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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter — Episode 30

The Bad Boy Has A Daughter
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The Bad Boy Has A Daughter. By Chimdi Jane Samuel. Chapter Thirty.


*Noah’s point of view*


The day of the race had come, the most dreaded day of my life. The day I payed Drew his money and leave this fucking job.


The day I choose who I get to keep.


The first siren went off signalling that the race would soon begun so I went to get my car from Theo. Walking into the mechanic, I saw Theo cleaning the car with a smile on his face.


“Hey, is the car ready?” I asked, he snapped his head to meet mine, letting his smile drop.


“Yo, Noah, how you? Haven’t seen you in a while”


“Yea, I’ve been busy with school” I lied, I couldn’t tell Theo that Anna was kidnapped he would he dissapointed with me.


“That’s a good thing. I gotta go now”


“Where? Look wait I just wanted to say thanks for everything, like for taking care of me and all that. I know sometimes I can be a pain in the ass but really I’m grateful. After this race I just wanna get outta here, get out of this town and start life afresh. I don’t wanna hurt anyone else.”


Theo looked at me with sad eyes, coming closer to Pat me in the back. “Don’t worry about it. This would be your last race” he said.


“Yes, no more racing for me after this. I’ll get an actual job” I hugged him tighter, the siren sounded again and I pulled away.


“Thanks Theo, I have to go now. The race starts after the third siren and I’d would really love to see Ryder before I kick his ass” I smirked, getting into my blue and white car, turning on the engine and driving off the mechanic.


Theo waved at me, gave me a thumbs up before shutting his garrage door.


I sighed, making my way through half naked girls that purposely stayed in the way so I could see their ass. Some even hit my car to gain attention, but I didn’t take my eyes off the road.


I was driving a little better now, I had taken enough pain killers and I could hardly feel all my injuries, I was positive I could win this race.

Since it was Ryder, which was kind of like the best. I didn’t have much hope. But then there’s a bridge we had to pass, so that was my winning point.


I smirked, it sucked to be scared if heights.


I noticed Ryder brooding frame with the ladies as the clawed at his chest and he kissed some of them, grinning widely.


“Ryder!” I called out, getting our of my car and sitting on the bonnet, pretending to admire my fingers.

“Hope you’re getting ready to loose?”


“Fuck you Noah, I’m the best out here, I’m going to hand your ass to Drew on a silver platter” He said, causing some of the girls to snicker.


I smiled. “We’ll see about that, dickface”


The third siren went off and Ryder made his way through his crowd of girls and came to stand in front of me.

I didn’t back down, I looked at him deep in his eyes.


“Let’s make a deal. If I win, I get your bitch” He smirked.


“And if I win?” I asked. This was a bad idea, a very very bad idea. What if I lost.


“You get my car”




I glanced at Ryder’s car, Ryder was so fucking rich that he didn’t need to race with any of Drew’s car that we used. His car was his. From his own money. And it was fucking expensive.


If I won this race, I could give Drew Ryder’s car as payment and give Anna’s abductor the money I won and get Anna.


I couldn’t say no to this deal.



Ryder smiled, before walking off to his car and I did the same .


A girl came to stand between our cars, she was completely naked save for the black paint all over her body.


She danced slowly and seductively, pointing at me to ask if I was ready.

I stepped on the accelerator and the car roared in obedience, she smiled, turning to Ryder next. He did the same.


She smiled, holding the two flags up, waving it in the air and rotating her hips. She was teasing us, it was what they did. After s few seconds, she turned, her back side facing us and slamming the flags to the ground.


The next second, me and Ryder moved. Our cars running at it’s greatest speed. The first stage if the race was speed, here the road was broad and it fit two cars at once we both had to make it to the second stage, the thinner road where only one car could fit In. I had to get there before Ryder.


I stomped on the accelerator and increased the speed, my shoulder ached a little but I ignored it. Now was not the time to hallow in self pity.


I turned, making my way through the road with Ryder hot by my side but I didn’t glance at him. He moved very fast, very fast but I tried to keep up by his side.


We passed through the lonely road and I focused all my attention on the side of the road waiting for the sign that showed the narrow road.


Upon seeing it, Ryder slammed into my car, causing me to hit my head hard in the door and loose grip on the steering.

As Ryder made it first into the road. I screamed in annoyance, after the narrow road was the spinning. And Ryder was very good at making turns. I on the other side, not as good as him.

I ganined control of the wheel again and proceeded behind Ryder, I could almost hear him laughing at me, Anna’s crying face flashed in my mind and I hit Ryder’s car from behind.


He slowed down a little, then recovered almost immediately and sped up again.


In about ten minutes, we both made it to a broader road that fit the both of us and I was by his side in an instant.


In the next stage, which was the spinning, there were a total of four Sharp, very Sharp turns. It required thinking yo get through it without falling behind.


The first turn came quickly and I turned the steering of my car to beat it, but Ryder hit my car again.


“Fuck!” I amost lost control and hit a pole but swerved, and my right mirror paid dearly hitting the pole and breaking off.


“Fuck you Ryder!” I screamed, making my way towards him again, I turned to see him smiling before slamming against my car again, I reacted this time, hitting his too and the same time. The collision caused the both of our cars to move sideways.


I recovered first and went ahead of Ryder, smiling in triumph.


The second turning came to view and just as I was about to make the perfect turning, my shoulder snapped, causing pain to travel down the arm, I had to slow down a little, because of the unexpected pain.


“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I screamed in pain and used the other mirror to see Ryder coming right behind me.


Stupid painkillers were wearing off. I picked up again, making the turn and almost slamming into a pole.


The car swerved left and right before moving forward at it’s usual pace and I sighed in relief.


Ryder was still behind me. Two more turnings and I was at the bridge.

But Ryder wasn’t set on loosing, behind me, I saw him bring out a gun and shoot at me.


“What the hell?” Ryder didn’t use guns, well not since now. Guess he really wanted Anna.


I moved more quickly bending low a little to avoid the bullets making holes in my car.

The next turning came to view and I turned the wheels, making the perfect turn but more bullets blasted through my car and narrowly missing me as one passed my head.


I continued running through the road. One more turn. Then the bridge. I didn’t bother about the bridge because I knew Ryder would slow down a bit.


With that thought I continued, and Ryder stopped shooting. I looked back to see him, bringing his head out of the window and his gun pointed at my back tire.


Fuck! No!


I turned, not keeping my car moving on a straight line. I swerved left and right, so Ryder couldn’t get a good aim.


I saw the Turn ahead and made my way through it.



I was ahead of Ryder. Fuck! Yes!


I continued my journey and Ryder was still hot on my tail. I needed to get to the bridge now, I saw it ahead. And increased the speed.

Ryder being the genius he was was by my side in an instant. His gun directed towards me, I didn’t have time to turn or bend and his bullet blasted through my widow and hit my left shoulder.


I screamed, losing control of the steering, and I was already on the bridge, my car turned to the right, moving to the direction of the edge of the bridge.


I needed to stop the car or else, I could fall off the bridge and possibly die. I stepped on the brakes.


Nothing happened!


The car wasn’t stopping.


“What the fuck?!” I stepped on the brakes repeatedly but it didn’t stop the car. It still moved at a high speed, drawing dangerously close to the edge of the bridge.

Nothing had ever happened to my brakes before. And Theo always made sure of it. He always checked if everything was working perfectly fine. So how come the brakes were faulty.

I stepped on it again. But to no avail. I was so close to the edge. I was going to fall off.


Fuck! Why weren’t the brakes Working?


I needed to stop this car soon. Or I was going to die.



Hey guys. This chapter was difficult to write I spent about four hours writing this.


Noah’s car is faulty! What the hell? His shoulder is injured again. He is going to fall off the bridge if he doesn’t get the car to stop or he could die. And worst of all is that his brake is faulty. Or was it tempered with? Did someone mess with his brakes so he could loose the race? And if they did, who is the person?


Find out in the next chapter.


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