shut up! Stop acting like you’re the victim here, you know damn well why I’m doing this, stop pretending!” Theo shouted.

“What did I do? Why did you take Anna! Even if I did anything, Anna is so oblivious to all this!”

“She’s as involved as you are. You’re going to know what it feels like to have the one you love the most taken away from you”

“What the hell are you talking about? I had nothing to do with Mira’s death!”

“Shut up! You have no right to call her name. You had everything to do with it. You and your bloody father!!” Theo screamed, his voice echoing through the empty warehouse.

“What? I didn’t kill her, I didn’t do anything. Drew did”

“And who caused it. Your stupid, self centered, bastard of a father. We were supposed to steal those cars together, get rich. But he took it all to himself. Drew knew I was Involved, and what did he do? He punished me by killing my Mira. She was so innocent, she had no clue to that. She just knew I raced and wanted to get away. But Drew killed her” I could have felt sorry for Theo of he wasnt trying to kill me.

“Then go after Drew, not me!”

“Oh no! Your father caused this in the first place, and wherever he is now. Once he knows you’re dead, he’ll come running back. And he’ll be heartbroken to see that you’re dead. I’ll make sure he also sees the corpse of his grandchild”

My blood boiled and I lunged for Theo on the stairs, he caught me immediately, slamming me to the wall, my shoulder snapped again and pain rocketed through my body.

But I couldn’t back down, on getting up, Theo used his feet to hit me on the ribs, and I fell back to the ground.

“You see, I wanted to kill you first when I messed with the brakes”

My head snapped up. So it was Theo. He wanted to kill me.

“But then I don’t know how you survived it. I’m sure it was that stupid Ryder. But now it’s actually much better. You can watch your bitch die first. If only Casey was here to finish it off. But Drew got to her first. Bastard”

Theo walked away, before pulling down a lever that was on the wall. Immediately something dropped, but stopped mid air, hanging on the wall.

“Anna” I heaved, coughing out blood and getting up, clutching my ribs in pain.

She wasn’t awake, her hands were tied above her, I couldn’t see her face Because her hair covered it. Her body was battered, dirty and some wounds were bleeding. She looked so small and fragile hanging up there.

“Anna! Can you hear me?! What have you done to her?”

“Oh nothing, just a blow to the head nothing serious”
Theo said, walking up to me, dangling off his pocket I saw handcuffs.

“Now, just hold still” He landed a blow to my head, and everything became blurry, but I fought back.

Trying to gain my vision, I pushed him away, and he stumbled, I drew my hand back to hit him but he caught my hand squeezing it back and put his finger through the bullet hole. I screamed and he hit my knee forcing me to fall to the ground before cuffing my hands to one of the trailers.

Theo smiled before stepping back. “Stay there”

I struggled to free my hand but it only caused blisters and pains.

“Theo please, I beg you, stop this” I pleaded, looking up at Anna who was still unconscious. “Just take the money and go, just go!”

Theo laughed, picking up a gallon before emptying it’s content on the floor, moving across the warehouse.

Petrol. No. No. No. He was going to set the warehouse on fire. And there were tankers everywhere.

“Theo stopped this!” I shouted, struggling out of the cuffs but to no avail. “Please, we had nothing to do with this! Stop this please! At least just let Anna go. Please she’s innocent to all these”

“No she’s not. Just like my Mira, but she payed the price. So will she, and so would you”

He brought out a lighter from his pockets before throwing it to the floor.

Then the flames sprung up.

Hey beautiful people. Noah is I’m a deep situation here, he finally knows it’s Theo that’s behind all these, Anna was tied and is hanging down from the ceiling. And Noah was handcuffed to one of the tankers so he can’t move anywhere.

Who would save them now? Would they die? Would all Noah’s racing just be a waste? After everything he’s been through. And Anna too. A girl just innocent to all these.


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